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Correspondence A-D

Unidentified list of names and addresses (possible donors?) Frank F. Almy. 8 letters, 1918-1923 W. D. Bailey. 15 letters, 1913-1930. Fund raising. W. L. Bailey. 3 letters, 1919 William H. Brainerd. 41 letters, 1906-1920, 1933. Architecture of chapel, president's house. Edward B. Burling. 1921, 1924, 1936, 1938 Carnegie Foundation for Advancement of Teaching. 1905-1930. Pensions, some faculty pension applications. Certificate of incorporation of Carnegie Foundation. Carnegie Corporation of New York. 1920-1929. TIAA Carnegie Foundation for Advancement of Teaching. 1912-1925. Includes salary scales for selected midwest colleges. Archibald Cattell. 1919-1926. Fundraising, budget. Eli P. Clark. 917-1935 Sen. A. B> Cummings. 1908-1926 J. F. Darby. 1916-1930 Jay N. Darling. 1926-1930. Fund raising, budget, farm property sale, swimming pool.

Trustee Correspondence A - Heath

Robert B. Adams. 1940-1953. Also 1956 news release on his death. W. Harold Brenton. 1943-1956 Edward B. Burling. 1947-1955. Correspondence with concerned persons regarding his gifts and trust fund. Receipts for dividends from Burling's stock in United Drill and Tool Corporation. Donald H. Clark. 1945-1955 George M. Crabb, 1949-1953 J. Fred Darby, 1940-1953 Chester Davis. 1941-1951. Also six addresses given by Mr. Davis in 1942-1943. Donald Evans. 1945-1953. Rev. Judson E. Fiebiger. 1950-1955 John R. Heath. July 1942-December 1955. Also notice of recognition for excellent service as President of Board of Trustees, June 1944, and correspondence with J. E. S. Heath. John R. Heath. June 1940-June 1942

Trustee correspondence: Ros - W; Trustee minutes and reports

Joseph Rosenfield. 1940-1955 Albert Shaw. 1940-1944 J. Glen Shifflett. 1940-1951 Bishop Gordon B. Smith. 1950-1951 Rudolph W. Weitz. 1944-1953, 1955 Murray D. Welch. 1940-1942, 1945, 1954-1955 Donald L. Wilson. 1953, 1955, 1959 By-Laws of the Trustees. June 6, 1941. Correspondence regarding acquiring copies of Swarthmore's and Carleton's by-laws, February, 1941. Copy of the "Amended Articles of Incoproration and Reincorporation of the Trustees of Iowa College, January 28,1909.". Copy of the original articles of incorporation (February 24, 1847). Copy of an agreement made between donors and the trustees. Minutes of the Board of Trustees. 1943-1945, 1950, 1952. Also minutes of the Executive Committee, 1943-1944, 1950, 1953. Announcement to students (August 1955) regarding fees for Fall 1955-1956. Letter from R. Hawk to Dr. Stevens, March 22, 1950, regarding funds for construction of Younker Hall. Minutes of the Board of Trustees. 1940-1942. Including those of the Executive Committee. Reports of Dr. Stevens to the Board of Trustees. July 31,1940; December 14, 1940; March 20, 1941.

Subject Files: A - Col

Absences from Classes. 1950-1951. Statistics.
Air Force ROTC. Correspondence 1951.
Application and agreement of the Air Force ROTC (1951) Arthur Andersen and Company (Auditors).
Audit of college affairs as of August 31, 1941 and August 31, 1944 and related correspondence, 1941-1944.
Personal correspondence between Mr. Andersen and Dr. Stevens, 1941, 1945. Association of American Medical Colleges. Medical Student Accomplishment Report, May 1954. Athletes. Reports on time distribution for thirty-six Grinnell athletes (no date) and insurance for athletic injuries, 1940? Battle Song. 1946 contest - second prize wond by Milton Dietrich. Big Ten. Letters of appreciation on Dr. Stevens' tenth anniversary, including contributions for the Chips Scholarship Fund. 1950. Biology Department Correspondence. 1944-1945, 1952-1953. Building Program. 1940, 1948. Buildings and Grounds. 1941, 1950-1951, 1953-1954. Reports. (related materials under Housekeeping and Ward Jackson) Campbell Heating Company. Correspondence with E. K. Campbell, 1941, 1950-1955, regarding his gift of ventilation equipment for the Chapel and Darby Gym. Carillon. Correspondence 1952-1953. Gift of Arthur J. Jones. Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. Correspondence, 1931, 1932, 1934, 1940-1945, 1947, 1948, 1951, regarding payments to various faculty. Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. Correspondence, 1922-1925, 1928-1931, 1940, 1943. Chemistry Department. Correspondence 1946, 1948, 1953. Equipment estimate, 1949. Roster of Chemistry alumni. Columbia University School of Engineering Two letters regarding aptitude testing. 1952.

Subject Files: Com - Correspondence (A-L)

Commencement. 1944, 1949-1954. Includes scripts of ceremonies. Speech of Harry S. Truman, 1944. Commissions. Reports 1950. Minutes, February 3, 1951. Commission on Admission and Graduation Requirements. Commission on Curriculum (Report and Appendix). Commission on Conditions of Work. Commission on Counseling. Orientation Course for Freshman Students. Review of the Student Personnel Program. Personnel Board. Communications Course. 1951-1952. Advanced Communications Course book of readings: "Critical Issues in the Modern World." Permission Correspondence, Financial Memos, Miscellaneous. Congregational Christian College Council. 1951-1954. Paper by Stevens, 1954. Financial statements. Correspondence 1951-1953. Congregational Christian College Council. 1953-1954. Speeches, correspondence, financial satements. Responses to questionnaires, 1953. Correspondence. A-L, 1950-1956, 1958.

Subject Files; Correspondence (M-Z) - Deans

Correspondence, M-Z, 1948, 1950-1957. Council of House Presidents. 1953. Preppeing rules. Summary of discussion between House President and President Stevens. Cowles Family, 1940-1046, 1953, 1955 Cowles Hall. 1942. Correspondence regarding furnishing, blueprints. Darby Estate. 1954 Dean of the Chapel. 1949, 1951-1952. Miscellaneous. Dean of the College. 1947-1954. Interoffice commuications, reports. Dean of Men. 1942-1952. Interoffice communications, reports, statistics. Dean of Women. 1942-1952. Interoffice communications, reports, statistics, correspondence (including allowing alcoholic beverages on campus). Deans - Prospective Candidates. 1954.

Subject Files: T - Y

Taxes. 1955-1963 Trustee Gifts. 1957 Tuition Remission. 1952-1953, 1958-1961. Reports. Statistics on employees' childresn Women's Athletic Field. 1956. Memorandum on a five-year plan for capital development. Correspondence about area north of health center. Golf green. Younker Family. Part 1: 1944, 1947, 1949, 1951, 1953-1954. Correspondence, Report on Younkers scholars (1943-1944, 1948-1949), Appellant's Brief and Argument, Transcript of testimony on property given to Grinnell College 1943. Younker Family. Part 2: 1941-1943. Correspondence. Younker Hall. 1949-1951. Correspondence on furnishings and building Younker Memorial Health Center. Part 1: 1956-1957. Architect's drawing of exterior, Design for plaque, Dedication program, Correspondence regarding building and furnishings. Younker Memroial Health Center. Part 2: 1955. Correspondence regarding proposed health center. Miscellaneous. Correspondence about and sample letter from the auto-typish machine. Sample deals with fund raising for the library and fine arts center.

Personal File

Committee on Economic Development. 1955. "Poverty in the United States". U. S. Congress Joint Committee on the Economic Report, Subcommittee on Low-Income Family, hearing, 1955. Transcripts, reports, correspondence.

Student Affairs

Arranged by year, randomly within each folder. Correspondence, shcedules of events, social rules, social programs, reports of meetings, memos. Of special interest: Bowen's address on student rules (May 22, 1963); Year end report by Bowen (June 15, 1963); Faculty Council report on Student Affairs (June 13, 1963); Women's government (May 1963); Rules and penalties (May 1963); Faculty Council on Student Affairs report (March 1963); Schneirov case correspondence (Oct. - Nov. 1968); Women's dorms and hours (all years)_; student use of drugs (1967); Gene Thompson report, (March 1967); Residence halls, all years, especially (1968), includes gender and class integration, off-campus options, co-op housing, advising, supervision & security, "in loco parentis".

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