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Folder 1 Grinnell 1904-1912:  Notes from the Scarlet and Black and Grinnell Herald Register, notes on early family life and move to Grinnell. Folder 2 1908-1910:  Various Scarlet Black articles including “What Grinnell Is; Its Spirit and Life” President Main, December 2, 1908. Various notes on Hopkins taken from SB. Folder 3 1911:  SB articles on Hopkins’ basketball career Folder 4 1912:  “Outline of the Possible Organization and Scope of Work of a Poverty Commission” by John A. Kingsbury. Folder 5 1913:  Notes from Grinnell Herald Register, “Women’s Work Shops” Bailey B. Burritt, Folder 6 1914:  Unemployment Relief Correspondance, “Study of the Methods Employed by the AICP to secure work for unemployed applicants”, notes from the Grinnell Herald Register Folder 7 1915:  “Should the work be continued?”  Confidentional memorandum on the work of the Department of Social Welfare by John A. Kingsbury Folder 8 1917:  United States Civil Service Commission correspondence a propos Hopkins, Board of Child Welfare notes, recommendations for Hopkins’ appointment to proposed Army and Navy War Life Insurance Bureau, Red Cross Gulf Division Annual Report, “Report of the Bureau of Civilian Relief Gulf Division” American Red Cross October- December 1917 Folder 9 1918:  Letter to United States Civil Service Commission from John A. Kingsbury recommending Harry Hopkins. Folder 10 1919:  Red Cross Gulf Division Bulletin, Minutes from the Central Council of the National Assocation of Social Workers, Gulf Division; Red Cross Reports January- September 1919, multiple articles from the Gulf Division Bulletin concerning the future of Home Service, excerpts from Hopkins’ monthly reports Folder 11 1920:  February 1920 American Relief Council correspondence, AMC Gulf Division Bulletin April 1920, Hopkins’ report on trip to Mexico after Vera Cruz Earthquake and Flood, Folder 12 1922: Correspondence regarding Hopkins’ Red Cross and Association for Improving the Condition of the Poor Folder 13 1923:  Minutes from meetings of the American Association of Social Workers Folder 14 1924:  Minutes from meetings of the American Association of Social Workers Folder 15 1925:  Minutes from meetings of the American Association of Social Workers Folder 16 1926:  Letter to Lawson Purdy from Hopkins as the Director of the New York Tuberculosis Association Minutes from meetings of the American Association of Social Workers Folder 17 1927:  Extracts from: Hopkins’ “Consolidating Private Health Work Under One Banner,” Nation’s Health, January 1927, Vol. 9, No. 1. Minutes from meetings of the American Association of Social Workers Folder 18 1931:  Continued correspondence with Lawson Purdy Confidential Memo “Comments on selective rehabilitation of unemployed on the land”, unsigned Red Cross documents concerning the State Unemployment Relief Plan Folder 19 1932:  “A Social Work Study of Federal Aid for Unemployment Relief: Report of the Steering Committee” January 1932. Folder 20 1933:  Minutes from meetings of the American Association of Social Workers; list of Hopkins’ engagements from May 1933 to December 1934; FERA Grant Reports “Outline of Remarks on Occasion of Testimonial Dinner to Mr. Harry Hopkins” June 22, 1933; record of June 1933 FERA Conference Beginning of correspondence with FDR as Federal Relief Administrator


Guidelines for review of applications, 1986, 1987; Admissions procedure, 1981; Financial aid study ca. 1984 Admissions Marketing Group. Report on student & parent surveys, May 1987. Joyce Foundation proposal, 1986. Marketing. Admissions Marketing Group, Waltham, MA. 1985-87. Memos; Proposal to Grinnell College, July 1986; surveys, including AMG Black Survey, College Selection Study. Admissions Task Force. (Dealing with student recruitment). Agendas for meetings and background data; draft of marketing plan, Oct, 1985; "Marketing Plan for Grinnell College" prepared by President's Task Force for Marketing, May 1986; Chicago marketing Barboni statistical studies, ca. 1983-86. Charts, tables, graphs, most undated.


Miscellaneous. 1981-87. Memos, parts of reports, notes. Includes position description of Assistant Director of Admissions. Recruiting blacks/Lowry project. 1988. "Preliminary Report: Black Student Recruiting Project" Aug. 1988. Prepared by James Lowry & Associates, Chicago. Recruiting blacks/Lowry project. 1988. "Final Report: Black Student Recruiting Project" Oct. 1988. Prepared by James Lowry & Associates, Chicago. E. Barboni. Report to Admissions Office Staff: Admissions Research. June 1981. Area Recruiting Reports, 1983.


Area and minority recruiting reports, recruiting statistics 1983-86. Arranged chronologically. Recruiting. Direct mail annual reports. 1979-89. Recruiting. General annual statistics. 1979-86. "Questions" revisions 1981, 83, 86

American Studies senior theses

Theses by: C.L. Bogard D. Darge C. Doherty J.R. Gray J. Hayward B. Hoffman P. Irwin V. Levett J. McAdams C. McCune S. McMurray F.H. Miller D. Mosby S.K. Moulder T. Rehfeld L. Rendleman J. Sink D. Weeks


From various national and regional professional organizations to Public Relations Office for college publication. 1958-83. Faculty files: 1980s. Primarily press releases, also some writings of the faculty, research project descriptions, curriculum vitae.

Chapter Outlines/ Drafts

Folders in Box 10 contain drafts of several chapters from Harry Hopkins: Ally of the Poor, Defender of Democracy. Folder titles are those of the chapter within. Folder 1 Chapter Outline: Overview of all Chapters Folder 2 London Folder 3 Delivering the Goods Folder 4 Supplies and Strategy Folder 5 Russia Folder 6 Making the Goods Folder 7 Laying the Groundwork Folder 8 No Front Stairs in Washington Folder 9 Casablanca Folder 10 Arcadia Folder 12 Reference: Timelines, Collection References, McJimsey’s research correspondence

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