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RG-EV:  Evaluation and Planning 1971-1989

  • US US-IaGG Archives/RG-EV
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The bulk of the collection is from the 1980s and consists of reports, memos, and statistical studies conducted by the Office of Evaluation & Planning (title varies, also called Office of Research & Evaluation in the late 1980s), primarily for the Admissions Office. Edward Barboni was director of the office 1981-87, Ruth Wheeler 1987-89. Katharine Guroff served part time some years during the early and middle 1970s as Institutional Researcher in the Office of the Dean, and a few of her studies are included

RG-F:  Faculty and Staff

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Papers and records of various faculty departments.

RG-L:  Library Records

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Records of the libraries, including acquisitions, budgets, personnel, and buildings.

Grinnell College -- Libraries


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Service Work

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