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Family Histories

BOOKS AND BINDERS. More information on items in this sections can be found by searching the title in our online catalog here

AHRENS - Grinnell’s Entrepreneurial and Philanthropic Pioneer: A Biography of Claude W. Ahrens, by Judy Hunter (2009).
BAILEY - Bailey Genealogy, by Hollis Bailey (1899).
BARTLETT - The Bartlett Family of Grinnell, by Corey McIntosh (no date)
BARTLETT - Cabin on the Second Ridge, by Ralph Longley (1976).
BAUSTIAN - Our Century in the United States, by Doris Baustian (1962).
BECHLEY - The Bechly Family in North America, by Paul Lorin Bechley (2018).
BEEBE ENGBERG - The Fortunes of the Engberg-Beebes, by Ralph Beebe (no date)
BOWEN - Book of Adam, by Harold Bowen (1943).
BROWN - Brown Family of New England Heritage 1659-1984, by Farwell Brown (1984).
BROWN - PALMER - SCHOOLOER - TARLETON Into a World Unknown, by Cynthia Levy (2011).
BUCKSBAUM - Last One in Iowa, by Arnold Bucksbaum (2015).
BUCKSBAUM - A Place to Grow: Remembering an Iowa Childhood, by Carolyn Swartz Bucksbaum, (2009).
BUCKSBAUM – At Home in the Heartland: A Bucksbaum Family Album, by Katherine Schouten (2007)
COOPER - The Last Hero, by Larry Swindell (1980).
COOPER SLAGLE - Harmons Cooper & Moses Slagle of Wayne County, Kentucky & Iowa & Their Descendants, by Rosalie Cooper Leavelle (1983).
CARGILL - Cargill Beginnings…an Account of Early Years, by John Work (1965).
DAVIS - History of the Ninety-Third Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry, by Harvey Trimble & Aaron Dunbar (1898).
DUNHAM - All is Uncertain, by Cornelius Duhnam (1990).
ERICKSON - My First 80 Years, by Luther Erickson (2015).
FLANAGAN - Hallie Flanagan: A Life in the American Theatre, by Joanne Bentley (1988).
FOWLER - Over the Years, by Valetta Fowler (no date).
GRANDSTAFF - Grandstaffs Since the Civil War, from Family News Network (no date).
GRENELLE or GRINNELL - Charts and Chronicles of Matthew Grenelle’s Descendants, by E.W. Grinnell (1984).
GRIFFIN - Walter Burley Griffin In America, by Maldre & Kruty (2001).
GRIFFIN - Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahony Griffin in Grinnell, by Kruty & Strong (2011).
GRINNELL - New Haven, Vermont’s Great Man: Josiah B. Grinnell, by Beverly Landon (2005).
GRINNELL - Josiah Bushnell Grinnell, by Charles Payne (1938).
HARRIS - Sowing in the Morning, by Robert Dunn (2002).
HOPKINS - Harry Hopkins : the life story of the man behind FDR, the New Deal and Allied strategy in World War II, by Henry Hitch Adams (1977).
HOPKINS - Harry Hopkins: Sudden Hero, Brash Reformer, by June Hopkins (1999).
HOPKINS - Harry Hopkins: Ally of the Poor and Defender of Democracy, by George McJimsey (1987).
JONES - Publius Virgilius and Lavinia (Burton) Jones and Their Family-1800-1950, by Arthur Jones (no date).
JONES - A Quaker Heritage: The Howard T. Jones Family, by Martha Oelke (1980).
KING - The wonder crew : the untold story of a coach, Navy rowing, and Olympic immortality, by Susan Saint Sing (2008). (Clyde King)
KNEPPER - Genealogy of the Knepper Family in the United States, by Margaret Knepper (1911).
KREUTTER - The Kreutter Family in America, by William Oelke (1981).
LANNOM - Visions of worth : the life of G. S. Lannom, Jr. independent entrepreneur, by Neil Hamilton (1988)
LOUDEN - Our Legacy, by Hugh and Maxine Louden (1985).
MACY - Jesse Macy; An Autobiography, by Jesse Macy and Katharine Noyes (1933)
MAIN - Main Family Tree (John and Elizabeth Main family)
MINTLE - Ross Mintle: Autobiography (no date).
MOFFETT - Coming Clean, by Betty Moffett (1991).
MOSHER - It Happened That Way Out Where The West Begins, by M.L. Mosher (1978).
MOXLEY - The Moxleys: A Remembrance, by Jim Sanders (2013).
NOYCE - The Man Behind the Microchip: Robert Noyce and the invention of the microchip, by Leslie Berlin (2005).
OELKE - The Oelke Family, by William Oelka (1978).
ORR - Growing Up in Grinnell: The Post-Cyclone Years: 1882-1902, by Grace Douglas Orr (no date)
PARRISH - The Parrish family : including the allied families of Belt, Boyd, Cole and Malone, Clokey, Garrett, Merryman, Parsons, Price, Tipton, by Scott Boyd (1988).
PAUL - One family's journey : personal memories and more of the James and Frances Willard Paul family, by Betty Paul Webb (2013).
PEARCE - Things I Remember, by C.C. Pearce (no date).
PEDERSEN PEDERSON PETERSON - A Century in America and Beyond, by M. Jean P.P. Ober (no date).
PHIPPS - The Phipps Tree, by Asher Young (1983).
PILGRIM - The Iowa Pilgrim Family, by Gerald Boyack (2001).
PLUM - Genealogy of the John Wesley Plum and Malinda Mabel (Robison) Plum family of Grinnell, Iowa : from 1830 to 1988 , by Mary Plum (1988).
POOLEY - Samuel John Pooley and the Pooleys of the West Country, by Phyllis Stigall, (1988).
RAFFETY - Ancestors & Descendants of Edgar Elon Raffety and Kittie Matilda Rowley Raffety , by Helen Gugeler (1979).
RAFFETY - Life Story of Helen Raffety: Mother of Rosemary, Jon and Steven, by Helen Gugeler (1989)
READ -The Read Family History 1740 to 1978, Mildred Edgington (no date).
REAM - Some Early American Ream and Allied Families, by Forest V. Ream (1977).
RENNER - Ida Mae McClain Black Stimson Renner 1866-1950, by Joland R. Morh (2017).
REYNOLDS - The Life of L. Willard Reynolds 1893-1990, by Sabron Newton (no date).
RICKER - Ricker House Chronicles, a blog by Dan Kaiser (2013)
ROSENFIELD - Mentor: Life and Legacy of Joe Rosenfield, by George Drake (2019).
SEE - The History and Genealogy of the See and Related Families, by Joe See (1969).
SEE - "See" surname : genealogy of Johannes Zeh (abt. 1668/1750) aka Sea, Say, Seay, Seys, Zehe, Zehn, Zeeh, Zahe, Zie, by Joseph See (1998).
SHERMAN - The New England Shermans, by Roy Sherman (1974).
SMITH - Diaries from 1937 to 1942, by Jennie Bridges Smith (2013)
SMYTH - Ancestors and Descendants of James and Elizabeth (Gormly) Smyth, by Carolyn and Arnold Peterson (1991).
STOOPS - Rose Edie Stoops: Her Story 1895-1987, by Rose Stoops (1989).
TALLMON - The golden thread : a biography of George A. Tallmon, by Keith Walker (2005).
VITTUM - The Vittum Folks, by Edmund Vittum and Linnie Page (1922).
WATKINS - Clark Watkins: autobiography
WEAVER McCLELLAND McCLAIN HAINES - Weaver-Haines McClelland McClain, by Frank Weaver and Delores Harrison (1978).
WEBB - Journey Into Personhood, by Ruth Webb (1994).
YOUNG - Washington Young of Wayne County, Kentucky and His Descendants, by Asher Young (1975).


BAILEY, Gertrude L. and Jennie Bailey-postal souvenirs
BLISS, Harvey
BLUNK, Kim & EMRY, Anna Marie
BROWN, John (Uncle Johnny) and Ella BROWNELL (2 boxes)
BUCKNAM, Samuel-Records
CHILD - WALKER - BARLETT - Family records (2 boxes)
CLARKE, Cornelia
CRAVATH - Family history
DAVIS, James Otis & Jenny - Family papers
“Environmental History of Poweshiek County” (2 boxes)
GEORGE, Jim - papers
GRINNELL, Robert P. and Elizabeth Grinnell Williams - Family collection
HAYS - Family scrapbooks 1954-1956, 1956, 1957-58, 1961-63, 1970.
HODGDON, William Sparks - Photographs
HYDE - PARMENTER - WORCESTER collection (7 boxes)
IVERSON - WOLDEN collection
JONES, Mary G. - World War II scrapbook
KRUMM, Doris E. Losey- “My High School Days”
KRUMM, Paul Losey - scrapbook
LINCOLN, Roger D. Collectiion
MATLACK - KIESEL - WIEMAN- Family papers
McILRATH, Clarence Family Collection
MOXLEY, Anson - Family history “From Groton to Grinnell Puritan on the Prairie”
RAMSEY - Family papers
RARIDON, Richard Collection

ROBINSON, Billy - collection (3 boxes)
SANDERS, James Richard (Dick)
SPIRE, Richard - “Characteristics of the Times and Seasons”
STEWART, Ethel Treat-Family papers
TOMASEK, F.W. - Family papers


The individuals included in these collections have been listed on our page at

-Project Interaction: An Oral History Project Sponsored by the Poweshiek Council of Camp Fire Girls
-Remembering: An Inter-Generational Project


SCHMIDT, Peter & Eliza (CD)

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