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RG-T: Treasurer's Office Records 1847-1980
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Grinnell College Ledger and Restricted and Student Loan Funds

Ledger, 1942-1952.  Arranged by fund, then by various accounts in each fund.  Contents: Army fund; Darby fund; Government housing; Plant fund; Younker fund. Ledger Restricted (Agendy) and Student Loan Funds, 1946-1951.  (Starts about 3/4 of the way through the film).  Each of the two funds is subarranged by account.  Accounts in Restricted (Agency) section include Grinnell State Bank; staff loans; bonds; Business Men's Foundry fund; Chapel repair; class gifts; Darby; deferred acounts; developmental; golf; International Relations; Loose; Meacham House; Milion Dollar Fujd; various memorials; Riding stable; various scholarships; Science Building; various semester fees; etc.

Grinnell College Ledger Endowment Income

Endowment Income 1941-1946. Arranged by academic year, then by account. Accounts include income and expenses for college-owned farms and other real estate; stocks; etc. Endowment Income 1946-1951. Arranged by academic year, then by account. Accounts include income and expenses for college-owned farms and other real estate; stocks and bonds: etc.

Ledger. Endowment Funds and Trust & Endowment Funds

Endowment Funds, 1942-1951.  Arranged by fund and account.  Accounts and fund include Grinnell State Bank; bonds; stocks; memorial funds; scholarship funds; college-owned farm income and expenditures; college-owned city property income and expenditures; campus buildings; Grinnell Foundation investment; loans; mortgages; professorships, library funds; scholarships; prizes; special trusts; memorial funds; annuities. Trust & Endowment Funds, 1942-1950.  Arranged in 5 sections.  Section 1 not labeled but primarily consists of Younker Truist.  Section 2 not labeled but primarily consists of Darby Trust. Section 3 labeled Current Funds, includes various cash accounts; student loan funds; accounts receivable; various inventories; farms; accounts payable; etc.  Section 4 labeled Endowment Funds, includes cash; bonds; stocks; mortgages, real estate contracts and inventories; dormitories; scholarships; restricted endowments; annuities; farm income; etc.  Section 5 labeled Plant

Ledgers and Registers

Ledger. College-Owned Properties in Grinnell, 1938-1939. Includes income and expenditures for 17 college-owned properties in Grinnell, arranged alphabetically Also includes accounts receivable from 13 individuals, arranged alphabetically by name. Grinnell College Stock and Bond Register, 1956. Major portion of register is stocks, one page per stock. Last portion is in sections labeled Pooled Bonds; Pooled Stocks; Specific Stocks; Specific Bonds; Younker; Darby; Student Auditor. Financial Records, 1945-1950. ( Begins ca. 1/3 of way into film.) Arranged by account. Includes accounts receivable; various inventories (e.g. foods, housekeeping, athletics, bookstore, etc.); Lennox Foundry; accounts payable; current revenues; current expenditures; student loan funds; bonds; annuities; mortgages; inventories (e. g. grams, city property, dorm equipment); reserves; gains and losses; prizes; mortgages payable; restricted endowments; annuities; real estate income; interest on dorm mortgages. Records of Drafts Drawn - Journal, 1956-1962. (Begins ca. 1/2 way into film). Arranged by fund, then chronologically. Funds are: Current general funds, Dec. 1956-Dec. 1962; Endowment/trust fund, Jan. 1957-Dec. 1962; Grinnell Development fund, 1958-1962; Norris Hall construction, 1959-1960; Younker, 1956-1962

Funds, Payments, Foundation

Current Funds, 1947-1951. Arranged by academic year, in reverse chronological order, then by fund. Student Payments, 1945-1951. (Begins ca. 1/3 into film). Arranged by semester in reverse chronological order. Grinnell College Foundation Transfer Journal, Jan. 1917-June 1937. Arranged chronologically.

Grinnell College Foundation and Payroll

Grinnell College Foundation Transfer Ledger, 1914-1926. Arranged by fund. Index, lists contents but no page numbers. Entries include: Bills payable; bills receivable, mortgage bonds; Burchard property operating account; cash; accounts with various banks; men's dormitories; Davis porperty; Dibble property; Emmet County farm; Felt farms; James property; Jones property; Truman property; records for other college-owned real estate; President's house. Grinnell College Foundtaion Journal, 1916-1941. (Begins ca. 1/3 into roll). Arranged alphabetically by fund. Index, lists contents but no page numbers. A few funds are entered for a number of years in this volume, and for other years in Grinnell College Foundation Transfer Ledger. Entries include: Bills payable; bills receivable; cash from various banks; Dibble property; Emmet County farm; mortgage bonds; James property; Law property; Men's dorms; Noble land; President's house; Quadrangle buildings; Serial mortgage bonds; Truman property. (Journal for 1914-1917, the original paper copies, are in RG-T, Ser. 6.4) Iowa College Foundation Bond Register. Series B-F, 1914-1924. (Begins ca. 2/3 into film). Arranged by bond series, then chronologically by date of sale of bond. Bonds sold to finance dormitory construction. Lists name of purchaser of each bond, amount and maturity date of bond, dates of coupon pauments. Grinnell College Pay Roll Book, 1921-1931. (Begins ca. 4/5 into film). Arranged chronologically 1921-1927; arranged by college section then chronologically 1022-1931. College sections (latter half of the book) include: Quadrangle and dormitories; Buildings & grounds; instructional salaries.

Endowment Accounts Ledger

Arranged by account. Index: alphabetical by fund. Separate index inserted listing funds arranged by type: stamped with Grinnell College Foundation seal. Both indexes are typewritten. Types of funds are: Annuity funds (arranged by name); Bills Receivable; Bills Payable; campus buildings (arranged by building name), equipment, and furnishings; endowments; various funds (such as Parker fund, class funds, Macy fund, several library funds, Botanical Garden, Gates lectureship fund, Grinnell-in-China fund). Also entries for endowed funds for lectureships and scholarships. Also real estate accounts, including college-owned farms; Cottage (last account on roll).

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