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Photographs, Negatives, and Slides

Photographs Black and white photographs, most taken by and for College Relations Office for college publications, post World War II period, with bulk of the collection from ca. 1960-95. They are arranged by subject, with folder labels assigned by Public Relations Office. Because they came to the archives at different times, they are in two alphabetical sequences. Photographs in boxes 3-28 were taken mostly prior to 1980, those in boxes 29-39 after 1980. The collection has not been sorted to eliminate dublicates. Some photographs are in poor condition, some have no identifying labels. Dates indicated below are approximate Negatives: Negatives from William Oelke. ca. 1934-48 Negatives, ca. 1961-90. 14 boxes. Arranged by year. Boxes 10-14 have proofsheets and negatives, although some may be mismatched. Detailed inventory of boxes 1-15 follows this series 6 inventory. Slides Ca. 1970-76. 4 microfilm boxes. Campus and town. Ca. 1965-80. 1 box. Arranged by broad subject Ca. 1978-83. 25 slide boxes. Taken by various photographers. Contents labeled inside cover of each box. Subjects include: interiors and exteriors of campus buildings, classes, labs, Grinnell-in-London, Bio Preserve, Rush Medical, concerts, plays, commencements, alumni, parents, faculty, students, spots, scenes.

Printing Samples

Admissions brochures; "Our Grinnellian Story" brand-identifying pamphlet; concert, drama, graduation programs; alumni brochures; handbooks; directories; Grinnell Magazines; reports. Includes 9 notebooks covering 1967-1971. Notebooks and Boxes A-Z, F-, G-K and unnamed are located at offsite storage.

Lectures and Convocations

81 reel-to-reel tapes. Detailed list following 1979- ca. 359 cassette tapes of college lectures. No detailed list or inventory. Includes Sports Symposium, April 1984; Small Town in America Symposium, March 1987. Commencement 1986 5 videocassettes (VHS). Includes Baccalaureate, Senior Honors Concert, Senior Showcase, Commencement exercises.

Video Services

"The Great Rock Island" 1 box: Video-tape master FOR DUPLICATION ONLY. Documentary material. "The Farmer Feeds Us All" 1976. Video-tape master FOR DUPLICATION ONLY. Color, 28 min. One viewing tape of each of the above. Conversation with Joseph F. Rosenfield, Nov. 1990. Videocassette (VHS), 33 min, sound, color. "They Are Still Our Children". Grinnell College production, 1977. Videocassette. Mirecourt Trio. Mendelssohn Trio. no date. Videocassette. Chamber Ensemble: Mirecourt Trio and Des Moines Symphony Players. no date. Videocassette. Wall, Joseph, and Jones, Alan. "Celebrating Grinnell's Traditions: the 1890s and 1960s." Convocation Sept. 21, 1995. Videocassette (VHS), ca. 50 min., sound, color. Memorial Service for Joseph F Rosenfield, July 15, 200. VHS videocassette. 40 min. sound, color. Grinnell College 2000 "Joe Rosenfield '25". Tribute to Joseph F. Rosenfield. VHS videocassette. 18 min., sound, color. Produced by Buck and Company for Grinnell College, 2000. "Our Grinnell". VHS videotape, color, March 21, 1995.