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RG-R: College Relations
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Ruth Prescott Files. Convocations.

1957: Correspondence, press releases, clippings, programs, photographs. Addresses (other copies filed in 11.3/P2a) Grace Hunter, "History of Grinnell College" Honorary degree citations. 1959: Programs, photographs, and addresses (original copies. Two copies filed in 11.3/P3) Addresses (author's copies and typescript carbons) by Elbert A. Read, George Stoddard, George Drake, '56, Harold Clapp, Albert Bush-Brown, Keyes Metcalf, Walter Netsch, Russell Fridley, '50, Neal Klausner. 1967 Photographs, media coverage, press packets including speakers' schedules, biographical information, texts of some talks. See also RG-A, Misc. Ser.2 (Convocations and Commencements) and 11.3/P5b for texts of speeches.

Ruth Prescott FIles: Subject files

Chicago Sunday Tribune ratings of colleges and universities, 1957. Reprints Reprint Series of Faculty Studies, no. 1-5, 1950 Silver Dollar Story script, 1957. 21 1. Sports history 1949-64:news releases,correspondence, clippings, football jubilee Miscellaneous: Music building cornerstone materials info- 1 p. Herrick Chapel info 3 p. Campus trees, 2 p. 1882 cyclone Alumni song, additional verses, 1926 Yule Log Dinner, ca. 1950, 1 p. College pranks, 1955 Ricker House, letter of information Press releases: College costs, 1951 Opening of Younker Hall, 1951 Opening of Loose Hall, 1948 Founding Grinnell University centennial, 1956 1889 First football game, 1954, 4 p. Grinnell "firsts" 195 Third and fourth generation Grinnellians,1945,1 p. Grinnell Magazine: correspondence, memos, reports on establishing. 17. Clippings from newspapers and magazines about Grinnell College, 1945-66. 18. Barron's Profiles, 1973.

Mirecourt Trio

China tour, Oct. 1983. Correspondence, press releases, itinerary. 1 folder. Press, releases, clippings, photos, correspondence (unsorted). ca. 1975-84. Deminoff. College Relations goals and objectives 1978-9

Artwork 1

Contains: campus in 1872, peace art, Russian studies - "The Illusionist," Gates Rawson negative, airbrush gradation screen, Mirecourt Trio Ballroom, Goodnow drawing, phonathon art, Mears, Grinnell House/Christmas drawing, Black Voices, color separation Carnegie, Writers' Symposium, Cosmos art, old campus scenes, Campus Memo head. Shelved in RG-R oversized.

Photographs, Negatives, and Slides

Photographs Black and white photographs, most taken by and for College Relations Office for college publications, post World War II period, with bulk of the collection from ca. 1960-95. They are arranged by subject, with folder labels assigned by Public Relations Office. Because they came to the archives at different times, they are in two alphabetical sequences. Photographs in boxes 3-28 were taken mostly prior to 1980, those in boxes 29-39 after 1980. The collection has not been sorted to eliminate dublicates. Some photographs are in poor condition, some have no identifying labels. Dates indicated below are approximate Negatives: Negatives from William Oelke. ca. 1934-48 Negatives, ca. 1961-90. 14 boxes. Arranged by year. Boxes 10-14 have proofsheets and negatives, although some may be mismatched. Detailed inventory of boxes 1-15 follows this series 6 inventory. Slides Ca. 1970-76. 4 microfilm boxes. Campus and town. Ca. 1965-80. 1 box. Arranged by broad subject Ca. 1978-83. 25 slide boxes. Taken by various photographers. Contents labeled inside cover of each box. Subjects include: interiors and exteriors of campus buildings, classes, labs, Grinnell-in-London, Bio Preserve, Rush Medical, concerts, plays, commencements, alumni, parents, faculty, students, spots, scenes.

Photographs: A

Alumni Reunion Weekend. 1974-mid 1980s
American West conference. Feb. 1975
Art classes. 1956-1985
Art exhibits.1950-1970
Audio Visual Center (in ARH). 1970s

Photographs: F

Faculty, 1940s-1990, L-Z (arranged alphabetically)
Faculty (groups), 1978-1990
Fine Arts Building, 1961
Folk dancers, 1970-1980
Food conference, February 1975

Photographs: F-H

Forum: interiors, exteriors. 1964-1965
Forum: students. 1984
Grinnell in London. 1970-1984
Grinnell Outdoor Recreation Program (GORP). 1976, 1984
Hancock, Herbie. Nov. 1972
Heating plant. 1967-1968
Homecoming-Parents' Day. 1946-1968. [Note: The photo of the seven potential homecoming queens, dated 11-1-1963, with a published article pasted to the back was donated to Special Collections along with a number of other photos, the bulk of which are in the pamphlet collection.]

Photographs: M

Minorities, early 1970s, some 1960s
Minorities, 1970s
Minority and International Students, 1980s
Mime Troupe, 1974
Miscellaneous, 1948-1968
Miscellaneous, 1970s
Military Ball Candidates, 1965 [Note: This photo was donated to Special Collections along with a number of other photos, the bulk of which are in the pamphlet collection.]

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