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McMurray Materials

  • US US-IaGG MS 01.217
  • Collection
  • 1907 - 1908

Two folders of correspondence written by Murray McMurray (class of 1910). The bulk of the correspondence is addressed to Jessie.

RG-AL:  Alumni Office Records

  • US US-IaGG Archives/RG-AL
  • Collection

Historical Note: The office has had various names:

Public Relations Office 1962-1967 and 1985-2001;

College Relations Office 1970-85;

Information Services ?-1962 and 1967-1970;

Office of Communication and Events 2001-2005

Office of College and Alumni Relations 2005-

Office of Development and Alumni Relations 2015 (?)-

History & Background of the Office:
Perhaps the first donation to Grinnell College was in 1846 when J.J. Hill, one of the Iowa Band, made the gift of a silver dollar to challenge his colleagues to endow the College. Since that time, the College has been almost continually involved with fund-raising campaigns. In 1897 a Semi-Centennial Fund was established for enlarging the campus and for adding to the endowment. Four groups were targeted: alumni, trustees, faculty; citizens of Grinnell; Congregationalists of Iowa; and friends of education everywhere. Solicitations were sent out from the Semi-Centennial Committee.
In 1913 the Grinnell College Foundation was established to work with the Trustees of the College to manage and sell real estate, principally farm lands, given to the college under annuity plans. The Foundation financed men's and women's dormitories built in the second decade of the twentieth century. The College also had a number of endowment campaigns after the turn of the century. During the first half of the century, the College Treasurer and Business Officers were involved with development efforts, especially Louis V. Phelps (1915-49) and Charles Kaufman (1948-66). The fund-raising activities of the College were run by the administration, especially the President, and the Trustees for many years. In the late 1950s President Bowen hired the fund-raising counselling firm of Marts & Lundy to study the feasibility of raising substantial funds to meet the ongoing needs of the College. Then early in the 1960s, with the assistance of a matching grant from the Ford Foundation, the College hired its first, senior, fund-raising officer, John McFarland. From that time until 2005, development activities have been run from the Development Office. In 2005, the Development Office, the Alumni Office, and the Office of
Communications and Events were combined under one Vice-President for College and Alumni Relations.

Development Officers:
1963-65 John R. McFarland, Jr. Vice President for Development 1966-66 Russell W. Fridely Vice President for Planning and Development 1966-71 James O. Avison Director of Development 1971-73 James O. Avison Vice President for Resources Planning 1973-76 James O. Avison Vice President for Institutional Development 1976-80 David L. Murphy Vice President for Development 1980-82 Richard T. Jenkins Vice President for Development 1982-92 Thomas K. Marshall Vice President for Development 1992-93 Michael S. Bever Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations 1994-96 E. Kevin Cornell Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations 1996-2001 Angela Voos Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations 2001 - 2005 Todd A. Reding Vice President for Alumnit Relations and Development, 2005 - 2010 Mickey Munley, Vice President for College and Alumni Relations

Dorothy Fryer Collection

  • US US-IaGG MS 01.218
  • Collection

Dorothy A. Fryer (1923-2019) was born in Norfolk, Nebraska. She was part of Norfolk Junior College's first graduating class. She then attended Grinnell College to major in English and minor in French before graduating in 1946. She had an interest and career in journalism.

Joseph F. "Joe" Wall Papers 1950-1988

  • US US-IaGG MS/MS 01.08
  • Collection

Consists of holograph, typescript, and proofs of Joseph Wall's biography, Andrew Carnegie (1970), holograph and typescript of Henry Watterson: Reconstructed Rebel (1956), and of the page proof of Interpreting Twentieth-Century America (1973).  A small part of the collection includes some correspondence connected with Andrew Carnegie. Also included is a typescript of the Grinnell College Faculty Handbook (1969) and talks and memos concerning the Abler-Woodworth controversy of 1974.

Wall, Joseph Frazier (Class of 1941)

Grace Douglass Orr Papers

  • US US-IaGG MS/MS 01.19
  • Collection

The bulk of the collection consists of Mrs. Orr's recollections about her life and the lives of three of her brothers, and of family photographs.

Orr, Grace Douglas

Isabella Beaton Class of 1890 Papers

  • US US-IaGG MS 01.214
  • Collection

Series 1: Biographical about Isabella Beaton, including recital pamphlets, family photographs, materials on the Beaton School of Music, academic degrees . Minimal biographical information about her cousin, Abby Williams-Hill, and her father, William Beaton, are also included.

Series 2: Correspondence to and from Isabella Beaton, Carrie Park, Ada Park, Ruth Hubbard, William Beaton

Series 3: Three pieces of music composed by Isabella Beaton and information about one piece for which there is no existing music.

Series 4: Pieces of music and music magazines owned by, but not created by, Isabella Beaton and/or The Beaton School of Music.

Isabella Beaton graduated from the Iowa College Conservatory of Music in 1890.

Beaton, Isabella

Tracy Huling (Class of 1977) Papers

  • US US-IaGG MS 01.215
  • File
  • 1974 - 2015

Papers and memorabilia documenting Tracy's experiences as a Grinnell College student as well as her Prison Public Memory Project.

Huling, Tracy (Class of 1977)

Joe Rosenfield '25 Biography Materials

  • US US-IaGG MS. 01.194
  • Collection

The materials that make up this collection were created and collected by George Drake, the author of "Mentor: Life and Legacy of Joe Rosenfield."

The collection is separated into three series: 1. Chapter Edits and Research 2. Interview Tapes and 3. Research Index Notes.

Drake, George A (Class of 1956)

Paul F. Peck Papers 1913-1927

  • US US-store MS/MS 01.50
  • Collection

This small collection includes both personal and professional papers. His personal papers contain correspondence and the diary of a trip to California. Two letters of note are one from his wife written while he was abroad; they numbered their letters to each other and she began by noting which ones of his she had received. Another letter is from a friend in the Red Cross, discussing post-war events in Europe. A typed title page to the diary (which is handwritten) gives the trip’s date as 1927. If that is correct, then the diary was not written by Peck (perhaps by his wife?).

The professional papers include some course syllabi and other academic materials and a file of materials relating to a Grinnell College Endowment Campaign.

Peck, Paul Frederick (Class of 1897)

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