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RG-T: Treasurer's Office Records 1847-1980
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Old Specific Funds Ledger Sheets

Ledger for 1921-1925: Arranged by fund. Typewritten index cites page number within the records of a particular fund. Types of funds: Faculty Chair funds; Prize funds; Library; Loan funds: memorial funds: Scholarship funds; Trusts. Ledger for 1921-1942 (starts about half-way through film): Arranged by type of fund then by individual fundl. Types of funds: Endowments subject to annuity; Endowments unrestricted; Chair funds; Loan funds: Library: Loan funds: Prize funds: Scholarship funds: Special funds and memorials. Funds Ledger 1925-1939 (starts about 80% of the way through the film). Arranged by fund. Includes records of college-owned real estate; investments; annuity payments; deferred salaries, accounts receivable, bills payable, departmental equipment, loan funds, bank transactions departmental equipment fund expenses; accounts receivable; loan funds.

Endowments and Current Accounts

Arranged by fund. Incomplete index, ledger pages not numbered. Some finds are recorded in several different places in the ledger. Includes: bank transactions; mortgages; college-owned property; faculty deferred ssalary; Quadrangle deposits and expenses (a large portion of the book); student fees; specific endowment funds; library; administrative expenses and salaries; physical plant expenses; Athletic Dept. expenses.

Current Ledger

Arranged by fund.  Incomplete, ledger pages not numbered.  Some funds are recorded in several different places in the ledger.  Includes records of college income and expenses, college-owned real estate and investments.  These records are preceded by Endowment and Current Accounts 1921-1925 and continued in Current Ledger 1925-1942.

Current Ledger

Current Ledger: Arranged by fund. Incomplete index, ledger pages not numbered. Includes records of college expenses, college-owned real estate and investments. The records continue "Current Ledger 1925-1937". Grinnell College Investments, Endowments, Annuities, Mortgages Ledger, 1925-1941. (Last half of film) Index. Ledger sheets not numbered, index not an indicator of where to find each record listed.

Notes and Accounts Receivable and Ledger

Notes and Accounts Receivable, 1935-1942. Name index. Arranged alphabetically by name of person or organization (possibly names of those involved with college-owned farms). Grinnell College Ledger. General fund, income, current, 1942-1952. (Begins near start of film). Arranged by academic year (in reverse chronological order) then by account. Original paper copy was bound in two volumes. Some of the accounts include income from: matriculation fees,; tuition; bookstore; Student Union; barracks apartments; music fees; transcripts; Centennial fund gifts; Century Club;' Alumni fund gifts; Big Ten Alumni fun; other gifts; book store; income from various conferences; laundry; Quandrangle board; hospital insurance; Student Union; Barracks apartments.

Grinnell College Ledger Current Funds

Current Funds 19412-1951 contains: Poweshiek ounty National Bank cash deposits; Harris Trust & Savings Bank deposits; Accounts receivable. Each of these accounts is arranged in reveerse chronological order. Current funds various accounts, 1942-1952. (Starts about half way into roll) Arranged by account, then in reverse chronological order. Contents include (in order): General Fund (some of the funds are Centennial gifts, other gifts, foods inventory, housekeeping supplies, athletic inventory, other inventories, works in process inventory, investment, farms, Lennox Foundry, accounts payable-: room deposite; breakage fees; deferred accounts; tax receipts; refund of fees.

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