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Women's Studies papers

Papers by: S. Brown R.M. Barber V. burchardt S. Grodsky L. Reeves L. Fields R. Sherman L. Lichtenberger B. Rabyne


Folder 1 Mobilization: Correspondence regarding mobilization and manpower. Folder 2 War Cabinet: Correspondence and notes regarding the War Cabinet. Folder 3 Morgenthau Plan: “American Policy for Treatment of Germany After Surrender,” September 1, 1944; “American Draft of Directive for Germany in the Period Immediately Following the Cessation of Organized Resistance”; “Treatment of Germany,” September 15, 1944. Folder 4 War Economy: “My Recent Trip: Statement by General Marshall,” December 28, 1943; “Public Opinion- The NRPB Report and Social Security,” April 28, 1943; “Jobs After the War” Folder 5 War Manpower: “Austin Manpower Bill- S. 2805,” Oscar Cox, October 5, 1942; “The Job Facing Us Today Is One of Action and Policy Rather Than One of Arithmetic”; “Principles and Assumption to Be Applied by the Army and Navy in Connection With a Program of Universal Military Training,” September 7, 1944. Folder 6 Munitions Assignment Board: Minutes of Meetings 1942-1945 Folder 7 Lend- Lease Transfers 1941: “The Consolidated Statement of Production: British, Canadian, American” Folder 8 Phase II: “Chronology of Discussions Concerning Lend- Lease to U.K. and Related Matters January 1943 to date,” September 16, 1944; “Policy Concerning Assignments of Lend- Lease Munitions Following the Defeat of Germany,” May 5, 1944; “Lend Lease and Civilian Production- U.S. and U.K.,” August 21, 1944; “Lend Lease Policy After Defeat of Germany,” September 7, 1944. Folder 9 Free French: “The French Committee of National Liberation,” Robert D. Murphy, June 6, 1943; Correspondence with Giraud Folder 10 Great Britain Morale 1942: “The British Rejections of Operation Sledgehammer, An Alternative Motive,” Joseph L. Strange, June 24, 1980. Folder 11 Lesser Allies: Correspondence with and regarding NewZealand, Poland, Canada, Australia and the Netherlands. Folder 12 Eastern Europe: Correspondence regarding bomber supply for Poland. Folder 13 USSR 1943: “Hopkins on Russian Problems,” Davies Diary Entry, April 19, 1943; “Minutes of Meeting of President’s Soviet Protocol Committee,” February 23, 1943; “Memorandum Prepared for President of Chronological Development of Stalin’s Attitude as I Analyzed It,” Davies Diary Entry, March 1943; “Roosevelt on Churchill and Stalin,” Davies Diary Entry, April 12, 1943. Folder 14 Kottman U.S. - Soviet Relations: Notes from various works on U.S. Soviet Relations. Folder 15 Yalta: “How Haste Could Lose the Peace,” Davies Diary Entry, October 11, 1944.

Versions of "The Parsons Story"

(Preceeding folders) “The Parsons Story” reprinted from the Des Moines Sunday Register May 15 and May 22, 1966. Hall, John O.  Parsons College:  the Years of Change, 1965.  Mimeographed.  Folder 1:  The notes, correspondence, and manuscripts for Eugene K. Garber’s article, “The Rise and Fall of Parsons College."  Intended to be published in the Atlantic Monthly.  Also correspondence with G. Michael Curtis, editor at the Atlantic Monthly.  Folder 2:  Garber, cont.  Folder 3: Millard G. Roberts’ speech before the National Conference of State Legislative Leaders, November 11, 1965.

Tarsus (1911-1924), Talas (1927-1952), Diyarbakir and Mardin (1952-1957), Retirement from Mission Board.

Tarsus Postcard from October 11, 1910. Thomas Christie's money raising campaign for Building Strickler Hall on Tarsus Campus. Talas. Our Student Song Book: Music Unites the People. Booklet. Tarsus. A History of the Tarsus American School 1888-1988 Booklet. Talas School Reports Talas/Kayseri. General Mission Activities, 1930-1932 Talas. Miscellaneous Information. Letters. Reports to Mission officials from Diyarbakir. Letters to acquaintances in the military, Diyarbakir and Adara, as well as the Embassy in Anka Information and Correspondence pertaining to Mission work in Turkey, Generic. March 25, 1949, October 16, 1956. Documents about Diyarbakir/Mardin work in ABCFM Mission Station between 1952 and 1957. 1947 Report. Letters from Diyarbakir, 1952-1954. Property reports and correspondence written about/from Mardin, addressed to Dave Bergmark, Mission Administration, and Ray and Fern White. February 1953, July, 1955. Letters from Harriet to Children and Friends from Mardin and Diyarbakir. July 1953, July 1956. Letter about life story of Pastor Isak Dikmen. May, 1955. Assorted Diyarbakir: Correspondence regarding lawsuit for distributing Sermon on the Mount, medical reports of injured children, correspondence to and from Nafi Donat. General letters about Diyarbakir and Mardin. 1954-1957. Paul E. Nilson's letters from Diyarbakir. 1955-1957. Letters from Paul E. Nilson, July 1957: Leaving Diyarbakir, Retiring from ABCFM. Paul Nilson correspondence. Notes: 1956, 1957, Retirement from Mission. Academies for Anatolia: A Study of Rationale, Program and Impact of the Educational Institutions Sponsored by the American Board in Turkey: 1830-2005 by Frank Andrew Stone. San Francisco: Caddo Gap Press.

September 1935 – April 1937

Folder 1 September – October 1935: “Hopkins- Ickes Dispute To Go To President” Baltimore Sun September 11, 1935; “Memorandum of Conference on Status of Emergency Funds…” September 12, 1935 Folder 2 November- December 1935: “The Works Program Situation” Memorandum to the President from Harry Hopkins, November 20, 1935; “Field Report- Regional Adviser Labor Assignment: Ohio” Chester A. Smith, December 10, 1935. Folder 3 January- March 1936: “The Constitution and the New Deal” and “The Price of Failure” Howard Lee McBain; “Meeting of the Advisory Committee of the Stuyd or Relief Procedures and Techniques” January 17, 1935; “Report to Mr. Hunter on the Wisconsin Workers’ Alliance” January 31, 1936; “Conference at the White House Regarding Additional Funds For Work Relief Projects…” February 6, 1936; Nationwide Radio Address given by Harry L. Hopkins March 14, 1936. Folder 4 April – July 1936: WPA and FERA correspondence; Henry Morgenthau Diary Entires Folder 5 August – October 1936: “Conference with the President at Hyde Park” August 19, 1936; “Works Progress Administration Comparative Analysis of Administrative Costs as of August 31, 1936”; “Employment and Relief Policy for 1936 and 1937”; “Relief and Work Relief in Illinois”; “Relief and Work Relief- New York City” September 18, 1936; “Report on Mr. Hopkins’ Western Trip: August 25 through September 29, 1936”; “Conference with the President at Hyde Park” August 4, 1936; Report of the Director of the Bureau of the Budget Folder 6 November- December 1936: “Sponsors’ Fund Procedure in the Operation, Recording, and Reporting of the WPA Program” R. Ecker November 3, 1936; “Deficiency Appropriation for Works Program”; “Conference with the President on Relief, December 30, 1936; “Conference with the President Regarding Additional Funds Needed to Operate the WA and Resettlement Programs from February 1 to June 30, 1937” December 29, 1936. Folder 7 January- April 1937: “Summary and Selected Table Concerning the Investigation into Skills of WPA Brick and Stone Masons, Carpenters and Painters in Seven Cities in January 1937”; “Outlook for Employment, Unemployment and Relief” Division of Research, Statistics, and Records Works Progress Administration February 25, 1937; “How to Prevent Another 1929 in 1940” Harry Hopkins, 1937; “Meeting at 2201 R Street on Selective Federal Expenditures” April 1, 1937; “Conference at the White House” April 19, 1937.

Ruth Prescott Files: Subject Files

Administrative officers' biographical information,1961. Air Force ROTC: Form letters and brochures ca. 1958 Board of Overseers (Presidentia advisory committee on long-term development) 1962-64: Press releases, biographical information. Bowen, Howard: speeches, brief remarks, inaugural address (1955). 1955-64. College Centennial, 1946: programs, press releases, calendar Feb.-Oct. 1946 Conard Environmental Research Area. 1970-75. Press releases. Darby, J. Fred, class of 1895. Photographs 1895-1945, biographical information, sports information (1890's) Journalism Intern Plan. ca. 1948 Loyalty Oath, 1959: Clippings, press releases, correspondence President's letters to alumni, parents, friends,1969-72 (7 letters): subjects covered include multi-racial campus, dissent on campus, disrobing incident (1969), physical education and recreation, dormitory regulations, Howard Bowen's assessment of Grinnell in 1969

Ruth Prescott Files. Convocations.

1957: Correspondence, press releases, clippings, programs, photographs. Addresses (other copies filed in 11.3/P2a) Grace Hunter, "History of Grinnell College" Honorary degree citations. 1959: Programs, photographs, and addresses (original copies. Two copies filed in 11.3/P3) Addresses (author's copies and typescript carbons) by Elbert A. Read, George Stoddard, George Drake, '56, Harold Clapp, Albert Bush-Brown, Keyes Metcalf, Walter Netsch, Russell Fridley, '50, Neal Klausner. 1967 Photographs, media coverage, press packets including speakers' schedules, biographical information, texts of some talks. See also RG-A, Misc. Ser.2 (Convocations and Commencements) and 11.3/P5b for texts of speeches.

Ruth Prescott FIles: Subject files

Chicago Sunday Tribune ratings of colleges and universities, 1957. Reprints Reprint Series of Faculty Studies, no. 1-5, 1950 Silver Dollar Story script, 1957. 21 1. Sports history 1949-64:news releases,correspondence, clippings, football jubilee Miscellaneous: Music building cornerstone materials info- 1 p. Herrick Chapel info 3 p. Campus trees, 2 p. 1882 cyclone Alumni song, additional verses, 1926 Yule Log Dinner, ca. 1950, 1 p. College pranks, 1955 Ricker House, letter of information Press releases: College costs, 1951 Opening of Younker Hall, 1951 Opening of Loose Hall, 1948 Founding Grinnell University centennial, 1956 1889 First football game, 1954, 4 p. Grinnell "firsts" 195 Third and fourth generation Grinnellians,1945,1 p. Grinnell Magazine: correspondence, memos, reports on establishing. 17. Clippings from newspapers and magazines about Grinnell College, 1945-66. 18. Barron's Profiles, 1973.

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