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January 1934- August 1935

Folder 1 January – May 1934 Testimony of Hopkins as Federal Relief Administrator before Bureau of the Budget, January 22, 1934; “Memorandum Concerning Funds Required by the Federal Emergency Relief Administration,” to the President; The Red Cross Courier May 1934 including multiple articles on Hopkins; “Report of the Committee on Current Relief Program” Folder 2 June- October 1934 Estimates of Costs of Direct and Work Relief Aug- Sept. 1934; “A Public Employment Program as a means of Economic Security,” Emerson Ross, Committee on Economic Security; “Employment and Employability in the Relief Population,” Emerson Ross; “A National Work Program,” Jacob Baker to FDR; “Relief Needs this Winter,” Corrington Gill to Hopkins Folder 3 November – December 1934 “The Plan to Give Work to the Able-Bodied Needy Unemployed,” Nov. 30, 1934; “A Program of Economic Security,” Nov. 13, 1934; “Informal Report of a Special Committee Advisory to the President’s Committee on Economic Security,” Nov. 24, 1934; “Federal Surplus Relief Corporation: Report on Operations,” October 1933- November 1934 Folder 4 January – April 1935 “Activities of State Legislatures”; “Work Relief Commentary” by locale; “Work Projects for Municipalities”; Executive Order “Establishing agencies… for carrying out the purposes of the Emergency Relief Appropriation Act of 1935” April 8, 1935 Folder 5 May- August 1935 WPA Bulletin “Labor Relations,” July, 1935; WPA Bulletin #13 “Distinction Between Public Works Administration Projects and Works Progrss Administration Projects,” July 1935; “The Works Program,” 1935; “Conferences with the Directors of Labor Management in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia” August 10, 1935

January- June 1942

Folder 1 January 1-15, 1942: “Combined Raw Materials Board,” January 26, 1942; “Munitions Assignment Board,” January 26, 1942; “Combined Shipping Adjustment Board,” January 26, 1942. Folder 2 January 16-31, 1942: “First Meeting of the Munitions Assignments Board,” January 31, 1942; “Allocation of finished military equipment to Allies,” January 9, 1942; “Merchant Ship Construction in the United States,” Mr. Lubin January 24, 1942. Folder 3 February 1-15, 1942: “Petroleum Refining Plants for the U.S.S.R.”; “Policy Towards Russia” Lord Beaverbrook,” February 1942; “Text of Resolution No. 30 Passed by the Rio Conference: Improvement of Health and Sanitary Conditions,” February 12, 1942; “Possibility of a Negotiated Russo-German Settlement,” Raymond E. Lee February 12, 1942. Folder 4 February 16-29, 1942: “Munitions Assignment Board Minutes of Second Meeting,” February 16, 1942; “Used Octane Gasoline Refining Equipment for Russia,” E.R. Stettinius, Jr. February 21, 1942. Folder 5 March 1942: “Method of Establishing Shipping Priorities”; “Russia,” March 25, 1942. Folder 6 April 1942: “Hopkins and Marshall in London,” Davies Diary Entry April 8, 1942. Folder 7 May 1942: “Harry Hopkins to Overseas Writers,” May 18, 1942; “Organization for controlling aid to Russia,” May 1, 1942; “Combined U.S.- British Committee on Armament and Ammunition Production,” May 1942; “Survey of Lend- Lease Administration,” Donald C. Stone May 16, 1942. Folder 8 June 1942: “Recommendation of the Committee Appointed by the Munitions Assignments Board,” June 6, 1942; “Memorandum Covering the Inter-Departmental Relationship Between the Army and the War Shipping Administration to form a Basis for Full and Complete Cooperation in Connection with the Purchase, Charter, Use and Operation of Vessels and Terminal Facilities”; “Combined Production and Research Board,” June 19

July 1940- June 1941

Folder 1 July- December 1940: “Memorandum Regarding Latin America”; “Economic Defence in the British Empire and the Western Hemisphere” Folder 2 January- February 1941: Hopkins’ appointments between January 9 and Febrary 10, 1941. This is during his visit to London; “List of Items Urgently Required From U.S.A”; Several Telegrams to FDR from Hopkins’ regarding British Armament needs. Folder 3 March 1941: “Examples of war-time Increases in Taxation” Hopkins to Morgenthau, March 4, 1941; War Department Reports regarding “Recent Lend Lease Activities”; “Operations Under the Act of March 11, 1941”; “Minimum Legal Steps Required to be Taken In Disposing of Defense Articles Under H.R. 1776” Folder 4 April 1941: “Proposed Public Statement by the President” April 11, 1941; “Lend Lease Aid for Exile Governments” April 14, 1941; “Establishment of British Air Schools in the United States”; “Machine Tools” Folder 5 May 1941: “Some Policy Considerations on Defense” Oscar Cox May 25, 1941; “Proclaiming a Full National Emergency in Order to Meet the Imminent Danger to Our National Security and to Strengthen the National Defense of the United States and of the Western Hemisphere”; “Lend-Lease Agreements” General Burns May 19, 1941; “Future Lend-Lease Operations” Oscar Cox May 30, 1941. Folder 6 June 1941: “First Report Under the Act of March 11, 1941 (Lend-Lease At)”; “Proposed Master Agreement with the British under the Lend-Lease Act” Oscar Cox June 6, 1941; “Subversive Activities” Oscar Cox June 30, 1941; “Reduction of Automobile Production” Oscar Cox June 16, 1941.

July 1942- April 1943

Folder 1 July- August 1942: “Danger in Delay of Normandy Invasion,” Davies Diary Entry, June 20, 1942; “Maritime Commission’s letter of August 14 to the President”; “Importance of the Middle East,” Bonner F. Fellers, August 4, 1942; “Movement of Airplanes to Russia,” J.H. Burns, August 21, 1942; “Prime Minister’s Visit to Moscow,” British War Cabinet, August 23, 1942. Folder 2 September 1942: “Plans for Operation against the Enemy,” H.H. Arnold September 3, 1942. Folder 3 October 1942: “Aid to Russia,” October 6, 1942; “Conference with the President, HL Hopkins, Admiral Land,” October 21, 1942; “Memorandum for the President,” War Shipping Administration, October 16, 1942; “Report to Hopkins on Soviet Press on Stalin- Churchill Row,” Davies Diary Entry, October 3, 1942. Folder 4 November 1942: “Summary of Minutes of Meeting of President’s Soviet Protocol Committee,” November 25, 1942; “Proposal that CLLA Take Over the Contract of Defense Supplies Corporation with Amtorg Trading Corporation,” Office of Lend-Lease Administration, November 13, 1942; “Lend-Lease Aid to the Fighting Frech in North Africa,” E.R. Stettinius, Jr., November 13, 1942; “Allocation of Net Increase in U.S. Dry Cargo Merchant Fleet to British War Services,” at Shipping Administration, November 20, 1942. Folder 5 December 1942: “North Africa: Summary of Proposed Course of Action,” December 24, 1942; “Importance of Soviet Relationships and Suggestions for Improving Them,” J.H. Burns, December 1, 1942; “General Bradley’s Conference with Mr. Harry Hopkins,” December 8, 1942. Folder 6 January- February 1943: “Minutes of Meeting of President’s Soviet Protocol Committee,” January 5, 1943; “Report to the President on Policy Decisions Relating to Dollar Position of Lend-Lease Countries” Folder 7 March 1943: “The British Foreign Secretary’s Visit to the United States- March 1943”; “Hopkins’ Concern,” Davies Diary Entry, March 12, 1943; “United Kingdom Import Requirements,” Joint Economic Analysis Folder 8 April 1943: “Why Moscow Broke with the London Poles,” Davies Diary Entry, April 30, 1943; “Summary of Events Leading to Establishment of Hopkins Committee,” April 5, 1943; “Memorandum Concerning Meat for the U.K.,” April 26, 1943; “Russia’s Position,” J.H. Burn, August 10, 1943.

July- December 1941

Folder 1 July 1941: “Report on Progress in Recruitment of Civilian Technicians for the Civilian Technical Corps”; Speech by Hopkins to British upon arrival in London; “Coference held at the Kremlin, Moscow, between M. Stalin, Mr. Hopkins, M. Litvinov, the interpreter,” July 31, 1941; Original Notes taken by Hopkins at the Kremlin July 31, 1941; “Flight to Archangel with Mr. Harry Hopkins July- August 1941” Folder 2 August 1941: “Office of Facts and Figures,” August 22, 1941; “Draft of Eight Point Memorandum,” August 1941; “The General Shipping Position” Arthur Salter August 8, 1941. Folder 3 September 1-15 1941: “Joint Board Estimate of United States Over-All Producation Requirements,” September 11, 1941; “Hopkins’ First Mission to Moscow,” Joseph E. Davies Diary Entry September 8, 1941; “Lend-Lease Activities- US Maritime Commission,” September 6, 1941. Folder 4 September 16-30 1941: “Military Information given by Mr. Stalin at Meeting with Lord Beaverbrook and Mr. Harriman,” September 28, 1941; “Bombers for Russia,” Oscar Cox September 19, 1941; “Note on the Slessor Agreement in Relation to Releases to Britain of U.S. Army Air Corps Contracts,” September 29, 1941; “Comparison of U.S. and U.K.- Canadian Production Schedules in Absolute Terms,” Henry L. Stimson. Folder 5 October 1941: “Further Determination of Diversions to Russian Aid,” October 21, 1941; “Report of Special Mission to U.S.S.R. on allocation of Aircraft from U.K. and U.S. Production,” October 10, 1941. Folder 6 November 1941: “Quarterly Earnings before and after Federal Income Taxes, and Reserves for such Taxes, 122 Companies”; “Corporate Profits and Wage Policy,” A. F. Hinrichs November 25, 1941; “100 Octane Aviation Spirit,” William Piercey November 8, 1941; “The Practical Victory Program” T.H. Burns November 28, 1941. Folder 7 December 1941: “Future Lend- Lease Appropriations,” E.R. Stettinius, Jr. December 27, 1941; “Status of the Soviet Aid Program,” E.R. Stettinius, Jr. December 26, 1941; “Shipping Under British Control”; “The American- British Production Programme 1942”; “Lend- Lease Shipments by Country- November 1941” December 13, 1941.

Laura M. Wieman

Artwork from college Recipes, anecdotes, questions Matchbooks and toothpicks Recollections of My Husband, Henry Nelson Wieman Childhood Awards Weaving Correspondence regarding Mary Matlack Davenport's collection of Edward Gorey works being sold Correspondence with Edith Sternfeld, 1969-88 Weaving correspondence Japanese prints Newspaper clippings Exhibitions, publicity, craft associations Notes (during final illness?)

Laura M. Wieman

History of Architecture ... Grinnell, Iowa, 1949 Weft compositions GHS class reunions Lists from GHS class reunions Correspondence from GHS class reunions Photos from GHS class reunions Newspaper clippings from GHS reunions

Letters from various correspondents

Dates of letters and numbers of letters from each correspondent is on inventory in box: Alden, Ebenezer Adams, Ephraim Adams, H. Apthorp, W.P. Anderson, E. Badger, Milton Beech, Curtis Beecher, E. Beecher, Henry Ward Bevan, P. Bird, T. Blair (Blain?), M.W. Blanchard, J. Brainard, J.M. Brown, Alexander Bullen, Henry L. M.K.C. (Cross, Moses K.) Coleman, W.L. Clark, James A. Clark, J.B. Cobb, H.W. Cooke, P.G. Cooper, Joseph E. Dinnon (Dimon?), Oliver Dwight, Samuel G. Edie, J.P. Edson, H.K. Emerson, Oliver Emery, Samuel Hopkins Esbjorn, L.P. Ferris, Stephen G. Fessenolen (?), Samuel C. Flathers, Thomas A. Gates, C.H. Gillette, E.J. Gridley, A.D. Grinnell, J.B. Guernsey, J. Hall, A.H. Harding, Lewall Harlan, Senator James Herriott, F.I. Hill, J.J. Hinds, T.A. Hitchcock, George B. Hitchcock, A.B. Holbrock, J.C. Howard, Isabella Hunter, R. Hutchinson, Mrs. Susan Jessup, Silas Johnson, Miss Elisa Jones, D.E. Jones, Edward Joy, Arad Keith, William A. Kimball, J.P. King, Alexander Kirkuss, Edwin Knowles, D. Lambrite, J. Lane, Daniel Lane, Elizabeth J. Lewis, Eleda P. Lewis, John Magoun, G.F. Menick (Merrick?), C.H. Mitchell, D.M. Moody, D.L. Nichols, W.A. Noyes, Daniel P. Parker, L.F. Parvin, T.S. Peet, Stephen Reed, J.A. Rice, George G. Rice, H.F. Ripley, Erastus Robbins, A.B. Salter, Frances (sister) Salter, Mary (sister) Savage, G.S.F. Scudder, H.M. Shaw, J. Shreck, George W. Sheldon, D.S. Shephard, L.H. Snowden, J.E. Smith, Albert Smith, Elijah P. Spaulding, B.A. Sprague, Mrs. H.B. Sterling, John C. Stiles, Edward H. Stone, H.M. Storrs, R.S. Stuart, E.W. Taylor, H.W. Thacher, George Thompson, W.A. Todds, John Turner, Asa Turner, E.B. Turner, Mrs. E.B. Van Cleef, George S. Waters, S. Westernelt, W.A. Whiting, Lyman Whittlesey, M.K. Wilkinson, R. Windsor, John W. Wood, Glen Woods, E.C..A.

Matlack Sisters and Anna Kiesel

Mary M. Davenport Drawings, cards, programs Two travel diaries from Mary M. Davenport Margaret M. Kiesel High school commencement, cards Anna Kiesel (MMK's mother-in-law) Photos and programs Jane M. Rutherford Letters, newspaper article, programs Obituary memorial book for Jane M. Rutherford Helen Constance M. Wieman Letters Stories about birth of Helen C. M. Wieman

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