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Lane, Daniel

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Reed, Julius A.

  • Pessoa singular
  • (1809-1890)

Julius Reed was one of the first Congregational ministers to venture into Iowa and was instrumental in establishing Congregational Churches in the state, and for five years, serving as treasurer and principal of Iowa College. Reed was born in 1809 in East Windsor Hill, Connecticut. He attended Yale College, graduating in 1829, and after teaching for a few years, returned to Yale Divinity School where he received his degree in 1835. That same year he married Caroline Blood and was commissioned by the American Home Missionary Society to go west. Reed settled first in Illinois, where he was ordained in 1836, and served churches in Montebello, Nauvoo, Carthage, and Warsaw. He made several trips into Iowa and helped organize the Denmark Church in May of 1838. In 1840, Reed received a call to Fairfield, Iowa, where he settled for the next five years. During that time, he assisted with the organization of the State Association of Congregationalists on Nov. 5-6, 1840. In 1845, Reed became the agent of the American Home Missionary Society and moved to Davenport. He resigned that position in 1858 to become treasurer of Iowa College. When the college moved to Grinnell in 1860, he moved with it and served as Principal of the Preparatory Department, and Acting Professor of Mathematics and well as Treasurer. In 1862, he resigned from the college and returned to Davenport to serve again as agent of the American Home Missionary Society. Ill health caused him to resign in 1869. He lived for the next decade in Columbus, Nebraska but returned with his wife to Davenport in 1880 to live with his daughter until his death on August 27, 1890.

Parker, Leonard F.

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  • 1825-1911

Leonard Fletcher Parker was a professor of Greek and Latin at Grinnell College from 1860-70 and of History from 1888-98. In the interim he taught at the University of Iowa. Parker was involved with the public schools, with the Underground Railroad, and with many aspects of life in the Grinnell area. He died in 1911 after the publication of his last book, History of Poweshiek County.

Bradford, Curtis Baker

  • Pessoa singular
  • 1911-1969

Curtis Bradford was Oakes Ames Professor of English Literature at Grinnell College where he served on the faculty from 1946 until his death in 1969. He was a scholar of the work of William Butler Yeats.

Yeats, W. B.

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  • 1865-1939

Yeats was an Irish poet and is considered one of the greatest poets of the twentieth century.

Apostle, Hippocrates George

  • Pessoa singular

1910 Born in Greece

1922 Moved to New York City

Columbia University. BA, MA in mathematics. Pulitzer Scholar

University of Chicago. Studies philosophy

Laval University (Quebec). Lic. En Phil.

1942 Harvard University. MA, Ph.D.

1942 West Virginia Wesleyan College. Taught mathematics and physics

1943-35 University of Rochester

1945-47 Amherst College. Taught mathematics and philosophy

1947-48 University of Chicago. Taught philosophy of Science

1948-78 Grinnell College. Professor of Mathematics

1961 Myra Steele Professor of Mathematics

1960,1969 Visits to Greece

1978 Retirement

Alden, Henry

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Nollen, Hannah

  • Pessoa singular
  • -1966

Harrell, Mary Jane Peck

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Mary Jane Harrell (Class of 1938) was an admiring bystander of the Men’s Glee Club because her father, David Peck, had been director of the club for many years.

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