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News Releases

Notebooks of typed news items as released to press by College Relations Office. After 1956 sports and general news releases in separate notebooks.

Reel to Reel Tapes

Reel-to-reel tapes (7" reels, 1/4" magnetic tape, 1 mil or 1.5 mil acetate or polyester backing) Philip Hauser and Erwin France tapes from Ilse Leitinger (date unknown) ~ found in archives and added January 2004, 1966 Rosenfield Lecture #1: "Population Explosion & Population Control", Dr. Philip Hauser (U. of Chicago), 2 tapes 1967 Rosenfield Lecture #2: "Population Economic Growth, and Politics", Dr. Philip Hauser (U. of Chicago), 2 tapes 1967 Rosenfield Lecture #3: "World Urbanization“ Antecedents and Consequences", Dr. Philip Hauser (U. of Chicago), 3 tapes 1967 Higher education and social change, 5 tapes 1967 Martin Luther King, 2 tapes 1967 George Champion, 1 tape 1967 Education for a scientific and technical world, 4 tapes 1967 Ashley Montagu, 2 tapes 1968 "Revolution on the Urban Scene", Erwin France, 2 tapes 1969 Conference on the New Politics: Hal Draper and Cecil Hinshaw, "New Left and the New Politics in Prespective: a Critique", 2 tapes. Allard Lowenstein and Bernadine Dohrn "The New Politics: Evolutionary Approach", 2 tapes 1969 The Nature of Rural Poverty. Harry Caudill, Robert Coles, Harry Huge, Tom Sasaki, Richard Hartz. 4 tapes 6/5/? Gov. Robert Ray, Grinnell Alumni Weekend. 1 tape 10/1-2/70 Drug Symposium. 8 tapes 10/21/70 James Billington, "Nature and significance of intellectual ferment in the Soviet Union". 3 tapes 11/5/70 Nathan Wright Jr. "Black power: a creative force". 3 tapes 11/20/70 Robert L. Williams. "Rationale of a black perspective in a predominantly white college". 2 tapes 9/12/70 Class agents. 3 tapes 1/21/71 Robert Haveman. "Our D.C. policy-makers tuned in on economic analysis". 3 tapes 1/22/71 James Miles. "Saigon". 2 of 3 tapes 1/28/71 William Zimmermann. "Space-ship Earth". 2 tapes 2/3/71 Bill Wickersham. "The college as a world community". 2 tapes 2/10/71 Frank Cassell. "Environmental responsibility" 3 tapes 2/14-16/71 Dr. Huston Smith, Gates Lectures: Tao Now: an Ecological Testament: "Technology: Roots of our crisis" 2 tapes; "Technology as world stance" 3 tapes, "Divine milieu" 2 tapes. 2/23/71 Ricaard A. Falk. "Background of the Mid-East crisis" 1 of 2 tapes 3/10/71 Richard Dyer MacCanna. "American film". 2 tapes 4/2/71 John Price. "Toward a national growth policy". 3 tapes 4/4/71 Albert B. Cleage Jr. "Black martyrs' weekend". 2 tapes 4/6-15/71 Modern Imperialism: Raymond F. Betts. "Space, power, and empire". 2 tapes. William Cohen. "Image of Africa in western culture". 2 tapes. Ronald Steel. "America as an imperial power in the mid-twentieth century." 2 tapes. James Ngugi. "Reaction of African writers to imperialism." 2 tapes. J. F. Wall. "Parting of the ways: anti-imperialists of 1898." 3 tapes. J. S. Magee, R. D. Grey, A. Nasser. "Discussion of new-colonialism." 4 tapes. J. Morris. "Franz Fanon: a psychological perspective." 2 tapes. David Hamilton. "Imperialism and anti-imperialism in China." 2 of 3 tapes 4/12/71 Eqbal Ahman (accused of conspiring, along with the Berrigan brothers, to kidnap Henry Kissinger and blow up heating ducts of government buildings in Washington DC). 4 tapes 4/19/71 Banning Garrett. "Present situation in Indochina." 3 tapes 4/21/71 Richard Friedman. "Chicago politics 1971." 2 tapes 4/22/71 Igal Roodenko. "Radical non-violence." 3 tapes 4/29/71 David Chander. "Soviet education--observations and impressions." 2 tapes 5/26/71 Senior dinner and alumni presentations. 1 video tape 5/27/71 Baccalaureate. 1 video tape 9/17/71 Nathan Hare. Black Cultural Week End. 2 tapes 11/17/71 Harrison Wellford. "How to be a constructive nuisance: an assessment of the Public Interest Movement." 3 tapes 2/27/72 Adam Yarmolinsky. "How we got here" (Foreign policy in transition). 2 tapes 2/28/72 Adam Yarmolinsky. "Where do we go from here" (Foreign policy in transition). 2 tapes no date. Student Conference on the American Working Class: 1971? Yvonne Brathwaite. "Sexual divisions in the working class." 3 tapes. Leon Davis. "Organized labor: past role and present crises." 2 of 4 tapes. Herbert Aptheker. "American working class: reaction reform, or revolution." 1 of 3 tapes. Cleveland Robinson. "Racial divisions in the working class." 1 of 3 tapes no date. Stokley Carmichael. 1 tape 1973?. Manhattan String Quartet. 4th movement of Haydn Quartet op. 74 #3. 1 5" tape no date "Sons of Old Grinnell" and "Grinnell Alumni Song." 1 tape no date. Student interviews for College Relations. 1 tape 10/9/73 Sir Herbert Marchant. "Cuban missile crisis" 1 tape 10/10/73 Sir Herbert Marchant. "The Middle East". 1 tape 10/14/73 Farqui. "Heart of Islam." Gates Lecture. 1 tape 11/1, 3/73 Symposium on Humanistic Studies. 2 tapes 3/17/74 Thomas Railsback. Boston Alumni group. 1 tape 11/2-3/77 John K. Fairbank. Rosenfield Lecture. "China and America." 1 tape 2/21/78 Tom Wicker. workshops. 1 tape 3/6/78 Moyer vs Turner debate. 1 tape no date Service of lessons and carols 11/12/74 A. R. Turner phone interview. 1 tape no date NCAA division 3 swimming. 1 tape 9/11/86 Donald MacKay. Scholars' Convocation. "Brain science & human freedom" 1 video cassette (transferred to RG-SP Ser. 3 Box 10) 9/25/86 Thomas Cech. Scholars' Convocation/Danforth Lecture. "Ribozymes & origin of life." 1 video cassette, audiotape. (Transferred to RG-SP Se.r 3 Box 10)

Lectures and Convocations

81 reel-to-reel tapes. Detailed list following 1979- ca. 359 cassette tapes of college lectures. No detailed list or inventory. Includes Sports Symposium, April 1984; Small Town in America Symposium, March 1987. Commencement 1986 5 videocassettes (VHS). Includes Baccalaureate, Senior Honors Concert, Senior Showcase, Commencement exercises.

Video Services

"The Great Rock Island" 1 box: Video-tape master FOR DUPLICATION ONLY. Documentary material. "The Farmer Feeds Us All" 1976. Video-tape master FOR DUPLICATION ONLY. Color, 28 min. One viewing tape of each of the above. Conversation with Joseph F. Rosenfield, Nov. 1990. Videocassette (VHS), 33 min, sound, color. "They Are Still Our Children". Grinnell College production, 1977. Videocassette. Mirecourt Trio. Mendelssohn Trio. no date. Videocassette. Chamber Ensemble: Mirecourt Trio and Des Moines Symphony Players. no date. Videocassette. Wall, Joseph, and Jones, Alan. "Celebrating Grinnell's Traditions: the 1890s and 1960s." Convocation Sept. 21, 1995. Videocassette (VHS), ca. 50 min., sound, color. Memorial Service for Joseph F Rosenfield, July 15, 200. VHS videocassette. 40 min. sound, color. Grinnell College 2000 "Joe Rosenfield '25". Tribute to Joseph F. Rosenfield. VHS videocassette. 18 min., sound, color. Produced by Buck and Company for Grinnell College, 2000. "Our Grinnell". VHS videotape, color, March 21, 1995.

Grinnell College Sportsletter

Distributed by Office of College Relations for the Intercollegiate Athletics Department. Oct. 1955-March 1978, published irregularly. Summarized intercollegiate athletics events, listed participants and recipients of varsity letters. Located at offiste storage.

Ruth Prescott Files. Convocations.

1957: Correspondence, press releases, clippings, programs, photographs. Addresses (other copies filed in 11.3/P2a) Grace Hunter, "History of Grinnell College" Honorary degree citations. 1959: Programs, photographs, and addresses (original copies. Two copies filed in 11.3/P3) Addresses (author's copies and typescript carbons) by Elbert A. Read, George Stoddard, George Drake, '56, Harold Clapp, Albert Bush-Brown, Keyes Metcalf, Walter Netsch, Russell Fridley, '50, Neal Klausner. 1967 Photographs, media coverage, press packets including speakers' schedules, biographical information, texts of some talks. See also RG-A, Misc. Ser.2 (Convocations and Commencements) and 11.3/P5b for texts of speeches.

Ruth Prescott Files: Subject Files

Administrative officers' biographical information,1961. Air Force ROTC: Form letters and brochures ca. 1958 Board of Overseers (Presidentia advisory committee on long-term development) 1962-64: Press releases, biographical information. Bowen, Howard: speeches, brief remarks, inaugural address (1955). 1955-64. College Centennial, 1946: programs, press releases, calendar Feb.-Oct. 1946 Conard Environmental Research Area. 1970-75. Press releases. Darby, J. Fred, class of 1895. Photographs 1895-1945, biographical information, sports information (1890's) Journalism Intern Plan. ca. 1948 Loyalty Oath, 1959: Clippings, press releases, correspondence President's letters to alumni, parents, friends,1969-72 (7 letters): subjects covered include multi-racial campus, dissent on campus, disrobing incident (1969), physical education and recreation, dormitory regulations, Howard Bowen's assessment of Grinnell in 1969

Ruth Prescott FIles: Subject files

Chicago Sunday Tribune ratings of colleges and universities, 1957. Reprints Reprint Series of Faculty Studies, no. 1-5, 1950 Silver Dollar Story script, 1957. 21 1. Sports history 1949-64:news releases,correspondence, clippings, football jubilee Miscellaneous: Music building cornerstone materials info- 1 p. Herrick Chapel info 3 p. Campus trees, 2 p. 1882 cyclone Alumni song, additional verses, 1926 Yule Log Dinner, ca. 1950, 1 p. College pranks, 1955 Ricker House, letter of information Press releases: College costs, 1951 Opening of Younker Hall, 1951 Opening of Loose Hall, 1948 Founding Grinnell University centennial, 1956 1889 First football game, 1954, 4 p. Grinnell "firsts" 195 Third and fourth generation Grinnellians,1945,1 p. Grinnell Magazine: correspondence, memos, reports on establishing. 17. Clippings from newspapers and magazines about Grinnell College, 1945-66. 18. Barron's Profiles, 1973.

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