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Offsite Storage RG-D: Dean's Office Records 1969-1996
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Trustee Files and Office Files

Notebooks for Trustees in preparation for board meetins (these may also include notes taken by Dean Wall and other additional materials). Minutes of Board Meeting, June 4, 1972 Office files: Prospective trustees Governance of College, 1970 (39 p. working paper) College organization, 1966-1972 (includes correspondence, memos, worksheets students proposals on faculty and administration organization; notes on campus buildings). Correspondence, 1970-1972 Correspondence with Howard Bowen and others, 1969-1970

Trustee Files

Board of Trustees meetings, 1960-1961. Reports to Trustees, 1961 Notebooks for Trustees in preparation for board meetings (these may also include notes take by Dean Wall and other additional material). Reports sent to Trustees, 1970 Proposal for revisions of Articles of Incorporation & ByLaws, 1970 Minutes of Board Meeting, Nov. 1-2, 1969 Minutes of Annual Meeting, May 31-Jun1, 1970

RG-D: Dean's Office Records 1969-1996

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Papers and administrative materials documenting the work of the Office of the Dean.  Some materials may be confidential and not available for research.

There has been a person serving in the capacity of Dean of the Faculty/College since 1944. The exact titles changed over the years and the duties varied, but essentially these persons served similar functions.

In the 1958 North Central Association report to the College, the Dean of the College was responsible for being the academic assistant to the President and the person to assume leadership in the absence of the President.

In 1968 the Dean was described as the person who cooperates with the President in the administration of the academic affairs of the College; who advises the President on academic and other matters; and who represents the President in his/her absence unless an Acting President had been appointed by the Trustees. The Dean also served as Chair of the Faculty Committee on Academic Standing, Chair of the Faculty committee on Admissions and Student Aid, and as a member of the Faculty Executive Council. (From the 1968 NCA report).

When the College was seeking a new Dean of the Faculty in 1980, the principal responsibilities of the Dean were to provide leadership in working with the President and the Faculty in areas of curriculum, faculty development, and maintenance of the quality of the academic profram. (From job description located in RG-F Series 3).

Following is a list of persons in this position with their exact titles, dates, and in parentheses, the name(s) of the president(s) under whom they served.

Earl D. Strong, Dean, 1944-1951 (Stevens)

Max Fuller, Dean of the College, 1951-1954 (Stevens)

R. Homer Norton, Acting Dean of the College, 1954-1956; Dean of the College, 1956-1960 (Hawk, Bowen)

James H. Stauss, Dean of the College, 1960-1966; Provost and Dean of the College, 1966-1969 (Bowen, Leggett)

Joseph F. Wall, Dean of the college, 1969-1973 (Leggett)

Waldo S. Walker, Executive Vice President and Dean of the College, 1973-1977; Provost and Dean of the College, 1977-1980 (Leggett, Turner)

Catherine Frazer, Dean of the Faculty, 1980-1987 (Turner, Drake)

Charles L. Duke, Dean of the Faculty, 1987-1988; Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty, 1988-1992; Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College, 1992-1997 (Drake, Ferguson)

James Swartz, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College, 1998-2008 (Ferguson, Osgood)

Paula V. Smith, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College, 2008-2013 (Osgood, Kington)

David Lopatto, Interim Dean of the College, 2013-2014 (Kington)

Michael E. Latham, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College, 2014-2019 (Kington)

Anne F. Harris, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College, 2019-2020 (Kington)

Elaine M. Marzluff, Interim Dean of the College, 2020- (Harris)

Office Files: curriculum - memos

Curriculum (includes Proposed new programs: African Studies, Humanities, 1973; role of the College: Ten questions in search of the future, 1972) Curriculum -- 1970 (includes Faculty Summer Study Committee proposasls regarding requirements; Clotfelter "proposal that all general education requirements be abolished") Student radio station policy statement, ca. 1969 Concerned Black Students (includes correspondence, memos, Rockefeller fund, Black Studies major, Black Manifesto, position papers, Black history bibliographies, copies of Black Expressions), 1971 Student withdrawals from Grinnell, questionnaire responses, 1972 Alumni evaluations of Grinnell education (12 letters), 1966 Statistics and questionnaires; faculty and student statistics, minority statistics, 1970-1973 Financial impact of College on community, ca. 1969 Memos and reports (includes enrollment and faculty statistics, Buildings & Grounds union, FBI, etc., 1969-1970)

Office Files: Foundations

Japan Foundation, 1981-1982.  Correspondence, reports, grant applications, Professor Ebersole's course syllabi. Kellogg Foundation, 1980-1986.  A grant "to increase liberal-arts students' understanding of agricultural issues and concerns."  Grant was shared by Luther, Grinnell, Coe and Cornell colleges and supported workshops, symposia, student internships.  Correspondence, reports, budgets, proposals, clippings and news releases, conference schedules and reading lists.  Reports include "Food and Agriculture at Grinnell", "Consortium on Agriculture and World Hunger" 1983, "The United States, the Soviet Union and the World Grain Economy" 1982. MacArthur Foundation, 1982.  Correspondence, grant request. Macy Foundation, 1981.  Correspondence, memo.

Office Files: Ford - Reports

Ford Foundation proposal (includes data on college nd faculty) (3 vols.) 1967 Foundation grants (includes Carnegie and Hill Family foundations expenditures), 1963 Avison, Jim. New directions for fund-raising programs (8 p.), 1971 Stauss, James H. Endowment as a source of increased revenue (46 p.) 1969 Salary studies (Grinnell and other colleges), 1972 Bowen, Howard. Efficiency in liberal education (preliminary version of a study on sinstruction costs; 174 p.) 1970 Reports on financing higher education in the U. S. (3 reports), ca. 1969, 1969

Office Files: Departmental Self-studies

Arranged alphabetically by department.  Confidential reports are interfiled with other materials.  Studies of 17 departments may include brief history of the department, course syllabi, faculty vitae, statistical data, evaluators' reports.

Office Files: Conferences

Most files include correspondence, background papers, notes on proceedings, memos. Summer Liberal Arts Seminars, 1979-1982. Participants: Drake University, Central, Grinnell, and Simpson. Seminars for faculty. Funded by Northwest Area Foundation. 8 seminars per year for 3 years. Papers include memos, letter of intent, grant agreement (copy), program evaluations, syllabi, reports. Summer Institute on Teaching and Leaning, 1978-1981. Participants: faculty and students. Curriculum Conference, Aug. 25, 1981. Terrace Inn, Newton, IA. Participants: Grinnell College faculty. Correspondence, memos, papers: Moberg, Thomas, "Some Factors Related to the Creation of a Successful Academic computing Program in a Small College," 1981. "Human Development and the Education of the Whole Person at Grinnell College", Nov. 1976 College Board, Project Equality. April 1982. Participants: Faculty from Iowa high schools and colleges. Trends in High Schools & Colleges, conference, march 1981. Participants: High school teachers from 15 states, Grinnell College faculty.

Office Files

Memos, 1987- Department chairs, annual packet. 1995-1996 Surveys and statistics, comparative data from various colleges and universities. 1987-1988 Welker, Waldo, Executive Vice-President: 1987-1999 projected college budget, Feb. 1987; outline of process for development of the budget, 1987. Associate Dean Memos. 1993- Associate Dean, Minority programs: Minority Scholars-in-Resident (MSIR); President's Committee for a Stronger Minority Presence (PCSMP); Consortium for a Stronger Minority Presence (CSMP) 1993- Hewlett Overseas Community Involvement Program, second annual report, 1991 Correspondence with Faculty, 1993-

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