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Director's Papers

Jones (Mary G. Jones) Correspondence, etc. 1948-70 Retirement ceremony, 1971, speeches, alumni letters Jones's letter to alumni announcing her retirement, 1970. Davidson (Grace Lang Davidson) Turner position paper alumni conferences, Nov. 1976 Turner position paper alumni conferences, post-conference materials. Davidson termination, 1977.

Donald Lambie

Among the topics addressed are: Dan Blachley estate: 1971, Jan and Aug. 1972 Walnut St. property (Younker endowment) in Des Moines: 1971, 1972 (JC Penney lease termination), Feb. 1973 Intel stock purchases: 1971, July and Aug. 1973 Grant Gale re: sundail, Oct. 1970 Correspondence re: various college-owned real estate (especially farms) scattered through the file, not 1972, 1973 College tax exemptions, scattered through the file Bio Preserve, Jasper County (CERA): April-May 1968, April 1972 (dam construction) TIAA, 1967 Donations to the college scattered through the file Heating plant construction loan, 1967 Auditor's annual letters Roberts' President's Fund gift, April 1967 Correspondence re: Communications Dept. March 1973 Correspondence with Trustees on a variety of topics, often college inverstments and gifts scattered through the file.

Executive Council minutes

Edited copy. Full minutes in RG-E. Full minutes are confidential. Edited version also included with faculty meeting minutes starting in ca. 1980s. Faculty Chair Years Paul F. Peck, 1922-1923 Harry W. Norris, 1923-1930 Henry S. Conard, 1930-1944 Paul S. Wood, 1944-1947 Grant O. Gale, 1947-1949 Oliver H. Hauptmann, 1949-1952 Robert H. Norton, 1952-1955 James H. Stauss, 1955-1956 Grant O. Gale, 1956-1957 Oliver H. Haptmann, 1957-1958 Harold L. Clapp, 1958-1960 Grant O. Gale, 1960-1962 Wintson L. King, 1962-1964 Kenyon A. Knopf, 1964-1966 Joseph F. Wall, 1966-1969 John R. Kleinschmidt, 1969-1970 Beryl E. Clotfelter, 1970-1972 Philip L. Kintner, 1972-1974 Arnold Adelberg, 1974-1976 Luther E. Erickson, 1976-1978 Ronald J. Kurtz, 1978-1980 Morris Parslow, 1980-1982 Dennis W. Haas, 1982-1984 Charles Duke, 1984-1986 Don Smith, 1986-1988 A.S. Moffett, 1988-1990 Charles H. Jepsen, 1990-1992 Gerald V. Lalonde, 1992-1996 John H. Mutti , 1996-1998 Elizabeth A. Dobbs, 1998-2000 Robert Gray, 2000-2002 Mark Mongomery, 2002-2004 Wayne Moyer, 2004-2006 Eliza WIllis, 2006-2008 Mark Schneider, 2008-2010 David Lopatto, 2010 - 1012 Kathy Kamp, 2012 -

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