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General Correspondence

Correspondence, primarily from Leggett but some from President Bowen, arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent.  Correspondents include Eugene Breitenback, John Canning, George Champion, Harold Colbert, Gardner Cowles, John Chapman, Chester Davis, Sandra Ehlers, John English, Frank Eyerly, Robert Fell, Roswell Garst, Leggett's remarks at the burial of Harry Hopkins, Sept. 1973, Ernest Jaqua,Randall Klemme, Dwight McCarty, William Murphy, John Musser, Ina Payne, Katherine Perring, Adam Clayton Powell, Bertha Putnam, Orville Routt, John Spence, Ivy Welton, Edith Wentworth, Henry Wieman, Pierce Witmer, Arthur Woodward.

Personnel Records

Boxes 1 - 7 include separate foldes for: Andrews, Ernest (reports, including one one regarding college radio stateon Baumann, Frederich Beatty, Shelton Bradford Curtis Bridgham, John Brown, Stuart Garry 1940-1951. Papers and sample problems in poetry Colbert, Herschel. 1930-1943 Conard, Henry and Laetitia Dobbs, Walter Ben 1946-1951 Douglass, Leigh C. 1925-1941. Material concerning his departure from Grinnell Everton, John S. 1940-1949, 1953 Field, Mildred Fowler. 1942-1945 Hawk, Rupert Lovell, George. 1941-1952, 1955, 1958 Sherman, leo Spencer, Edward. 1910-1945 Steiner, Edward Stevens, Samuel N. 1940-1965. Includes papers dealing with Stevens' acceptance of the presidence. Strong, Earl Truesdale, John

Symposia and Lectures

Folders may include programs, press releases, memos to people involved with visiting lecturers, correspondence with speakers, speakers' vitae and biographies, texts of some lectures.  Files are arranged chronologically.

2011 Acquisition

Correspondence, forms and promotional materials related to Rosenfield Program events ranging from 2001 through 2011

Grinnell Stories

Grinnell Stories: The Early Years. Produced for the Ssquicentennial Welcome Center by Buck & Co. First version, Sept. 1995 Grinnell Stories: a documentary history of a pioneering midwestern college on the occasion of its 150th anniversary. Executive producers Wayne Moyer, Richard Ridgway; Writer, producer, director David Buck '81. Final version, May 1996 Buck and Co. master Beta tapes: 63 master Beta tapes in 4 boxes. For reproduction by Buck & Co. only. Restricted. Buck and Co. Laser videodisc copy of Grinnell Stories. Produced April 1996. 80 minutes. Security copy. Restricted. 39 VMS tapes of full interviews. parts of which were used in Grinnell Stories. May be used for personal research but not for public viewing. Tapes may not be duplicated. Copyright to the NBC tapes belongs to NBC. 10 videotapes of Herbie Hancock concert Sept. 5, 1996. and two DAT tapes. Buck & Co. 1 DVD of the complete movie, Digital Grinnell

Grinnell College on celluloid, compiled by Adam Bleier, '96

Cuts from college films in the Archives, RG-DEV (Change in the Making, Silver Dollar Story, Through Campus Ways, Today's College Student, admissions film), as well as from George Cushman's 1929 film of campus activities. Adam made this video 1995-1995 as an offshoot of his research for David Buck in producing Grinnell Stories.

Christopher McKee - CONFIDENTIAL

CONFIDENTIAL. Materials may be examined only with permission of the Librarian of the College. Boxes are located at offiste storage.

Burling Plaques

Plaques from study alcoves, conference rooms, listening room, and staff lounge.

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