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Kaeser, Susan. Social change in Grinnell, 1968: a photo essay by Susan Kaeser. 67 boards with 115 photos

  • Pamphlet 73.65-I-L-73.65 K11s
  • Stuk
  • 1968/1969.
  • Part of Student Papers

Housed in two boxes separate from other student papers. Numbers given (if any) are those written in pencil on the reverse of some boards; titles in quotations are those written in pencil below the photograph in question -- if no title is given, then one is provided in parentheses; locations or possible locations are given in parentheses. Box 1: Essay by Susan Kaeser (incomplete) on social change at Grinnell, written in the spring of 1969, with accompanying note from Kaeser to Henry Wilhelm '68 regarding essay, dated 24 November 2010. "Social Change, Grinnell, 1968, a Photo Essay by Susan Kaeser" (title board). 1. "Election Day March, Des Moines". 2. (students lounging on Younker "Beach", east side). 3. "South Campus" (James Hall entrance/stairs to 1st floor). 4. "Dick Melman, 'The Kid', Homecoming 1968" (Ward Field?). 5. "'Guerilla Theater' - Homecoming Symposium" (location unidentified). 6. "SAGA Strike" (Cowles Dining Hall/Quad Dining Hall?); Saga Strike (Cowles Dining Hall/Quad Dining Hall?). 7. "Saga Strike" (Quad Dining Hall). 8. "Diggers Free Store" (location unidentified); "SDS Convention" (location unidentified). 9. "ROTC-SDS Football Game" (north of Cowles/Dibble/Norris Halls?); "Ed Hirsch, SDS" (north of Cowles/Dibble/Norris Halls?). 10. "South Campus and the Reception Center" (South Loggia and modern-day pottery/photo studio from north-west); "North Campus" (outside Dibble/Cowles Halls from south). 11. "Men's Half of South Campus" (interior of South Loggia, looking south); "Women's Half of South Campus" (interior of South Loggia, looking north). 12. "Loose Hall" (interior, Loose Hall, 2nd floor?); "Loose Hall" (interior, Loose Hall, 2nd floor?). 13. "Rawson Hall" (interior, Rawson Hall); "North Younker" (interior, Younker Hall). 14. "The Logia (sic), South Campus" (South Loggia); "Dinner at the Quad" (Quad Dining Hall). 15. "Younker stairwell" ("The Younker Experiment" modified book-cover on wall in Younker Hall -- also numbered as "Section 2-, Younkers, 18"). 16. "Younker Hall" (couple in hallway of Younker Hall, 1st floor?). 17. "8:00 a.m. Younker Lounge" (Younker Hall Lounge). 18. "2:00 p.m. Younker Lounge" (Younker Hall Lounge); "5:00 p.m. Younker Lounge" (Younker Hall Lounge). 19. "7:00 p.m. Younker Lounge" (Younker Hall Lounge). 20. "9:00 p.m. Younker Lounge" (Younker Hall Lounge). 21. "11:00 p.m. Younker Lounge" (Younker Hall Lounge). 22. "North Younker Hall" (Younker Hall); "North Younker Hall" (Younker Hall). 23. "Tom Thomas and Susan Kaeser, North Younker" (Younker Hall, 1st floor?). 24. CBS-Faculty Fund Raising Game, President Leggett and his team" (Darby Gymnasium?). 25. "CBS Meeting" (location unidentified). 26. "The Senate" (location unidentified); "Tom Thomas, President" (location unidentified). 27. "Faculty-Student Committee on Student Affairs" (location unidentified). 28. "Lee Maril - Reaction to President's New Policy" (location unidentified). 29. "Loose Hall Meeting for Home Rule" (Loose Hall Lounge); "Voting for home rule, Richard Shneirov" (Loose Hall Lounge). 30. "Audience disapproval of the Rules system, the Shneirov trial" (Forum, South Lounge). 31. "The Shneirov Defense" (Forum, South Lounge?); "The Shneirov Defense" (Forum, South Lounge?); "The Shneirov Defense" (Forum, South Lounge?). 32. "President Leggett's final decision in the Shneirov case" (location unidentified). Box 2: "Fund Raising Game for the Martin Luther King Scholarship fund -- CBS vs. faculty" (Darby Gymnasium?); "CBS-Faculty Fund Raising Game" (Darby Gymnasium?). "Younker discussion with Faculty" (Younker Hall Lounge); "Faculty-Student Coffee Hour, North Younker" (Younker Hall Lounge). "Study Group - Interracial House" (Interracial House -- present designation unidentified); "Study Group - Interracial House" (Interracial House -- present designation unidentified). "Younker 'Tube' Room" (Younker Hall "Pit"); "South Younker Hall" (Younker Hall). "Larry Frank, Chairman Judicial Council at Shneirov Trial" (location unidentified); "Mr. Parslow, Judicial Council" (location unidentified). "Judicial Council meetign with the President" (location unidentified); "Shneirov receiving Judicial Council 'indecision'" (location unidentified). "Impromptu Concert, South Lounge" (Forum, South Lounge); "Dancing, South Lounge" (Forum, South Lounge). "North 'Pit'" (Younker "Pit"?). "Saga Strike 'Solidarity for ever...'" (Quad Dining Hall); "Saga Strike" (Quad Dining Hall). "AWS Board President, Heather Foote" (location unidentified); "Counting Ballots of Student Referendum" (location unidentified). "Smith Hall Party" (Smith Hall, 3rd floor -- also numbered as "Sec. 1, 14"). "AWS and C (sic) of H.P. Meeting" (location unidentified); "AWS, C (sic) of H.P. Meeting on Home Rule" (location unidentified). "Kathy Karlson, President Langon (sic) Hall" (location unidentified); "C. of. (sic) H.P, AWS Meeting with Mrs. Low" (location unidentified). "Homecoming Queen Parade" (near Ward Field?); "The Homecoming 'Queens'" (Ward Field?). "10:30 Younker Lounge" (Younker Hall Lounge); "10:30 Younker Kitchenette" (Younker Hall Lounge Kitchen?). "Smith Hall House Meeting" (Smith Hall Lounge). "Smith Hall" (Smith Hall, 3rd floor); "North and South Younker Shard Stairway" (Younker Hall, stairs between 2nd and 3rd floors). "Tom Thomas, SGA President" (location unidentified). "Fay Hazelcorn and Ron Stanford, South Lounge" (Forum, South Lounge). "Convocation to initiate Martin Luther King Scholarship Fund" (Herrick Chapel). "Coeducational Dinner, Cowles" (Cowles Dining Hall); "North Campus" (exterior, Younker Hall, from north-east). "12:00 Younker Lounge" (Younker Hall Lounge). "CBS-Faculty Fund Raising Game" (Darby Gymnasium?). "Younker Hall Shared Stairwell" (Younker Hall, between 2nd and 3rd floors?); "South Younker" (Younker Hall "Pit"?). "Homecoming Symposium Speakers" (ARH Auditorium?); "Homecoming Symposium" (ARH Auditorium?). "South Younker Hall" (photograph of sign with "Men to be accompanied...", Younker Hall). "Student-Parent Discussion, Homecoming Symposium" (ARH Auditorium?); "Student-Parent Discussion, Homecoming Symposium" (ARH Auditorium?). "President Leggett and SGA President (Tom Thomas)" (location unidentified). "West Norris Lounge, Election Night" (Norris Hall Lounge); "James Hall TV Room, Election Night" (James Hall "Pit" Lounge). "North 'Pit'" (Younker Hall "Pit"?); (beer keg set up in a bathroom sink, location unidentified). "2:00 a.m. Younker Lounge" (Younker Hall Lounge); "Younker Study Room" (Younker Hall "Pit"?). "Loose Lounge(,) Election Night" (Loose Hall Lounge); "R.A. Suite, Younkers (sic) (,) Election Night" (Younker Hall, 1st floor, present-day RLC Suite). "Election Frustration - Des Moines, November 5, 1968" (location unidentified). "Election Day, Des Moines" (location unidentified); "Election Day March, Des Moines" (location unidentified).

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