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Grinnell - Biography - Van Draska Family

---Sadie Von Draska and Frederick Von Draska divorce decree (1908)
---Obituary for Sadie Watson

Roy Van Draska and family:

---Photograph of Roy Van Draska and first wife Jennie Gardner Townsend
--- GHR article about Jennie's death in house fire
--- S&B article about students, staff, and faculty members raising money for Roy after the tragedy
---List of donors and letter to Roy from Grinnell College students
---Photograph of John Townsend Sr, Roy, Jennie, and Harriet Townsend (Meyer)
--- Two photographs of Roy on a tractor on Grinnell College campus
--- GHR article about presidential chair Roy received upon his retirement from Grinnell College after 43 years as a member of the physical plant crew
--Obituraries for Roy Van Draska Sr. and his wife Nona Van Draska, and Roy Van Draska Jr.

Arthur Van Draska and family:
---Blog post about Jim Van Draska talent as a football star at Grinnell High School
--Obituary for Dale Van Draska, who died as a prisoner of war in South Korea during the Korean War
--Obituaries for Arthur Van Draska, Eleanor Van Draska, Richard Van Draska and wife Revea Van Draska, and Donna Van Draska Meldrem

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