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RG-R: College Relations
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RG-R: College Relations

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The Summer Programs Office was organized in 1982 by James C. Work. The office coordinated special academic and athletic summer programs and outside groups using campus facilities for conferences. In 1989-1990 the name of the office was changed to Special Services and Summer Activities as additional responsibilities were added. During the college's sesquicentannial celebration, the office coordinated many on-campus and off-campus events. In July, 2001, the office merged with the Office of Public Relations to become the Office of Communications and Events.

Faculty Photos 1-40

Contains Negatives and proof sheets of the following faculty members: John Dawson, Robert Gray, Irv Fishman, Evelyn Freeman, Thomas Hietala, Dennis Perry, Katherine McKelland, Mathileda Lieberman, Diane Robertson, Theda Herz, Judy Hunter, Rojer Vetter, Charlie Jones, Ben Graham, Karl DeLong, David Lopatto, Diane Robertson, Martin Minella, Meg Jones, Jim Mulholland, Bill Francis, Janet Seiz, Irma McClaurin Allen, Tom Crady, Amy Eilert, Richard Ridgeway, Paul Munion, Edward Moore, Bill Patch, Ken McClelland, Betty Moffet, Martin Minelli, Paul Cummins, John Danson, Charles Cleaver, Merle Zirkle, Jim Powers, Beryl Wellborn, Dan Kaiser, Dennis Haas, John Stone, Mickey Munley, Catherine Rod, Don Irving, Ellen Meese, Christopher Mckee, Elizabeth Hays, Tom Moore, James Kissane, Doug Caulkins, Paula Smith, Elizabeth Heyes, Beryl Clotfelter, Marylynn Broe, Pip Gordon, Lena McClallin, Chuck Sullivan, Emily Moore, Ed Phillips, Elliot Uhlenkopp, Jennifer Micheals, Wayne Moyer, John Whittaker, Steve Butts, Dan Gross, Shane Cook, Victor Verrette, Margaret Lucia, Anthony Lucia, Christopher Hunter, Beryl Wellborn, Mark Schneider, Bruce Voyles, Don Smith, Ronald Kurtz, Babe Voertman, Royce Wolf, Henry Walher, Richard Cervene, Jan Burkowitz-Gross, Howard Burkle

Faculty Photos 41-80

Contains Negatives and Proof Sheets of the following faculty: John Andelson, Roberta Atwell, Barbara Trish, Johanna Meehan, Jean Mayes, Margarita Pillado Miller, Elizabeth Dobbs, Kenneth Christiansen, Charles Jebson, Sigmund Barber, Timothy Chassm, Laverne Durkee, Kevin Crimm, Philip Kintner, Anne Kintner, Charles Duke, John Mutti, Karl DeLong, James Dillon, Charles Cunningham, Leslie Gregg-Jollie, Elena Kastards, Cecilia Knight, Janet Gibson, Mark Montgomery, Todd Armstrong, Evelyn Freeman, Will Freeman, Charles Sullivan, Will Freeman, Dennis Haas, Jim Fudge, Lenore Durkee, John Pfitch, Ming Yang, Al Jones, Christopher McKee, Arnold Adleburg, Charles Cleaver, Peter Connelly, Robert Gray, Irene Powell, Lee Sharp, Leslie Lyons, Paul Tjossem, David Arsenault, Michael Bell, Waldo Walker, Elizabeth Hayes, Joe Wall, Eugene Herman, Jill Schrift, Brad Bateman, Susan Ferguson, Ray Obermiller, Jim Work, Harold Kasimon, Jack Steve, Andrew Hsieh, Grant Gale, Ivan Perry, Petra Perry, Bill Deminoff

Faculty Photos 81+

Contains negatives and proof sheets of the following faculty: Don Smith, Joseph Cummins, Gerald Lalonde, Margarita Pillado-Miller, George Barlow, Maureen Fitzgibbon, Sylvia Thorson-Smith, Henry Walker, Merle Zirkle, Frank Thomas, Dave Dale, Bob Cadmus, Frank Thomas, Arnold Woods, Joan Chennette, Jennifer Krohn, Karin Connelly, Bobbie Loucks, Mark Hernandez, Michael Bell, George Drake, Sylvia Thorston-Smith, Alan Schrift, Gail Bonath, Luther Erickson, Victoria Brown, Carol Trosset, George Barlow, Stephanie Stephan-Meyers, Vicki Bentley-Condit, Kathryn Kamp, Barrett Brenton, Angela Vods, Tom Crady, John Mollan, Jan Czechowski, Tim Hollibaugh, Dee Fairchild, Priscilla Lowther, Andy Hamilton, Jenny Wood, Mary Mader, John Rommereim, Katya Gibel-Azoolya, Greg Wallace, Todd Howard, Andy Hamilton, James Lincoln, Bill Ferguson, Charles Liberko, Sylvia Thoson-Smith, Kent McCelland, Susan Ferguson, Loren Demerath, Lisa Avalos-Bock, Chris Hunter, Sally Healy, Jeanmarie Chenette, Kesho Scott, Pam Ferguson, Connie Richardson, Floyd Akins, Beryl Clotfelter, Elizabeth Praton, Jon Chenette, Dawn Bowman, Saadi Simawe,


Assorted negatives and proof sheets for the following people/places/events: Booksigning- Authors, Spring 1989. Delong Craig O.- Orchestra, Spring 1989. Delong Jugglers - 1/1990. Delong Fine Arts Release. Delong, Danforth-Patterson Ride Across America- Summer 1989 Indian Dance/Women's Award Senior Olympics, Town & Gown, ARH- 3/1990 Copy Work Mario Cuomo. Eric Weston Endgame (Play)- 11/1989. Delong Theater: Old Times by Harold Pinter Joann Zimmerman Ann Fausto Baltimore Company Unified Sports Art Faculty, Pottery Students- 3/1990. Normandy Photo. Odyssey of the Mind Wallace Terry- 11/1987 Presidential Hopefuls, Simon -11/1987. Johann Zimmerman + Mary Louise Smith, Spring 1990 Zimmerman; Kleinschmidt - 5/1990 Theater; Linowitz- 4/12/1990 Grinnell Review- 4/16/90 Opera; Dracula- 4/18/1990 Soccer Field; Art Class- 10/1989 Commencement 1990- 5/24/1990 President Drake Recieving Award- June 1990 Internships- 1990 Musical Theater; Tammi Johnson- 5/1990 J.B. Grinnell Scholars- 5/1990 Library, Recorders- 7/1990 Chemistry Research Minority and International Students Reunion Bookstore New Student Day- 1990. Normandy Alumni Weekend- 5/1987 An Wei Visit. Delong Community Service Fair- 9/1990 "I Have A Dream" kids- 9/22/1990 Grinnell Ladies Society- 9/25/1990 Andrew Hsieh's Book- 10/22 Iowa History Posters- 10/22/1990 Bill Case, Campus Shots- 10/24/1990 ARH Dedication- 10/27/1990. Pinder Ellen Harris Multicultural Classroom- 10/90. Delong John Riddley, Comedian- 10/90. Pinder Amy Worthem, Print Study Room- 10/90. Delong Theater: Hamlet- 11/8/1990 Phonathon- 11/8/1990 President Drake: Legal Name Chart Steven James/XC meet- 11/1990 Either Orchestra- 11/1990. Pinder


Contains negatives and proof sheets of the following people/places/events: David Vital- 12/1990 Javanese Gamelan- 12/11/1990. Steven Jane Expressions- 12/90 Jazz Concert- 12/1990. Tammy Zywicki Winter, 1st Snow- 11/1990. Jennifer Grinnell President Drake; Maya Anderson; Greg Prestemen at Recycling Center- 10/24/1990 Pamela Ferguson, James England: Presidential Candidates George Barlow; Community Recycling Center Sign- 1/26/1991 Frank Thomas- 2/2/1991 Expressions- 12/1990 Debate Union; Harold Lee George Meese; M.L. King, Grinnell 2000 Christie Tigges, Voice Instructor; Irving Bluestone- 2/12/1990. J. Grinnell Visiting Performer 90. Martha Lindy International Students Office- 2/20/1991 Community Theater Gospelfest; YGB Choir- 2/24/1991. J. Grinnell Black Library- 2/25/1991. J. Grinnell Brue Grinning; Miscellany- 3/27/1991 Iowa History Posters Bruce; Kris Flayd- 3/1990 Molly Yard, N.O.W. President: Convocation speaker- 2/27/1991. J. Grinnell Harris Center, David Campbell- 4/1991. J.L.G. Greenhouse, David Campbell- 4/1991. J.L.G. Expressions- 4/1991. J. Melnik Harris Center- 4/1991 Harris Center, Forum, Peace Grove- 4/1991 Normandie Madden- 7/1990 Dance Troupe- 5/1991. J.G. Phyllis and Dave Gott, Iowa History Poster Project- 5/1991 CNN Interviews, Henry Wilhelm- 5/1/1991. J.G. George Drake, old high school and college photos Commencement 1991- 5/21/1991. J. Grinnell Phi Beta Kappa Convocation, Senior Challenge Committee- 5/1991. J. Powers Harris Center Dedication- 5/1991. J.G. Lucias, Peace Grove, Michael Bell, Alum College- 5/25/1991. J. Grinnell Alumni College- 5/31/1991 Peace Grove- 6/1/1991 Alumni Reunion Weekend, Sundial Dedication, Hearing Ear Dog-6/1/1991. J. Grinnell President Drake, Seemless Web Talk, Picnic, Alumni Board Members, Class of 21- 5/31/1990. J. Grinnell Sundial Dedication- 6/1/1991 Helen Retirement, Alumni College- 5/30/1991 Alumni Award Winners, Class Agents, President Drake- 6/1/1991 Alumni candids, New board members- 6/1/1991 Bassam Shakashiri (Danforth Lecturer)- 4/25/1991 Thomas Czech PSA, Expressions- 4/22 Grant recipients, development- 7/1991. J. Grinnell David Campbell- 6/11/1991


Contains proof sheets and negatives of the following people/places/events: Minority Scholars, Steiner Construction- 9/7/1991. J. Grinnell Summer Research- 9/7/1991. J. Grinnell Tom Cech, Childhood Commencement-Kristen- 5/20/1991 New Student Pictures- 12 pages Art- for placement- 8/1991 Honor scholars, Noyce- 7/1991 Science Open House, Barbara, Bharati Mukherjee Debate, The American Dream is a Nightmare- 10/1991 Ferguson's Inauguration- 10/12/1991. DeLong Steiner, Pamela Ferguson Expressions- 12/1991 Phonathon- 11/17/1991. J. Grinnell Grinnell Orchestra- Jed Melnik Photos Cynythia Enloe, Bf Ma12- 10/8/1991 Bharti Mukejee, Benjamin Root '92, Grinnell Singers- 2/1992. J. Grinnell Alumni Office, Chicago Alums Steiner, Habitat for Humanity- 2/1992. J. Grinnell Steiner Hall, Filmmaker Leftkowitz- 2/26/1991. J. Grinnell Town/Gown, Steiner Kesho Scott- 3/5/1992. J. Grinnell T & G, Kesho Scott, Jonathan Chenette, Leila Rupp. Wener Dannhausen Art Student, Odyssey of the Mind- 3/1992 Merle Zirkle, Sculpture- 4/1992 New Students- 8/1992, 15 Pages Rosenfield Speaker, Dave Clay- 9/1992 Summer Program Group Photo- 7/1992. J. Grinnell Football- 1991. Bob Murray Jon Andelson, Alumni College, Alumni Assembly- 6/1992. J. Grinnell Alumni Reunion + College- 5/1992. J. Grinnell Commencement, James Lincoln James Lincoln Steiner, Michael White Commencement 1992- 5/18/1992. J. Grinnell Alumni Assembly, Alumni Reunion 1992. J. Grinnell Shirley Makodin Danforth Danforth Lecture- 5/1992. DeLong Commencement- 5/18/1992. J. Grinnell NOUN Program- 5/1992. Jim Powers NOUN, Theatre Lobby, Ladies Ed. Society- 10/1992 Grinnell Magazine, Hopkins House- 9/1992 Hans Apel, Dining Services- 9/1992. J.L.G. Debate Union, Giving Blood, Hsieh, Lyons- 10/1992. J. Grinnell Alexandr Bessmertnykh, Soviet Foreign Minister- 10/1992 David Keenan, Leslie Lyons- 11/1/1992. Sarah DeLong C. Everett Koop, S. Woolhandler, J.B. Grinnell, Ms. Grinnell- 11/1/1992. J. Grinnell CERA- 1992. 12 pages. S. DeLong Ron Kurtz, anthro. S. Delong Ann Kintner, High energy light bulbs- 1/1993. S. Delong Kesho Scott- 2/3/1993. DeLong Wendy Knox- 2/1993. J.L.G. Robert Peck, Wendy Knox, Theater- 2/1993. Jennifer Danforth Lecture- Margee Tolbert, Check Passing- Physics lab - Pam F. & STE Tom Schultie


Contains negatives and proof sheets of the following people/places/events: Town & Gown. DeLong. Alumni/Prospie Workshop - 03/1993. DeLong. Human Rights Awards. Tammy Z. Dedication - 05/1993. Athletes and Coaches - 1993. Choir - 1993. DeLong. Science - 1993. Alumni Award - 1993. China - 1993. China Interim Study Tour Trip - 1993. Commencement - 1993. Senior Challenge - 1993. Alumni Reunion - 1993. Campus Shots. 1993. Marilyn Kurtz; Winter; Copy- Hallie Flanagan, Megan Taylor - 12/10/1992. Meet Book. Chemistry Renovation Dedication. Linda Price.


Contains negatives and proof sheets of the following people/places/events: Odessa Symposium: Andy Brooks. Odessa Symposium: B. Harstad. Odessa Symposium: M. Rauber. Odessa Symposium: Joel Veak. Alumni Art. New Student Days - 8/1992. J. Grinnell. Victoria Brown's Gender and Women's Studies Class/Golf Tournament - 05/15/1992. J. Grinnell. Commencement - 1997. Margaret Rauber, Jim Powers. Town & Gown Picnic - 1997. Margaret Rauber. Erickson Retirement, Alumni Reunion - 1997. Sarah Delong. Broors Concrete Pour.

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