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ROTC and military recruiting

Air Science. 1955-1971 correspondence, reports, memos. Aerospace Studies. 1964. copy of application & agreement to establish ROTC unit at Grinnell College (Sept. 1951). Correspondence, memos and assorted papers on implementing new ROTC program 1964. ROTC faculty: personnel information. 1950-1969. personnel information forms, correspondence, evaluations. "Study of student attitudes toward Air Force ROTC at Grinnell College Iowa" (Feb. 1961) included with Capt. Brunton's personnel papers. Military recruiting on campus. 1968-1973. Correspondence with the military, congressmen, various campus groups and individuals. President Leggett's statement to the campus on college policy on recruiting, March 1968; Letters to President Leggett on military and other recruiters on campus, 1968. Responses to recruiting policy statement, April 1968. Correspondence, memos, newspaper clippings.

Science Building

Cost estimates, 1964-1965: Financial status reports, timetable, preliminary estimates Estimates/Billings, 1964-1965: correspondence, financial status report, contract Furnishings, 1964-1965: Tabulation of Bids, correspondence, outline specifications, furnishings to be purchased Furnishings equipment, 1963-1964: correspondence, listings Furniture bids, 1964-1965: Kewaunee Technical Furniture Company, Weitz Company, Loebl, Schlossman & Bennett Greenhouse, 1964-1965: plans (in oversize file), correspondence Planning Committee, 1962-1964: Report and Recommendations, Press release, Report on progress and plans, plans (in Oversize file), preliminary program for expansion Specifications, 1964: Volumes 1-2, Addendum no. 1-4. Folder National Fallout Shelter Survey, Grinnell, Iowa, November 6, 1962

Student Affairs

Arranged by year, randomly within each folder. Correspondence, shcedules of events, social rules, social programs, reports of meetings, memos. Of special interest: Bowen's address on student rules (May 22, 1963); Year end report by Bowen (June 15, 1963); Faculty Council report on Student Affairs (June 13, 1963); Women's government (May 1963); Rules and penalties (May 1963); Faculty Council on Student Affairs report (March 1963); Schneirov case correspondence (Oct. - Nov. 1968); Women's dorms and hours (all years)_; student use of drugs (1967); Gene Thompson report, (March 1967); Residence halls, all years, especially (1968), includes gender and class integration, off-campus options, co-op housing, advising, supervision & security, "in loco parentis".

Subject File: C - D

Carnegie. 1958-1962. (Campus planning) Dormitories. 1942-1969. (Campus planning) Chaplain. 1970. Cooper School. 1977 Curriculum policy. 1957-1960 Darby estate, private file. 1953-1959 Darby Gymnasium. 1940-1942, 1966-1970. (Campus planning) Development of campus. 1941-1971. (Campus planning)

Subject Files: A

Academic buildings renovation, 1969-1977 Ahmednagar, India, 1963-1966 (colleges affiliated with Grinnell) Alumni Recitation Hall renovation, 1969 (campus planning) Alumni Scarlet & Black, 1968 Alumni Magazine, 1967-1969 Architects, 1963-1967 Architects: Loebl, Schlossman & Bennett, 1963-1964 Architects: Skidmore Owings & Merrill, 1956-1974. Includes Physical Education Complex preliminary floor plans. Architects: Woodburn & Oneil. 1969. Includes floor plans for remodeling 1105 Park St. Architects: L. Herbert Tyler, Landscape Architect. 1969-1972, Athletic facilities. 1961-1963. (Campus planning).

Subject Files: A - Admissions

General file, 1975-1978, primarily correspondence Academic collective bargaining, 1976 Academic curricular development, 1971, 1977 Academic directions, 1954-1977 Academy for Eeucational Development, 1975-1976 Administration, 1976 Admissions, 1974-1976

Subject Files: A - Col

Absences from Classes. 1950-1951. Statistics.
Air Force ROTC. Correspondence 1951.
Application and agreement of the Air Force ROTC (1951) Arthur Andersen and Company (Auditors).
Audit of college affairs as of August 31, 1941 and August 31, 1944 and related correspondence, 1941-1944.
Personal correspondence between Mr. Andersen and Dr. Stevens, 1941, 1945. Association of American Medical Colleges. Medical Student Accomplishment Report, May 1954. Athletes. Reports on time distribution for thirty-six Grinnell athletes (no date) and insurance for athletic injuries, 1940? Battle Song. 1946 contest - second prize wond by Milton Dietrich. Big Ten. Letters of appreciation on Dr. Stevens' tenth anniversary, including contributions for the Chips Scholarship Fund. 1950. Biology Department Correspondence. 1944-1945, 1952-1953. Building Program. 1940, 1948. Buildings and Grounds. 1941, 1950-1951, 1953-1954. Reports. (related materials under Housekeeping and Ward Jackson) Campbell Heating Company. Correspondence with E. K. Campbell, 1941, 1950-1955, regarding his gift of ventilation equipment for the Chapel and Darby Gym. Carillon. Correspondence 1952-1953. Gift of Arthur J. Jones. Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. Correspondence, 1931, 1932, 1934, 1940-1945, 1947, 1948, 1951, regarding payments to various faculty. Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. Correspondence, 1922-1925, 1928-1931, 1940, 1943. Chemistry Department. Correspondence 1946, 1948, 1953. Equipment estimate, 1949. Roster of Chemistry alumni. Columbia University School of Engineering Two letters regarding aptitude testing. 1952.

Subject Files: A - H

Alumni, 1970-1973 American Civil Literties Union, 1960-1970 Black Martyrs' weekend, 1969-1970 Blacks & Women's Search Committee, 1971-1972 Committee A, 1970-1971 Commerce Commission, 1967 Committees, 1957-1972 Computer Center, 1966-1974 Deanship, 1972 Drugs, 1966-1969 Encampment, students, 1963-1967 Faculty proposasls, 1967 Faculty Committee, Selection of a new president, 1964 Governance, 1969-1970 Governor's United Nations Day Committee, 1968-1969 Health, Education & Welfare (HEW) Civil Rights, Region VIII, 1969 Honorary Degrees, 1965-1967

Subject Files: ARH - Browning

ARH renovation, 1989-1990 Art Acquisitions Committee, 1978-1981 Art gallery, 1988 Art facility: theater 1987 Associated Colleges of the Midwest (ACM): Minority students/academic careers, O'Hare, June, 1987 Association of American Colleges (AAC): Baccalaureate degree project report, 1985 Athletics, 1980-1981 Attrition studies, (ACM), 1985 Biology, 1984-1986 Black alumni, 1982-1983 Black education, 1987 Black students, 1986-1988 Browning, Ken, 1980

Subject Files: Academic - Annual Reports

Academic departments, 1980-1982 Academic equipment, 1978-1986 Admissions: ACM reports, 1986-1991 Admissions research, 1983 Administrative data processing, 1983 Advertising campaign, 1983 Affirmative action, 1979-1984 Alcohol/drug policy, 1990 Alumni, 1979-1981 Alumni director, 1982 Alumni Magazine, 1980-1981 Alumni reunion, 1981, 1982, 1984, 1985 American Council on Education: Freshmen surveys, 1983 Annual reports, 1984

Subject Files: Al - ACM

Alumni Class Letters, 1956-1957: Calsses of 1896, 1916, 1925, 1931, 1936. Bowen's travel schedule to alumni meetings in the East, April 1956. Amerian Foundations Information Service. 1952-1953. President Steens' correspondence. Associated Colleges of the Midwest. Part 1: 1963-1964. Corrrespondence, Memoranda, Reports. Associated Colleges of the Midwest. Part 2: 1960-1962. Correspondence, Memoranda, Reports. Associated Colleges of the Midwest. Part 3: August 1958-December 1959. Correspondence, Memoranda, Reports. Associated Colleges of the Midwest Part 4: Junuary 1956 - July 1958. Correspondence, Memoranda, Reports. Includes report by J. B. Carroll, "Research in Second-Language Learning" Associated Colleges of the Midwest. Part 5: 1957-1964. Minutes.

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