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Chapter Outlines/ Drafts

Folders in Box 10 contain drafts of several chapters from Harry Hopkins: Ally of the Poor, Defender of Democracy. Folder titles are those of the chapter within. Folder 1 Chapter Outline: Overview of all Chapters Folder 2 London Folder 3 Delivering the Goods Folder 4 Supplies and Strategy Folder 5 Russia Folder 6 Making the Goods Folder 7 Laying the Groundwork Folder 8 No Front Stairs in Washington Folder 9 Casablanca Folder 10 Arcadia Folder 12 Reference: Timelines, Collection References, McJimsey’s research correspondence

Citations, Clippings, Chapter Notes

Folder 1 Ideas: McJimsey’s early conceptions of Hopkins’ role and legacy. Folder 2 Citations: Various citations used by McJimsey throughout his book. Folder 3 Newspapers I: Photocopies of newspaper clippings on Hopkins. Folder 4 Newspapers II: Photocopies of newspaper clippings on Hopkins. Folder 5 Newspapers III: Photocopies of newspaper clippings on Hopkins. Folder 6 Oral Histories: Various interviews from Sherwood, McJimsey and Columbia University’s collection among others. Folder 7 Chapter II: Materials focused on Hopkins’ early life and social work. Folder 8 Chapter III: Materials focused on Hopkins’ early life and social work Folder 9 Chapters II and III: Materials focused on Hopkins’ early life and social work.


FY1990 -- Parents' Giving Reports, Open Pledges, ARH Donors, Class Reports FY1990 -- Campaign Giving Reports, Jan.-June 1990 FY1990 -- Campaign Giving Reports, July-Dec. 1989


FY1993 -- Class Report, Pledges per Campaign, Gift Report Summary FY1993 -- Campaign Giving Reports, Feb.-June 1993 FY1993 -- Campaign Giving Reports, July 1992-Jan. 1993 FY1992 -- Class Reports, Alumni Trustees' Gifts FY1992 -- Campaign Giving Reports, Feb.-June 1992 FY1992 -- Campaign Giving Reports, July 1991-Jan. 1992 FY1991 -- President's Club, Class Reports FY1991 -- Campaign Giving Report, July 1990-June 1991


Folder 1: Crossett’s personal correspondence May 10, 1947-May 20, 1965. Folder 2: Crossett’s contract and correspondence regarding employment at Parsons, April/May 1962 Folder 3: Crossett’s correspondence with parsons Administration, September 29. 1962-April 18, 1966 Folder 4: Correspondence to and from “Dissident” group members (including Crossett) to outsiders after the “conditions” statement was released. One letter dated December 7 was not sent. December 7, 1962-June 18, 1968. Folder 5: Crossett’s post-resignation employment search, November 28, 1962 – February 6, 1963. Folder 6: Crossett's letters of recommendation - and some return mail - for resigning Parsons faculty (dissident group), January 22, 1963-March 18, 1963 Folder 7: Personal correspondence from dissidents to Grossett, February 1963 - April 18, 1966. Folder 8: Crossett’s correspondence and circulars to “Dissidents,” October 1963-November 25, 1964. All concerning conditions at Parsons Folder 9: Parsons College Faculty Constitution and By Laws (written after April 24, 1963) and Crossett’s correspondence regarding the new By Laws. Folder 10: Letters to and from Crossett, also from dissidents concerning parsons’ non-payment of TIAA-CREF annuities November 13, 1963 – December 19. 1963. Folder 11: Signe West Affair Correspondence December 1963 – March 1966. Possibly hired to spy on dissidents by Millard G. Roberts. Folder 12: Student protest letter to Newsweek. Undated Folder 13: Crossett’s correspondence with Grinnell Administration, November 22, 1965 – May 26, 1970.

Correspondence, articles, publications.

Stories from the Vineyard by Dorothy Nilson Fyfe. Letters from Students about the Nilsons. Ibrahim Ertas: Note about Tuberculosis, correspondence. Letter from Hasan HÃlky, Graduate of Talas American School The Story of Hasan Information about Turkey and Islam: correspondence, radio talk outlines, article draft. Visual Ministry: correspondence and records regarding stereopticon slides (1927) to Coleman Projector for movies (1950s). Provincial roman artifact information: photographs, letters, e-mails. Annual meeting, Key Note Address. Linda Blake, 1955. Paul and Harriet Nilson, Years in Turkey with ABCFM: Timeline and note from Dorothy Nilson Fyfe. Keynote address by P.E. Nilson to Annual Meeting. June 22, 1948. Map of ABCFM Stations in 1930. Nilson Correspondence and Journals, 1935 and 1943 Furloughs Paul Nilson Correspondence, 1946 furlough Nilson correspondence, 1950-1952 furlough Missionary travel passenger list and currency (1944?) Lyman McCallum: article or speech written by McCallum entitled At the Turkish Capital. Letter/commemoration of service written after McCallum's death. Letter from Ali Riza from Antakya, perhaps about a reading room in Antakya. Letters about Iskenderun (not mission connected). Selections from the Writings of Harriet Nilson and Paul E. Nilson, compiled by Dorothy Nilson Fyfe. Without Love, Nothing Can Be! by Professor Ahmet Agaoghu, translated by Harriet Nilson, Miscellaneous Documents: CD-ROM of pictures, Diyarbakir and Mardin reports summary written by Dorothy Nilson Fyfe, Excerpts from books and letters. Miscellaneous pictures, information, from Dorothy Nilson Fyfe, a map, and a copy of the Doctor Article from 1903 about Tarsus; Christie's fundraising leaflet for Tarsus School (1910?). Interview with Paul Nilson (between 1952 and 1957?) Tarsus American College Alumni Newsletter, January 2013. On page 72 are images taken from the Nilson-Fyfe collection.

Correspondence, clippings, and photocopies; by subject, A-C

Adams, Mary M. Advertisements Anderson, Kiziah Anneke correspondence Anthony, Susan B. Birth control Bloomer, D. Journal Bloomer. Letters (3 folders) Bloomer. Civil War correspondence; letters to Mayflower Bloomer. The Lily and D. Branch article Bloomer. Articles about Bloomer costume Callanan, Martha C. Catt, Carrie Chapman Civil War Coggeshall, Mary Jane Convention, Woman Suffrage (4 folders) Correspondence references, 1961-1969

Correspondence, clippings, photocopies; by subject, C-M

Council Bluffs Crookham Cutler, Hannah Tracy Darwin, Mary Davenport, Mattie Griffith Des Moines and Polk County Dickinson, Anna Dress Dubuque--Woman suffrage Dugdale, Joseph Economic status--Women's work Education Foster, J. Ellen Gage, Frances Dana Green, Daisy Ankeny Harbert, Lizzie Boynton History of woman suffrage Irish, John P. Ladies State Sanitary Convention League of Women Voters Legal status of Iowa women Legislature 1866. Farmers' Legislative Club Legislative debates, 1870 Legislative action, 1872 Livermore, Mary Mansfield, Arabella Maquoketa Mayflower

Correspondence, clippings, photocopies; by subject, M-W

Misc. Misc. letters, 1860-72 Monticello Negro--Iowa O'Connor, Henry Orwig, Mapia Petitions to Congress. Woman suffrage Photographs and pictures Phrenological Journal, March 1853 Progressive Friends Read, Lizzie Rose, Ernestine Sanford, Nettie Savery, Annie Savery letters Seneca Falls, 1840, 1842 Sloan, John, drawings Spiritualism Spencer, Mary Stanton, Elizabeth Cady Stone, Lucy. H. Blackwell Swain, Mrs. Swisshelm, Jane Temperance speeches Tilton, Theodore Walker, Mary Wittenmyer, Annie Woman suffrage--Iowa, U.S., 1912-1916 Woodhull, Victoria Work, Mary Wyoming

Crossett’s papers, Parsons documentation, Grinnell Classics and Humanities division material

Folder 1: Crossett’s “Some Suggestions for Administering a College Designed to Teach Below Average Students” draft, unfinished. Folder 2: Crossett’s, write up on Associate program at Parsons College Folder 3: Writing on Ovid: typed copy of Giovanni Pansa’s Ovidio…; unsigned, unfinished typescript of a paper entitled “The earliest printed commentary on Ovid’s Amores”; unsigned, unfinished typescript of a paper entitled “The Exile of Ovid”’ typed copy of “a paper read before the Classical Association at Sheffield, January 3, 1913: ‘Ovid the Artist' " a few miscellaneous papers. Folder 3a: Crossett’s and McKibben’s translation of the prefaces to Liber Decem Missarum and Contrapunctus with letter from David Sutherland. Folder 3b: Studies on Greek Drama, script for dramatic presentation of Lysis by Nada Mangialetti (Grinnell ‘72) Folder 4: Miscellaneous undated memos, facetiae, etc. by Crossett Folder 4a: Crossett’s statement for Iowa Republicans, November 1965. Folder 5: Crossett’s advisees (Parsons) Folder 6: Newspaper clippings regarding Parsons 1962-1975 Folder 7: More clippings regarding Parsons. Folder 8: Crossett’s notes about conditions at Parsons. Folder 9: Crossett’s requests for Low Grade percentages and Responses to those requests, Crossett’s grade sheets, two class record book (all from Parsons) Folder 10: Material on colleges designed on the Parsons model. Folder 11: Papers from Humanities Division Education policy Division Grinnell College 1967-1969 Folder 12: Grinnell Classics Majors 1965-1968 Folder 13: Grinnell Classics Majors - comprehensive exam, reading syllabus.

David J. Matlack

Photograph from newspaper Birth certificate Program from recital in Herrick Chapel Programs from funerals from friends and acquaintances Newspaper clippings Mail from Veterans Administration Center about life insurance Writing from childhood, high school commencement programs, and death announcement in Church Greeting Correspondence with people outside of his family

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