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Family Histories



Family histories, biographies, memoirs, and other writings related to the lives and stories of people with connections to Grinnell and the surrounding area. The list is separated into those items which are in book/binder format and those which are boxed collections. The last name of the relevant person is in CAPS and this is used to sort the list. Items should be located in Row G.

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BOOKS AND BINDERS. More information on items in this sections can be found by searching the title in our online catalog here

AHRENS - Grinnell’s Entrepreneurial and Philanthropic Pioneer: A Biography of Claude W. Ahrens, by Judy Hunter (2009).
BAILEY - Bailey Genealogy, by Hollis Bailey (1899).
BARTLETT - The Bartlett Family of Grinnell, by Corey McIntosh (no date)
BARTLETT - Cabin on the Second Ridge, by Ralph Longley (1976).
BAUSTIAN - Our Century in the United States, by Doris Baustian (1962).
BECHLEY - The Bechly Family in North America, by Paul Lorin Bechley (2018).
BEEBE ENGBERG - The Fortunes of the Engberg-Beebes, by Ralph Beebe (no date)
BOWEN - Book of Adam, by Harold Bowen (1943).
BROWN - Brown Family of New England Heritage 1659-1984, by Farwell Brown (1984).
BROWN - PALMER - SCHOOLOER - TARLETON Into a World Unknown, by Cynthia Levy (2011).
BUCKSBAUM - Last One in Iowa, by Arnold Bucksbaum (2015).
BUCKSBAUM - A Place to Grow: Remembering an Iowa Childhood, by Carolyn Swartz Bucksbaum, (2009).
BUCKSBAUM – At Home in the Heartland: A Bucksbaum Family Album, by Katherine Schouten (2007)
COOPER - The Last Hero, by Larry Swindell (1980).
COOPER SLAGLE - Harmons Cooper & Moses Slagle of Wayne County, Kentucky & Iowa & Their Descendants, by Rosalie Cooper Leavelle (1983).
CARGILL - Cargill Beginnings…an Account of Early Years, by John Work (1965).
DAVIS - History of the Ninety-Third Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry, by Harvey Trimble & Aaron Dunbar (1898).
DUNHAM - All is Uncertain, by Cornelius Duhnam (1990).
ERICKSON - My First 80 Years, by Luther Erickson (2015).
FLANAGAN - Hallie Flanagan: A Life in the American Theatre, by Joanne Bentley (1988).
FOWLER - Over the Years, by Valetta Fowler (no date).
GRANDSTAFF - Grandstaffs Since the Civil War, from Family News Network (no date).
GRENELLE or GRINNELL - Charts and Chronicles of Matthew Grenelle’s Descendants, by E.W. Grinnell (1984).
GRIFFIN - Walter Burley Griffin In America, by Maldre & Kruty (2001).
GRIFFIN - Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahony Griffin in Grinnell, by Kruty & Strong (2011).
GRINNELL - New Haven, Vermont’s Great Man: Josiah B. Grinnell, by Beverly Landon (2005).
GRINNELL - Josiah Bushnell Grinnell, by Charles Payne (1938).
HARRIS - Sowing in the Morning, by Robert Dunn (2002).
HOPKINS - Harry Hopkins : the life story of the man behind FDR, the New Deal and Allied strategy in World War II, by Henry Hitch Adams (1977).
HOPKINS - Harry Hopkins: Sudden Hero, Brash Reformer, by June Hopkins (1999).
HOPKINS - Harry Hopkins: Ally of the Poor and Defender of Democracy, by George McJimsey (1987).
JONES - Publius Virgilius and Lavinia (Burton) Jones and Their Family-1800-1950, by Arthur Jones (no date).
JONES - A Quaker Heritage: The Howard T. Jones Family, by Martha Oelke (1980).
KING - The wonder crew : the untold story of a coach, Navy rowing, and Olympic immortality, by Susan Saint Sing (2008). (Clyde King)
KNEPPER - Genealogy of the Knepper Family in the United States, by Margaret Knepper (1911).
KREUTTER - The Kreutter Family in America, by William Oelke (1981).
LANNOM - Visions of worth : the life of G. S. Lannom, Jr. independent entrepreneur, by Neil Hamilton (1988)
LOUDEN - Our Legacy, by Hugh and Maxine Louden (1985).
MACY - Jesse Macy; An Autobiography, by Jesse Macy and Katharine Noyes (1933)
MAIN - Main Family Tree (John and Elizabeth Main family)
MINTLE - Ross Mintle: Autobiography (no date).
MOFFETT - Coming Clean, by Betty Moffett (1991).
MOSHER - It Happened That Way Out Where The West Begins, by M.L. Mosher (1978).
MOXLEY - The Moxleys: A Remembrance, by Jim Sanders (2013).
NOYCE - The Man Behind the Microchip: Robert Noyce and the invention of the microchip, by Leslie Berlin (2005).
OELKE - The Oelke Family, by William Oelka (1978).
ORR - Growing Up in Grinnell: The Post-Cyclone Years: 1882-1902, by Grace Douglas Orr (no date)
PARRISH - The Parrish family : including the allied families of Belt, Boyd, Cole and Malone, Clokey, Garrett, Merryman, Parsons, Price, Tipton, by Scott Boyd (1988).
PAUL - One family's journey : personal memories and more of the James and Frances Willard Paul family, by Betty Paul Webb (2013).
PEARCE - Things I Remember, by C.C. Pearce (no date).
PEDERSEN PEDERSON PETERSON - A Century in America and Beyond, by M. Jean P.P. Ober (no date).
PHIPPS - The Phipps Tree, by Asher Young (1983).
PILGRIM - The Iowa Pilgrim Family, by Gerald Boyack (2001).
PLUM - Genealogy of the John Wesley Plum and Malinda Mabel (Robison) Plum family of Grinnell, Iowa : from 1830 to 1988 , by Mary Plum (1988).
POOLEY - Samuel John Pooley and the Pooleys of the West Country, by Phyllis Stigall, (1988).
RAFFETY - Ancestors & Descendants of Edgar Elon Raffety and Kittie Matilda Rowley Raffety , by Helen Gugeler (1979).
RAFFETY - Life Story of Helen Raffety: Mother of Rosemary, Jon and Steven, by Helen Gugeler (1989)
READ -The Read Family History 1740 to 1978, Mildred Edgington (no date).
REAM - Some Early American Ream and Allied Families, by Forest V. Ream (1977).
RENNER - Ida Mae McClain Black Stimson Renner 1866-1950, by Joland R. Morh (2017).
REYNOLDS - The Life of L. Willard Reynolds 1893-1990, by Sabron Newton (no date).
RICKER - Ricker House Chronicles, a blog by Dan Kaiser (2013)
ROSENFIELD - Mentor: Life and Legacy of Joe Rosenfield, by George Drake (2019).
SEE - The History and Genealogy of the See and Related Families, by Joe See (1969).
SEE - "See" surname : genealogy of Johannes Zeh (abt. 1668/1750) aka Sea, Say, Seay, Seys, Zehe, Zehn, Zeeh, Zahe, Zie, by Joseph See (1998).
SHERMAN - The New England Shermans, by Roy Sherman (1974).
SMITH - Diaries from 1937 to 1942, by Jennie Bridges Smith (2013)
SMYTH - Ancestors and Descendants of James and Elizabeth (Gormly) Smyth, by Carolyn and Arnold Peterson (1991).
STOOPS - Rose Edie Stoops: Her Story 1895-1987, by Rose Stoops (1989).
TALLMON - The golden thread : a biography of George A. Tallmon, by Keith Walker (2005).
VITTUM - The Vittum Folks, by Edmund Vittum and Linnie Page (1922).
WATKINS - Clark Watkins: autobiography
WEAVER McCLELLAND McCLAIN HAINES - Weaver-Haines McClelland McClain, by Frank Weaver and Delores Harrison (1978).
WEBB - Journey Into Personhood, by Ruth Webb (1994).
YOUNG - Washington Young of Wayne County, Kentucky and His Descendants, by Asher Young (1975).


BAILEY, Gertrude L. and Jennie Bailey-postal souvenirs
BLISS, Harvey
BLUNK, Kim & EMRY, Anna Marie
BROWN, John (Uncle Johnny) and Ella BROWNELL (2 boxes)
BUCKNAM, Samuel-Records
CHILD - WALKER - BARLETT - Family records (2 boxes)
CLARKE, Cornelia
CRAVATH - Family history
DAVIS, James Otis & Jenny - Family papers
“Environmental History of Poweshiek County” (2 boxes)
GEORGE, Jim - papers
GRINNELL, Robert P. and Elizabeth Grinnell Williams - Family collection
HAYS - Family scrapbooks 1954-1956, 1956, 1957-58, 1961-63, 1970.
HODGDON, William Sparks - Photographs
HYDE - PARMENTER - WORCESTER collection (7 boxes)
IVERSON - WOLDEN collection
JONES, Mary G. - World War II scrapbook
KRUMM, Doris E. Losey- “My High School Days”
KRUMM, Paul Losey - scrapbook
LINCOLN, Roger D. Collectiion
MATLACK - KIESEL - WIEMAN- Family papers
McILRATH, Clarence Family Collection
MOXLEY, Anson - Family history “From Groton to Grinnell Puritan on the Prairie”
RAMSEY - Family papers
RARIDON, Richard Collection

ROBINSON, Billy - collection (3 boxes)
SANDERS, James Richard (Dick)
SPIRE, Richard - “Characteristics of the Times and Seasons”
STEWART, Ethel Treat-Family papers
TOMASEK, F.W. - Family papers


The individuals included in these collections have been listed on our page at

-Project Interaction: An Oral History Project Sponsored by the Poweshiek Council of Camp Fire Girls
-Remembering: An Inter-Generational Project


SCHMIDT, Peter & Eliza (CD)

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