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Trustee and Board of Overseers mailings.

Presidents Bowen's and Leggett's memos to Trustees, many providing background information for the coming meeting; reports; financial statements; minutes of meetings; Trustee by-laws.  Some topics covered include: Admissions Policy (1957), Darby oil properties (ca. 1959), North Central Association accreditation report (March 1958), Faculty salaries (1960), Reserved income Gift Program (tax aspects, 1960), Future physical education program (1960), fund-raising planning (1961), long-range building plans (1961), Science instruction (march, 1962), Faculty Council on Student Affairs report (May, 1963), Carnegie Corp grant application: developments at Grinnell (Jan. 1963), Archambault report on year-round operation (Sept. 1963), Stauss: housing needs (1964), opening academic year statements to aculty and students (1964), women's dormitories (1964), Ford Foundation: report, statistical summary (July, 1966), Enrollment goals and housing memos, reports, recommendations (March, 1966, Oct. 1967, Feb. 1968), Women's dorm hours, )Feb. 1967), "Manual for alumni representatives of Grinnell College" (Nov. 1967), North Central Association accreditation team report (July 1968), "Black student and Grinnell College" (Arpil 1969), Articles about campus disorders (1969), Student participation in college governance, talk by Leggett (Sept 1969), "Small private college" by Leggett (Sept. 1969), Henry Wilhelm libel charge against College (Aug. 1967, 1969), Role of the chaplain at Grinnell College (June 1970), Statements on closing college in May 1970 (Fall 1970), CBS Black student housing proposal (March 1970?), Voertman report on faculty salaries (Sept. 1970), Kleinschmidt report on closing the College (1970), Opening assembly statements by Beryl Clotfelter, Chair of the Faculty, Shelly Floyd, Pres. of SGA (Aug. 1971), Walker, "Financial state of the College" (Sept. 1971), Verrette interim budget priority planning report (May 1971), Synopsis of data on Black Student performance 1964-1971 (report by Voertman (Sept. 1971), Multi-racial community memos and statements (Aug, 1972, June 1972, April 1973), Report on college physical plant by Hawn (Oct. 1972), Administrative structure, chart (Sept. 1972), Dawson, "Student power at Grinnell" (April 1973), College seal (May 1973), Statements on multi-racial community by Kimbo, Reid-Wallace, Lytle, John Okumu, Laura Okumu (June 1973), "Summary description of program to revitalize teaching of humanities" (Aug. 1973).


Arranged chronologically and may include programs, scripts (including honorary degree citations), papers relating to Outstanding Iowa Teachers' Awards, papers relating to honorary degrees, including some correspondence with honorary degree candidates. Programs and photographs are filed in the College Archives 75/[year]. Texts of commencement addresses are filed in the College Archives 75/P1 [year].

Alan Jones, Pioneering.

Prints and negatives, including proof sheets, of pictures used in the book and also prints selected but not used.  Photographic work done by Jack Robertson.  Includes one copy of the published book.

Henry Alden

CONFIDENTIAL. Materials may be examined only with permission of the Librarian of the College. Boxes are located at offiste storage.

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