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Personnel Records

Boxes 1 - 7 include separate foldes for: Andrews, Ernest (reports, including one one regarding college radio stateon Baumann, Frederich Beatty, Shelton Bradford Curtis Bridgham, John Brown, Stuart Garry 1940-1951. Papers and sample problems in poetry Colbert, Herschel. 1930-1943 Conard, Henry and Laetitia Dobbs, Walter Ben 1946-1951 Douglass, Leigh C. 1925-1941. Material concerning his departure from Grinnell Everton, John S. 1940-1949, 1953 Field, Mildred Fowler. 1942-1945 Hawk, Rupert Lovell, George. 1941-1952, 1955, 1958 Sherman, leo Spencer, Edward. 1910-1945 Steiner, Edward Stevens, Samuel N. 1940-1965. Includes papers dealing with Stevens' acceptance of the presidence. Strong, Earl Truesdale, John


m1969 Addison Jones, '50, address to Alumni Association. List of Alumni - Senior Chapel speakers, 1946-1969, List of Alumni School speakers, 1946-1969, Ben Graham, remarks at dedication of Conard Environmental Research Area. Post mortem evaluation of weekend. 1970 No commencement held 1971 Scripts for commencement and convocation, press releases, Manning commencement address, 6 p., Vonnegut correspondence, 1970, Honorary degree candidates biographical information and citations (4 degrees at commencement on May 28; 5 degrees at 125th Anniversary Convocation June 5) 1972 Degree citations and biographical information. Leggett's charge to seniors (including degree to Gaylord Milburn). Miscellaneous correspondence, Physcial Education Complex dedication: script, press release, honorary degree citations and biographies, description of building, Crawford address.


Samples of forms, (letters, schedules, reservations, etc.) used for organizing commencement weekend. Cassette tape of processional (Beethoven's Military Marches in F, nos. 1 & 2) and recessional (Beethoven's Military March in D)

Subject Files

Contains files from the President's Office from 1950-1980 spanning the administrations of Stevens, Bowen, Leggett, and Turner.

Subject Files: Facts - Fine Arts

Facts about the college. ca. 1961-1962 Faculty committee reports. 1966-1967 Faculty Development & Evaluation Committee. 1979 Faculty organization 1957-1975 Fine Arts building. 1956-1969

Subject Files: Scholarships - Union

Scholarships: Presser, 1978-1985; Rosenfield, James W. 1965; Travel-Service, 1970; Ulich, 1968; Van Evera, 1966, 1973; Van Note 1959-1960; Wood 1957-1959; Younker, 1973 Science building (campus planning) 1951-1970 Science building addition (campus planning) 1961-1964 Service building (campus planning) 1962-1968. Includes Skidmore, Owings & Merrill site study, 1962 Skating rink (Barber Plaza) (campus planning), 1960-1962. Includes correspondence with Weitz Construction, correspondence and plans from Skidmore, Owings & Merrill Staff employees, 1962-1972 Steiner Hall (campus planning) 1959-1968 Student Government Association 1975-1978. Includes proposed constitutional changes 1978, committee structure, Black Cluster System (dormitories) 1977 Tennis courts (campus planning) 1956-1957 Time-Life journalism program 1977-1981. Includes correspondence with speakers, text of lecture by Tom Wicker "Who, What and How: Crucial Influences on the Performance of the American Press" 1978; text of lecture by Howard Simons "The Media and the First Amendment: 1978 (the first two lectures in the series), press releases, correspondence with Charles Bear of Time-Life. Thompson, Kenneth 1973-1977 Union 1969-1974. Includes papers on Physical Plant employees' strike of 1974

Academic Departments

This collection consists of papers which came from academic departments to the Office of the President, either because the President was involved or for the President's information. Papers include correspondence, memos, press releases, course changes, course outlines, college catalog copy, building planning information, reports.

Department Files: English - Music

English, 1955-1977 French, 1969-1977 Freshmen Tutorials, 1972 German, 1961-1977 History, 1957-1977 Humanities, 1963-1977 Library, 1975-1977 Mathematics, 1954-1978 Music, 1953-1978

Department Files: Philosophy - PPPE

Philosophy, 1953-1976 Physical Education, 1953-1979 Physics, 1954-1977 Political Science, 1954-1978 Program for Practical Political Education (PPPE), 1958-1971

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Admissions Office presentations, 1976-80. Career Development presentations to prospective students and guidance counselors. Advisory Board. 1972, 1980 Annual reports. 1972 Alumni, black. 1982-83 Alumni Educational Advisors Directories. 1974 Alumni meetings. 1974-82 Alumni: misc. correspondence. 1973-74

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