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RG-R: College Relations
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Contains negatives and proof sheets of the following people/places/events: David Vital- 12/1990 Javanese Gamelan- 12/11/1990. Steven Jane Expressions- 12/90 Jazz Concert- 12/1990. Tammy Zywicki Winter, 1st Snow- 11/1990. Jennifer Grinnell President Drake; Maya Anderson; Greg Prestemen at Recycling Center- 10/24/1990 Pamela Ferguson, James England: Presidential Candidates George Barlow; Community Recycling Center Sign- 1/26/1991 Frank Thomas- 2/2/1991 Expressions- 12/1990 Debate Union; Harold Lee George Meese; M.L. King, Grinnell 2000 Christie Tigges, Voice Instructor; Irving Bluestone- 2/12/1990. J. Grinnell Visiting Performer 90. Martha Lindy International Students Office- 2/20/1991 Community Theater Gospelfest; YGB Choir- 2/24/1991. J. Grinnell Black Library- 2/25/1991. J. Grinnell Brue Grinning; Miscellany- 3/27/1991 Iowa History Posters Bruce; Kris Flayd- 3/1990 Molly Yard, N.O.W. President: Convocation speaker- 2/27/1991. J. Grinnell Harris Center, David Campbell- 4/1991. J.L.G. Greenhouse, David Campbell- 4/1991. J.L.G. Expressions- 4/1991. J. Melnik Harris Center- 4/1991 Harris Center, Forum, Peace Grove- 4/1991 Normandie Madden- 7/1990 Dance Troupe- 5/1991. J.G. Phyllis and Dave Gott, Iowa History Poster Project- 5/1991 CNN Interviews, Henry Wilhelm- 5/1/1991. J.G. George Drake, old high school and college photos Commencement 1991- 5/21/1991. J. Grinnell Phi Beta Kappa Convocation, Senior Challenge Committee- 5/1991. J. Powers Harris Center Dedication- 5/1991. J.G. Lucias, Peace Grove, Michael Bell, Alum College- 5/25/1991. J. Grinnell Alumni College- 5/31/1991 Peace Grove- 6/1/1991 Alumni Reunion Weekend, Sundial Dedication, Hearing Ear Dog-6/1/1991. J. Grinnell President Drake, Seemless Web Talk, Picnic, Alumni Board Members, Class of 21- 5/31/1990. J. Grinnell Sundial Dedication- 6/1/1991 Helen Retirement, Alumni College- 5/30/1991 Alumni Award Winners, Class Agents, President Drake- 6/1/1991 Alumni candids, New board members- 6/1/1991 Bassam Shakashiri (Danforth Lecturer)- 4/25/1991 Thomas Czech PSA, Expressions- 4/22 Grant recipients, development- 7/1991. J. Grinnell David Campbell- 6/11/1991


Contains proof sheets and negatives of the following people/places/events: Minority Scholars, Steiner Construction- 9/7/1991. J. Grinnell Summer Research- 9/7/1991. J. Grinnell Tom Cech, Childhood Commencement-Kristen- 5/20/1991 New Student Pictures- 12 pages Art- for placement- 8/1991 Honor scholars, Noyce- 7/1991 Science Open House, Barbara, Bharati Mukherjee Debate, The American Dream is a Nightmare- 10/1991 Ferguson's Inauguration- 10/12/1991. DeLong Steiner, Pamela Ferguson Expressions- 12/1991 Phonathon- 11/17/1991. J. Grinnell Grinnell Orchestra- Jed Melnik Photos Cynythia Enloe, Bf Ma12- 10/8/1991 Bharti Mukejee, Benjamin Root '92, Grinnell Singers- 2/1992. J. Grinnell Alumni Office, Chicago Alums Steiner, Habitat for Humanity- 2/1992. J. Grinnell Steiner Hall, Filmmaker Leftkowitz- 2/26/1991. J. Grinnell Town/Gown, Steiner Kesho Scott- 3/5/1992. J. Grinnell T & G, Kesho Scott, Jonathan Chenette, Leila Rupp. Wener Dannhausen Art Student, Odyssey of the Mind- 3/1992 Merle Zirkle, Sculpture- 4/1992 New Students- 8/1992, 15 Pages Rosenfield Speaker, Dave Clay- 9/1992 Summer Program Group Photo- 7/1992. J. Grinnell Football- 1991. Bob Murray Jon Andelson, Alumni College, Alumni Assembly- 6/1992. J. Grinnell Alumni Reunion + College- 5/1992. J. Grinnell Commencement, James Lincoln James Lincoln Steiner, Michael White Commencement 1992- 5/18/1992. J. Grinnell Alumni Assembly, Alumni Reunion 1992. J. Grinnell Shirley Makodin Danforth Danforth Lecture- 5/1992. DeLong Commencement- 5/18/1992. J. Grinnell NOUN Program- 5/1992. Jim Powers NOUN, Theatre Lobby, Ladies Ed. Society- 10/1992 Grinnell Magazine, Hopkins House- 9/1992 Hans Apel, Dining Services- 9/1992. J.L.G. Debate Union, Giving Blood, Hsieh, Lyons- 10/1992. J. Grinnell Alexandr Bessmertnykh, Soviet Foreign Minister- 10/1992 David Keenan, Leslie Lyons- 11/1/1992. Sarah DeLong C. Everett Koop, S. Woolhandler, J.B. Grinnell, Ms. Grinnell- 11/1/1992. J. Grinnell CERA- 1992. 12 pages. S. DeLong Ron Kurtz, anthro. S. Delong Ann Kintner, High energy light bulbs- 1/1993. S. Delong Kesho Scott- 2/3/1993. DeLong Wendy Knox- 2/1993. J.L.G. Robert Peck, Wendy Knox, Theater- 2/1993. Jennifer Danforth Lecture- Margee Tolbert, Check Passing- Physics lab - Pam F. & STE Tom Schultie

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