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Matlack Sisters and Anna Kiesel

Mary M. Davenport Drawings, cards, programs Two travel diaries from Mary M. Davenport Margaret M. Kiesel High school commencement, cards Anna Kiesel (MMK's mother-in-law) Photos and programs Jane M. Rutherford Letters, newspaper article, programs Obituary memorial book for Jane M. Rutherford Helen Constance M. Wieman Letters Stories about birth of Helen C. M. Wieman

May 1937- June 1940

Folder 1 May- December 1937: “Employment on Works Progress Administration Projects, Civilian Conservation Corps and Projects of Other Agencies, By Month: August 31, 1935- October 16, 1937”; “Number of Person Certified as In Need of Relief Employed on Works Progress Administration Projects, Civilian Conservation Corsps and Projects of Other Agenices, August 31, 1935- October 16, 1937”; “Employment on Works Program Projects, By Agency”; “Employment on Works Program Projects, By Relief Status and By Agency”; “Employment on Works Progress Administration Projects, Civilian Conservation Corps and Projects of Other Agencies, By State” Folder 2 January- July 1938: Matthews, William H. “These Past Five Years” March 1938; “Review of ‘Administration of Work Relief in the City of New York August 1936 to December 1937’”; “The WPA Project on Technological Change and Unemployment” Folder 3 August- December 1938: “Basic Considerations Affecting A National Public Assistance Program” General Industrial Advisor Council August 13, 1938; “Text of Mr. Hopkins’ Speech Given at the Departmental Auditorium November 14, 1938”; Williams, Pierce “Problems of Social and Economic Planning Which Will Be Raised By a Large Scale Program of Armaments,” December 15, 1938; Williams, Pierce “Population Basis of Allocating W.P.A. Funds” December 18, 1938. Folder 4 January- March 1939: “Suggested Revision of the Old Age Security Program”; “Broad Case for Drastic Amendment of the Present Old Age Security Program”; “Comments on Pending Amendments to the Social Security Act” Harry L. Hopkins. Folder 5 April- December 1939: “Reorganization Suggestions By the Secretary of Commerce” April 1939; Johnston, Alan “Reflections on Public Work and on The President’s Reorganization Plan No. 1 of April 25 and The President’s Relief Message of April 27” Arpil 29, 1939. Folder 6 January- May 1940: “Organization of Defense Research”; “Press Conference Transcript” Harry L. Hopkins May 23, 1940; “U.S. Inventors to Be Mobilized” Sandor S. Klein, June 1940. Folder 7 June 1940: Executive Order Creating “National Defense Research Committee”

May 1943- 1946

Folder 1 May 1943: “Notes on Statements of Dry Cargo Shipping Position,” May 10, 1943; “Committee on supplies to Russia,” May 18, 1943; “Minutes of Fourth Meeting of President’s Soviet Protocol Committee,” May 15, 1943. Folder 2 June- July 1943: “Tonnage through the Persian Gulf,” J.H. Burns July 22, 1943; “Hopkins’ Anxiety: Things Were Bad and Breaking Fast,” Davies Diary Entry June 7, 1943; “Hopkins’ Concern Over Lend- Lease in Moscow,” Davies Diary Entry, June 3, 1943. Folder 3 August- September 1943: “Russian Request for Additional Oil Refineries,” J.H. Burns, August 20, 1943; “Probabilities of a German Collapse,” Joint Intelligence Sub- Committee, September 9, 1943; “Similarities Between Germany’s Situation in August 1918 and August 1943,” Joint Intelligence Sub- Committee, September 9, 1943; “Minutes of Sixth Meeting of President’s Soviet Protocol Committee,” September 30, 1943; “Report of Subcommittee on Shipping to the Soviet Protocol Committee” Folder 4 October- December 1943: “Liaison Between European Advisory Commission and Combined Chiefs of Staff,” November 30, 1943; “Chiang Kai Shek and China,” December 31, 1943; “Policy on Industrial Equipment for Russia,” October 26, 1943. Folder 5 January- April 1944: “Things Needing Definition or Management in Connection with Reoccupation”; “Coordinated Attack on Japan’s Inner Zone,” John Davies, January 16, 1943; “Observers’ Mission to North China,” John Davies, January 15, 1944. Folder 6 May- August 1944: “Marshall’s Concern for His Soldiers,” Davies Diary Entry, August 10, 1944; “Check List of Essential Differences Between the United States, the British, and the Soviet Proposals,” August 19, 1944. Folder 7 September 1944: “The Need for Flexibility in American Policy Toward China,” John Davies, August 30, 1944; “Considerations with Respect to Possible Recongnition by Principal Allied Governments of a Provisional Government of France,” September 17, 1943. Folder 8 October- November 1944: “The Pacification of Japan,” John K. Emmerson, October 6, 1944; “Policy Concerning Our Military Air Activities in Other American Republics,” H.H. Arnold, November 16, 1944; “Policy for Creation of Balanced Air Forces in Central and South American Republics,” H.H. Arnold Folder 9 December 1944: “Munitions Assignment Board in Washington,” December 9, 1944. Folder 10 January 1945: “Combined Military Transportation Committee,” January 2, 1945. Folder 11 February- April 1945: Hopkins to Stalin, April 13, 1945. Folder 12 May- December 1945: “Hopkins- Law Shipping Agreement,” Combined Military Transportation Committee, May 1, 1945; “Allocation of U.S. Supplies to U.S.S.R,” Joint Chiefs of Staff, May 2, 1945; Folder 13 1946 H.H Arnold to Mrs. Harry Hopkins, January 29, 1946.

Merta J. Matlack

Consumer Purchases Study, 1936: Editing instructions Instructions Memoranda Pay sheets Memoranda, Bowman Miscellaneous (2 folders) MT 20 (shorthand notes) Menus: Brooklyn, Searsboro, ca. 1942 Old food material Institutes of International Relations, American Friends Service Comm., 1938 Survey clippings, 1950 (Greater Grinnell Community Survey) Merta's information on food and gas rations Report of Poweshiek Co

Merta J. Matlack

Consumer Purchases Study, 1936 Interim report of plans for a study of consumer purchases Memoranda (6 folders) Reports on sampling and editing Travel Forms, memoranda Montezuma maps and names Poweshiek County map Differential Depression Effects on Families of Laborers, Farmers, and the Business Class a survey of an Iowa Town by Laetitia M. Conard Merta's hospital expense policy

Merta J. Matlack

Autograph Album to and about Elma and Merta Johnson Volunteer service medals Notebook of MJM's with botany and a play Remembrance book from MJM's funeral Merta's notebook on government Notebook from Grinnell Financial Journals Audio Recording from 4/2/68 for Entre Nous

Merta J. Matlack

Receipt book (money received from children), 1945-65 Ration books, World War II 9 calendars, 1906, 1946-61 (include information on weather, meetings, expenses) 4 address books Alumni award, 1959 Correspondence, 1935-67 Art Study Club programs, 1918-19, 1920-21 Entre Nous programs By-Laws, 1917-63 Library Committee, 1956 The On-To-You Club Uncle Sam's Club: Articles of Incorporations, 25th Anniversary celebration, 1927, 1941 First annual report of the Social Service League, 1912-13 Yearbooks, Women's Association of the First Congregational Church, 1930-44 Grinnell Fellowship of Congregational Christian Women, 1948-9, 1950-1 Yearbooks. Grinnell Fellowship of Congregational Christian Women, 1956-66

Merta J. Matlack

Correspondence, etc on class reunions (Grinnell College 1904) Church programs Information on planning an Old Homes Week in Grinnell College papers Go to College by MJM published by MGI The Education of Merta Johnson Matlack as told by herself Merta's nomination for Mother of the State (1961) Artwork from Merta's children Quilting High School Speech Matlack - Majors Hand weaving MJM HWM's anniversaries Knitting Biography of Merta Thank-you cards from third graders who visited MJM Various financial materials from the church Insurance forms and correspondence regarding Merta's final illness and funeral expenses Newspaper clippings Building block catalogs


Personal Papers of Harry L. Hopkins: Roll 2 HLH Press Conferences, 2/14/35-3/26/36; Roll 6 Notes on 1934 trip to Europe, 1941 trip to Great Britain etc.; Roll 11- Personal letters, 1941-1945; Roll 12 Personal letters, 1941-1945; Roll 16 Finances, 1930-1939, Letters to various heads of state from late 30s and early 40s; Roll 17 1935-1936 spending, 1942-1943 “mobilized”, prewar and postwar mobilization, diary 1935; Roll 21- Personal letters, 1945; “The History of the National Red Cross Volume IX: The History of the Home Service” Ruth Walrad Washington D.C., 1950; “History of Treasury Participation in Formulation of German Occupation Program”; “The Formulation of American Aid Policy Toward the Soviet Union, 1940-1943: The Hopkins Shop and the Department of State,” John Daniel Langer, Yale University, 1975.

Mirecourt Trio

China tour, Oct. 1983. Correspondence, press releases, itinerary. 1 folder. Press, releases, clippings, photos, correspondence (unsorted). ca. 1975-84. Deminoff. College Relations goals and objectives 1978-9

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