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Subject Files

Contains files from the President's Office from 1950-1980 spanning the administrations of Stevens, Bowen, Leggett, and Turner.

Academic Departments

This collection consists of papers which came from academic departments to the Office of the President, either because the President was involved or for the President's information. Papers include correspondence, memos, press releases, course changes, course outlines, college catalog copy, building planning information, reports.

Funds and Corporations

This series contains files regarding scholarships and loan funds for students and other college investments. Some files seem to relate more to activities of the Treasurer's Office than to Development Office activities. Also includes files relating to insurance for college employees. Comments in the box listing contain more details of certain files. Provenance: Received from Mickey Munley, Development Office, Jan. 1997

Wills and Trusts

Contents: This series includes wills, trusts, annuities, and relevant correspondence from alumni, their legal and financial consultants, and College staff. Also included are some investments' records from the College Treasurer; real estate holdings (both land and buildings); and college mortgages. Materials in boxes 4-6 had been water-damaged before they were transferred to the Archives. Some documents may require more extensive conservation treatment before being used. Materials discarded: Duplicates; quarterly or annual statements for estates in which Grinnell College was a legatee. Provenance: Received from Mickey Munley, Development Office, Jan. 1997

Curricular Materials

Includes course syllabi and student theses from independent majors and from individual departments.

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