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RG-S: Students
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DVD, 1999

DVD, 2001

  • US US-IaGG Archives/RG-S-1.17-1-10
  • Item
  • 2001
  • Parte de RG-S: Students

DVD, 2008

  • US US-IaGG Archives/RG-S-1.17-1-13
  • Item
  • Spring 2008
  • Parte de RG-S: Students

Student Organization for Latinxs (SOL)

  • US US-IaGG Archives/RG-S-1.20
  • Série
  • 1995-2000
  • Parte de RG-S: Students

SOL Mission Statement: To address the specialized needs of all Latino students by providing referrals, creating resource, developing leadership training, and supporting their unique cultural and social needs.

Their name was formerly Student Organization of Latinos/Latinas.

Administrative; Events

By-laws and Mission Statements multiple versions of the SOL constitution Annual Reports (Fall 1995, 1996-1997 Academic Year) Financial Information Emails dealing with finances (1997-1998) Budget and financial email (1998-1999) Budget Proposal to attend The Color of Violence: Violence Against Women of Color Conference (April 2000) 1995-1996 Papers and E-mails regarding offensive GUM article, election conflict 1997-1998 Papers Emails to/from SOL account incl. meeting notices/agendas/minutes and group issues Event fliers/notices Membership list 1998-1999 Papers Notebook of the secretary Minutes of meetings (cabinet and general) Event fliers/notices Retreat information Emails to/from SOL account incl. meeting notices/agendas/minutes and group issues 1999-2000 Papers Testaments of SOL membership President's planning notes for meetings Statements of intent for cabinet elections Chicago retreat information Event fliers/notices Photographs Various events (February 2000) General Hispanic Interest Student Action with Farmworkers Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI) Hispanic Heritage Month Events (September 1997) Mexican Independence article/email (September 1998) Official Notice of September as Hispanic Heritage Month email (September 1999) Latino-Owned Businesses in Iowa (January 2000) Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum Schedule of Events (2000)

Blacks at Grinnell.  Stuart Yeager.

  • US US-IaGG Archives/RG-S-2.1-2
  • Subsérie
  • 1981-1982
  • Parte de RG-S: Students

Study by Stuart Yeager conducted under the direction of Professor David Jordan. Includes interviews with the following alumni: Anderson, Jocelyn Williams, class of 1961 Beyene, Elizabeth Turner, class of 1957 Boone, Lillian Nell, class of 1951 (Hampton Exchange student) Cadwell, Mary H., class of 1952 (Hampton Exchange student) Cannon, Claramarie Colbert, class of 1959 Chavis, Gregory, class of 1978 Farbes, Hubert, class of 1969 Frank, William, class of 1950 (Hampton Exchange student) French, Rebecca, class of 1930 (active in interracial affairs) Gary, Leiana Thomas, class of 1973 Gray, Jon, class of 1973 Green, Deborah, class of 1970 Kaiser, Elayne, Chapman, class of 1954 Kitchen, Gordon, class of 1925 Kpordze, C. S. Kojo, class of 1970 Lamb, Clifton, class of 1931 Lowry, James, class of 1961 Morgan Randall C., Jr., class of 1965 Oskamp, Stuart, class of 1951 (Hampton Exchange student) Piediscalzi, Nicholas, class of 1952 (Hampton Exchange student) Simmons, James, class of 1961 Smith, Edith Renfrow, class of 1937 Smith, Karen P. class of 1969 Steens, Harri Etta, class of 1976 Stewart, Donald, class of 1959 Swansey, Patricia, class of 1974 Taylor, Casey, class of 1973 Taylor, Leslie, class of 1981 Thomas, Frank, class of 1971 Tuck, Constance, class of 1975 Wilson, Marie Brito class of 1949 (Hampton Exchange student) Baker, Lowell, III, class of 1963 Carter, Gwendolyn, class of 1974 Cisco, Narda, class of 1970 Scott, Sybille Y., class of 1975 Smith, Edith Renfrow, class of 1937, (two interviews) Blacks connected with Grinnell: Flagg, Annozean, daughter of Whitefield McKinlay, class of 1882 Renfrow, ALice, sister of Edith Renfrow Smith, class of 1937

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Correspondence, photocopies of relevant items in the college archives, clippings, articles, biographical notes.

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