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Student Government Association (SGA)

  • US US-IaGG Archives/RG-S-1.01
  • Série organique
  • 1939-
  • Fait partie de RG-S: Students

Members of the SGA transferred papers to the Archives at various times beginning in 1989. Generally the papers were in random order, many undated, in which case they are filed with adjacent papers. Some items may, thererfore, be incorrectly placed; this could be corrected by checking dates when events mentioned in the papers occurred, dates when named people (if any) were enrolled. The collection is arranged in approximate chronological order and by subject with original folder labels (plus dates) where possible.

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1971-72 Student Coordinator's Notebook, Robert M. Meyer.
1971-72 Student Coordinator's issues. Robert Meyer. Includes Alan Nasser contract renewal 1971; Black Manifesto, library take-over, Black Library proposal 1971; Concerned Black Students housing proposal 1972; student essays on leadership, social change in campus community in late 1960s
1972-73 Student Coordinator's notes
1972-73 Student Coordinator's reports
1972-73 Committees
1972-73 Miscellaneous: Includes residence hall judicial system; SGA budget, Initiative fund; SGA constitution; SGA committees
Anti-war, 1973
Free university, 1973
1973-74 Student Coordinators' reports
1974-76 Includes student advisors; dorms; Career Services reports; Alumni Association


  • US US-IaGG Archives/RG-S-1.01-1-18
  • Box
  • Fait partie de RG-S: Students

Joint Board Minutes, Fall 1981 – Spring 1988
Student Council on Curriculum Minutes, Fall 1986 – Spring 1988

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  • US US-IaGG Archives/RG-S-1.01-1-20
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  • Fait partie de RG-S: Students

Joint Board Minutes, Fall 1988 – Spring 1993


  • US US-IaGG Archives/RG-S-1.01-1-27-18
  • Dossier
  • 1997-1998
  • Fait partie de RG-S: Students


  • US US-IaGG Archives/RG-S-1.01-1-27-21
  • Dossier
  • Spring 2003
  • Fait partie de RG-S: Students

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