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RG-A: Presidents' Papers Box
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Correspondence A-D

Unidentified list of names and addresses (possible donors?) Frank F. Almy. 8 letters, 1918-1923 W. D. Bailey. 15 letters, 1913-1930. Fund raising. W. L. Bailey. 3 letters, 1919 William H. Brainerd. 41 letters, 1906-1920, 1933. Architecture of chapel, president's house. Edward B. Burling. 1921, 1924, 1936, 1938 Carnegie Foundation for Advancement of Teaching. 1905-1930. Pensions, some faculty pension applications. Certificate of incorporation of Carnegie Foundation. Carnegie Corporation of New York. 1920-1929. TIAA Carnegie Foundation for Advancement of Teaching. 1912-1925. Includes salary scales for selected midwest colleges. Archibald Cattell. 1919-1926. Fundraising, budget. Eli P. Clark. 917-1935 Sen. A. B> Cummings. 1908-1926 J. F. Darby. 1916-1930 Jay N. Darling. 1926-1930. Fund raising, budget, farm property sale, swimming pool.

Trustee Correspondence A - Heath

Robert B. Adams. 1940-1953. Also 1956 news release on his death. W. Harold Brenton. 1943-1956 Edward B. Burling. 1947-1955. Correspondence with concerned persons regarding his gifts and trust fund. Receipts for dividends from Burling's stock in United Drill and Tool Corporation. Donald H. Clark. 1945-1955 George M. Crabb, 1949-1953 J. Fred Darby, 1940-1953 Chester Davis. 1941-1951. Also six addresses given by Mr. Davis in 1942-1943. Donald Evans. 1945-1953. Rev. Judson E. Fiebiger. 1950-1955 John R. Heath. July 1942-December 1955. Also notice of recognition for excellent service as President of Board of Trustees, June 1944, and correspondence with J. E. S. Heath. John R. Heath. June 1940-June 1942


Burling Library. Specifications for construction, May 1958. Dormitory (Norris). Proposal, Contract, Bid bond; Revisions to specifications, September 1959, blueprints (in oversize file), addendum no 1-3; Specifications, June 24, 1959; Specifications for Furnishings, March 1960. Fine Arts: Acoustics, 1961-1962: correspondence between Skidmore, Oweings & Merrill and Grinnell College; air conditioning, August-November 1961: correspondence; Budget, September 1958: budget reports, picture of the proposed model; Building Committee, January 1960ctober 1062: information, press releases, financial status, operational policies, building committee meeting minutes; Correspondence, Miscellaneous, 1959-1964: business, financial, contracts, orders, punch lists.

Subject Files: Academic - Annual Reports

Academic departments, 1980-1982 Academic equipment, 1978-1986 Admissions: ACM reports, 1986-1991 Admissions research, 1983 Administrative data processing, 1983 Advertising campaign, 1983 Affirmative action, 1979-1984 Alcohol/drug policy, 1990 Alumni, 1979-1981 Alumni director, 1982 Alumni Magazine, 1980-1981 Alumni reunion, 1981, 1982, 1984, 1985 American Council on Education: Freshmen surveys, 1983 Annual reports, 1984

Subject Files: A

Academic buildings renovation, 1969-1977 Ahmednagar, India, 1963-1966 (colleges affiliated with Grinnell) Alumni Recitation Hall renovation, 1969 (campus planning) Alumni Scarlet & Black, 1968 Alumni Magazine, 1967-1969 Architects, 1963-1967 Architects: Loebl, Schlossman & Bennett, 1963-1964 Architects: Skidmore Owings & Merrill, 1956-1974. Includes Physical Education Complex preliminary floor plans. Architects: Woodburn & Oneil. 1969. Includes floor plans for remodeling 1105 Park St. Architects: L. Herbert Tyler, Landscape Architect. 1969-1972, Athletic facilities. 1961-1963. (Campus planning).

Committees, Communication, Yearbook controversy

Administrative organization, 1967 Advisory Committee to the President, 1967-1969 Communications program, 1954-1976 Committee on Development & College Relations, 1967-1969 Committee of Educational Policy, 1968 Committee on Student Life, 1968. Includes Leggett's address, "Residence Hall System & Some Related Matters", Sept. 1967 Convocation, 1967 Grinnell-in-Woodlawn (IL) proposal, 1966 1966 yearbook controversy, 1967

Subject Files: A - Admissions

General file, 1975-1978, primarily correspondence Academic collective bargaining, 1976 Academic curricular development, 1971, 1977 Academic directions, 1954-1977 Academy for Eeucational Development, 1975-1976 Administration, 1976 Admissions, 1974-1976

Department Files: Anthropology - Education

Anthropology, 1977 American Studies, 1976-1977 Art, 1953-1977 Asian Studies, 1978 Biology, 1956-1977 Chemistry, 1958-1977 Classics, 1954-1977 Economics, 1957-1978 Education, 1966-1977

Correspondence A-Cam

Arthur Huntington (Iowa Light & Power). 1933. Letter: socialism in colleges (unknown provenance) George I. Adlen. Summary of correspondence. 1919-1930. 1 sheet Frank A. And Frank F. Almy. 1931. Correspondence concerning illness. American Institute for Endowments. 1935-1939. Correspondence Association of American Colleges. 1935-1940. Correspondence, meeting programs, etc. Lewis R. Barrett. 1936-1938. Correspondence (Missouri Valley Athletic Conference, Leisure Arts building) Charles A. Blossom. Will, Dec. 4, 1923 Board of Educational Examiners. 1934-1939. Correspondence. Board of Trustees and committee meetings. 1931-1940. Minutes. Bond holders. 1927. Louis D. Brandies. 2 letters about Brandeis. Nov. 1937 Carnegie Corporation. 1929-1933. Correspondence (books for college libraries). Carnegie Corporation. 1933-1934. Materials on adult education and teacher education. Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. 1931-1940. Correspondence (grants, etc.) Carnetie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and TIAA. 1931-1939. Correspondence (retirement and widows' pensions). Archibald Cattell. 1932-1940. Correspondence. Mrs. H. G. CAmpbell. 1935-1936. Correspondence (H. G. Campbell memorial for book purchases). Mr. and Mrs. Hohn Campbell. 1920-1033. Correspondence (L. F. Parker Professorship fund).

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