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Photographs: N-P

Nineteenth century photos (most are copies) Norris Hall. 1960
North Campus. 1946-1982
Off-campus studies. 1966
Peace walk. 1972 (See also Protests)
People. 1960s-80s (Administrators, Ladies Education Society, etc.)
Physical Education Complex (PEC). 1970-
Physical plant/service building. 1968
Position paper conferences. 1976

Photographs: P - R

PPPE: Visiting lecturers. 1960s; (see also Truman and Eisenhower visits, 1963, 1965: RG-F Ser. 5.2 Box 2)
Preschool. Early 1970s
Protests. 1960s-1970s (see also Peace walk)
Publications. 1950s
Radio: KGRW. 1947-1953
Relays. 1982-84
Renaissance feast. 1979-1980

Photographs: S

Science. 1950-1980
Science building. 1953-1979
Science laboratories, equipment, etc. 1969-1975
Silver dollar. 1946
Skip day. 1975-1980

Photographs: S

Sport: women's field hockey, football, Honor G banquet, 1964, people, soccer, swimming, tennis, track, wrestling, misc., most from 1970s.
Spring day. 1940-1960

Photographs: M

Minority and International Students
Mirecourt Trio
Miscellaneous 1980
Miscellaneous 1983-1985
Miscellaneous 1985 unlabeled,
undated Miscellaneous 1983-1988
Music Music Performers

Photographs: P-S

Rosenfield Program 1981-1983
Rosenfield Program
Scholars Convocations 1979-1985
Scholars Convocation
Science 1976-1986
Science 1978-1988
Science, Hall of

Negative and Proof Sheets

Negative and proof sheets- 1980’s Photo Index in the box (26 February 1997) The following boxes of photographs, slides, and negatives were transferred to the Archives in 1998. They include a variety of materials from the late 1970’s to the present, including 1997 Commencement photos. Many are black and white; some are in color. There are also contact sheets and negatives accompanying the photos in some cases. Folder labels are those assigned by the Public Relations Office.

Negatives and Proof sheets: A-G

Alumni Reunion Weekend, 1979
Annual Fund Brochure Photos and Negatives, 1982
Art Objects/ Scholarships, 1985
Art Show (Women’s), 1987
Artwork- Cervene
Artwork Negatives – NEA Proposal, 1985
Athletics Basketball Teams (Men’s and Women’s, 1987
Biology and Chemistry
Bookstore Brochure Photos, 1982
Burling Library
Burling Library- Construction and Renovation, 1982
Campus Shots, 1983
Campus Winter Scenes, 1986
College Preschool- Carol Nielsen
Commencement, 1981
Commencement, 1982
Commencement, 1997
Dulcimer Photos, 1986
Estate Planning, 1983
Grinnell House, 1984


1966 Sports: Freshman Baseball; Midwest Conference Track meet Queens and Honorary Referee; Coaching staff (Sept.); Varsity Baseball; Freshman Tennis squad; Varsity Tennis squad; Varsity Golf squad; Freshman Golf squad; Freshman Track squad; Varsity Track squad; Varsity Cross-country squad action pictures and individual pictures; Freshman Cross-country; Trophies (football and cross-country) for possible Dopebook cover; Football coaches; Football squad; Head shots of Football players; Freshman Football; Individual Football players. Campus: Fine Arts Center and Barber Plaza on a rainy fall afternoon (Oct.); Science addition (summer). People and Events: Cervene painting for exhibit at Cornell (Nov.); Jerry Langham, Theolophis winner (srping); Fiorst Grinnell weekend: World War I topic (Dec.); New choir robes (Dec); Commencement; Summer Liberat Arts Institute for Adults; Homecoming Queen candidates (Oct.); RoTC Cadet Colonel candidates (Spring); Homecoming floats; Kunio Waki, Grinnell student with three of group of 17 newsmen from southeast Asia (Jan.); Mary Wright, Rosenfield lecturer (Jan.); Senator Soaper at Sigma Delta Chi - Theta Sigma Phi Banquet (Srping); Lilah Morton (Fall); President's Medallion (Fall); Poweshiek County reception for President and Mrs. Leggett (March); Grant Gale and Physics historical apparatus (Spring); Student leaders (Spring); Grinnel-British University Debate (Spring); Debate team (Spring); Nick Ryan and Admissions prospects (spring); Bill Oekle, amateur photograher (Spring); Deans and counselors (Oct.); Inauguration of Pres. Leggett (April); "Catch" singing group (Nov.); Profs. Haner, Haveman, and Nevill, for the National Observer (Oct.); New Student Days (Aug.); Student science research (Summer); Little Peace Corps members for 1966-1967, Virginia Harford and Mark Felton (May); Oxford Debaters (Oct.); PPPE Proxmire telephonic lecture in South Lounge (Oct.); Evelyn Sugawa with snowman (Feb.); Rep. Albert Quie-C. Edwin Gilmour debate on war on poverty (Feb.); Lee Huebner, National V.P. of Ripon Society at Grinnell (Oct.). 1966-1967 Sports: Individual picture of Gordon Abel (Basketball); Varsity Wrestling; Freshman Wrestling; Freshman Basketball; Varsity Basketball; Varsity Swimming; Freshman Swimming; Individual Wrestling pictures. Campus: Central campus on a white winter morning (winter). People and Events: ROTC portraits (Brue, Pojman). 1967 Sports: Varsity Golf; Individual Football pictures; Football coaches; Bob Watt and nine Letterman (May);Freshman Baseball action shots; Freshman Baseball; Varsity Baseball; Varsity Tennis; Freshman Tennis; Freshman Tennis action shots; Varsity Golf; Varsity Indoor Track; Varsity Track; Freshman Cross-country squad; Varsity Cross-country squad; Freshman Track; Freshman Indoor Track; Football suad R groups; Frosh Football. Campus: New Heating Plant and Service building (July); Cowles Hall; Architect's drawings and floor plans of New Physical Ed. Complex (March); Unloading boilers for new Heating Plant (Jan.); Campus buildings (Library, Forum, Fine Arts, and Hall of Science - May); New Heating plant under construction; Various angles of the Hall of Science; Interior of Darby (Oct.). People and Events: Honorary Cadet Colonel candidates (April); Homecoming Queen candidates; Bob Hodierne (left) and Mike Horowitz in Vietnam; Ray Still, Oboe soloist (April); Judy Youngbear Bender - American Republican Insurcance Co. Scholarship wth President Leggett (Dec.); Honorary degree presentation at Convocation to individuals; Grinnell Weekend - Cybernation and Society (Feb.); Computer art exhibit; Peter Hackes (Aug); Irist author Sean O'Faolain (Oct.); Miss Sternfeld with paintings (july); Ed Gilmore with beard, candids (Sept); Roy VanDraska (Jan); John Pfitsch, Dick Musser, and Truesdale Plaque (May); Leota Anderson head shot (July); Dean Winters receiving Tall Corn AREA Boy Scout Recognition Award from Micky Davis (April); President Leggett and Marshal Bill Mendoza in academic garb (July); Mathematics pictures: Ken Clark and Prof. Apostle; ROTC: Sons of American Revolution awards; LeMoyne Exchange students at Grinnell (Jan.); Little Peace Corps selections (Feb.); ROTC financial grants; Interim period; Sigma Delta Chi - Theta Sigma Phi spring dinner and matrix table (May); Psychology reseach with children (June); Student summer science research (July); Ken Augustine, ROTC Cadet (Fall); ROTC Commission for Richard Starkeson with Major Steger (Dec.); Debaters Jay Williams and Beth Voorhees (Mar); Spring Paradise (April); Bond Eaulwell and Karen Lauterbach (Feb.); New Student Days; Psychology pictures: Mike Dojman and gerbels, rats, (June); President's Medalist Anne Sprague and Prof. Wall (Feb.); Brand Blanshard, visiting prof. (March); Philip Hauser, Rosenfield lecturer (Jan.); Dr. Conard (May); President Leggett, Chariman of Trustees Noyce, and President's Medallion (Feb.); Air Force Award to Sgt. Ralph Luce (April); State legislative seminar (April); Midwest Model United Nations; John McCormally, editor of Burlington Hawk-eye at Grinnell; PPPE speaker (fall); Jess Unruh, speaker of the California House, PPPE visitor at Grinnell (Nov.); "After the Fall" (Feb.); Commencement; ROTC Cadet of the Month, Ken Engel (May). 1967-1968 Sports: Individual Basketball pictures; Individual Swimming pictures; Varsity Wrestling; Frosh Wrestling. People and Events: Cheerleaders; Theater staff. 1968 Sports: Football co-captains; Football Co-captions and coach; Individual Football pictures; Individual Swimmig pictures; Individual Wrestling pictures; Varsity Swimming squad; Frosh Swimming squad; Frosh Basketball squad; Frosh Tennis squad; Varsity Track squad; Frosh Track squad; Women's Field hockey; Alex Karlin and Coach Kimbo (Sept.); Coaching staff (Dec.); Cross-country lettermen; Football squad; Frosh Cross-country; Frosh Football; Varsity Cross-country; Women's Field Hockey Team; Football coaches. Campus: Campus buildings on frosty winter morning; Old Heating Plant during razing (Summer); Old Heating Plant before razing (Summer); South Campus Residence Center during construction (summer). People and Events: Prof. Bradford, Walter Bradford, and Cindy Bowers (Jan.); Prof NcKibben and Gary Johnson with Spencer collection of Roman artifacts (Jan.); Prof. Neufang, Carol Vanderpool and Steve Otto (Jan.); Glenn Zirkle with two pieces of his sculpture (Feb.); Paul Zonn, profile (March); Rep. William Steiger (WIS-R) at Grinnell (April); Rep. Steiger, PPPE visitor (April); Rep. Jack Edwards, PPPE visitor (Feb.); Mock Democratic Convention (April ); New Student Days; Mock GOP Convention (April); Protest against Marine recruiters on campus (April); Dick Cervene (May); Grinnell Weekend (April); Vietnam Commencement; Commencement general scenes; Commencement Alumni Association Awards to outstanding senior man and woman; Commencement Alumni Award recipients; Barry Commoner, Commencement speaker; Commencement Phi Beta Kappa team; Commencement Honorary degree recipients; Commencement Marshal and Honorary Marshal; Des Moines Area AIM Kickoff Dinner (May); Adam Clayton Powell, PPPE lecturer (Oct.);Chemistry seniors (May); Imanuel Wallerstein, Rosenfield lecturer (Jan); Grant Gale physics experiments (Mar.); Grinnell's 2-day memorial to Dr. Martin Luther King (May); Martha Worf (Spring); Martha Wolf head shot (Feb.); New Student Days; Polly Priest (May); Drug symposium (Feb.); Theatre production "Stop the World: I Want to Get Off" (May); Muriel Rukeyser, visiting poet (Spring); College Theatre production of "Night of the Iguana" (Mar.); Orchesis dance group (Feb.); Filming Grinnell alumni movie with Peter Hackes (Mar.); Honor G members named to Phi Beta Kappa; Ronald Fiscus; Loves Labors Lost; Graham art exhibit; Commencement A; Commencement B; Commencement C; Commencement D; Kimbroughs and Ulmer (Oct); Kimbroughs (Oct.); Ray Boyd (Dec. ); Education department pictures; Biafra panel (Oct.); Convocation (No.); Illinois Sen. Arrington (Oct.); Powell I; Powell II; Powell III; Powell IV; Powell V; Powell VI; Ernest Chanber (Nov.); Leabber Bathroom; Jane Parish at KDIC wire service teletype (Dec.); Homecoming Queen; Physics seniors; Conney Kimbo (Dec.); Chemistry faculty; Cyclone.


1970-1971 Sports: Swimming; Swimming; Wrestling; Basketball squad. 1971 Sports: Football squad; Soccer; Cross-country Les Duke Invitational; Track;Tennis squad; Cross-country Iowa Federation State Championship meet; Soccer Grinnell vx. Cornell; Track Squad; Football coaches; Football; Cross-country; Individual Football pictures. Campus: Permanent Art Collection - G.B. Piranesi, Prison Series #32; Permanent Art Collection - G.B. Piranesi, Prison Series #35; Permanent Art Collection - G.B. Piranesi, Prison Series #34; Permanent Art Collection - G.B. Piranesi, Prison Series #37; Permanent Art Collection - Suilven - Byron Burford; Permanent Art Collection - G.B. Piranesi, Prison Series #36; Permanent Art Collection - Durer- St. Anthony the Hermit; Permanent Art Collection- Lynn Chadwick - Inquisitor I; "Antique" gifts to the college; Permanent Art Collection - Jean Jacques Henner - Untitled; Permanent Art Collection - Walter Hartson - The Red BArn; Permanent Art Collection - Jannis Spyropolous - Alkar #2; Burling Basement Sculpture; Physical Education Complex A-F; Folk Dancing on Barber Plaza; South Lounge - College Forum; Computer, Ben Nefzger and Tim Gerk; Outdoor campus scenes; White House remodeling; Physical Education Comples - exterior, from southwest; Campus Buildings; Campus scenes - Winter A and B; Campus Buildings; Campus Outddor winter scenes A and B; Bookstore in and out. People and Events: Velma Hiser (Communications) A and B; Dick Winter; Steven Gold (Economics); Robert oertman; Graville Smith (Physics); Donatd Bonos (Theatre); Gene Wubbels (Chemistry); Neal Klausner and Jennifer Butcher A and B; Howard Burkle; James Magee (Political Science); M. M. Liberman; Ruth Prescott; Ben Graham and landscape architect; Don Lambie; Commencement - ROTC Commissioning Ceremony; Commencement A-I; Baccaulaureate Assembly; Alumni Day A,B, and C; Black Martyrs Weekend 1-4; Summer Science Research; Summer Science Research Individual pictures; "To Kill a Mockingbird" A, B, and C; "Taming of the Shrew" A,B, C; Richard Howe (Music - G. Brown photos; "The Cocktail Party", A,B,and C; "The BAcchae" A,B,C; Mark Hamilton; John Pfitsch; Choral Society and College Orchestra, rehearsing Mozart's Requiem Mass; Alumni Day A-E; Alumni Reunion Weekend A - J; Jay Southard and William Conner; Sherilyn Clemmons; Kathy Abbott A. B. C; Catherine Trotter, Grinnell-New Zealand Debate; Andrew Hauser, Grinnell -New Zealand Debate; Stee Otta A and B; Laurie Schwartz A and B; Rebecca Dvorak; Yvor Stoakley; Allen Nakagawa; Candace Sebring; Patricia Leebens and Susan Peterson; Nancy Peters; Deborah Wrigh;' Barry Homrighaus; Lavern Vann A and B; Judy Haver; Susan Cavanaugh; J. David Cassell; G. Barry Huff; SHelley Floyd SGA President; Sue Miller; Folk Dancing on Barber Plaza; J. C. Laborwitz; Lisa Cheraskin and Andrew Loewi with 1971 Aluni Association's Outstanding Senior man and woman, with Lewis C Cobb, '50, Alumni Association Director; Richard A Deyo, 1971 President's Medalist with President Leggett; New Student Days A-M; Second Semester registration A and B; Freshman Tutorial; Rock Creek Lake Project and Carol Patterson A,B,D,D; Ecology survey at J. Kenneth Thompson home; Summer Science research; LEAP Environmental group 1-4; Community Day A,B,C,D; Gordon Brown picks, ed. of Grinnell Magazine; Alumni office personnel; Prospective student from Iowa Valley H. S.; Richard Friedman PPPE lecture 1, 2; Rep. John Culver at Grinnell; Gov. Robert RAy; Laurence Gould, Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar; Harrison Wellford "Nader Raider"; Michael Novak, Gates Lecturer; Neva Pilgrim; Rep. Joh Kyl visiting Grinnell Science Dividion A,B,C; Richard Falk (Princeton) Rosenfield Lecturer A,B.; Computer workshop for histh school students; Computer Chuck McGrath; Huston Smith, Gates Lecturer; Robert Haveman; Harold Willens (Vietnam election observer) PPPE visitor; Dr. Joe Highland, Nader consumer organizaer at Grinnell; Stephen C. Robinson, Executive Secretary fo the Republican State Central Committee; Prudence Milite, Resident Adviser. 1971-1972 Sports: Swimming People and Events: Admission Crew. 1972 Oct. 21, 1972 Sports: Intramural Softball; Indoor Track Grinnell vs. Central; Swimming insruction; Football Coach Edd Bowers; Football Coaches John Pfitsch, Edd Bowers, and Ray Boyd; Football squad; Football, group photo; Football Captains Jeff Dick and Drake Holliday; Track; Soccer squad; Individual Football pictures. Campus: Permanent Art Collection - James J. Hill Portrait; Conard Environmental Research Area; Demolition of Women's Gymnasium A and B; Outdoor campus scenes; Central campus green from West Lobby of Hall of Science; Physical Plant building; Heating Plant; Book Store; South campus residence hall reception center; Book Store; Conard Environmental Research Area, Jefferson Fox, and Benjamin F, GrahamJr., Biology; Permanent Art Collection - Sculpute, Nude by Humbert Alvrizio; Permanent Art Collection - Vapor Trails in Late Summer III, Karl Mattern; Permanent Art Collection - Loop, Robert Rauschenberg; Permanent Art Collection - Red Orange, Ellsworth Kelly; Permanent Art Collection - Maggot and Worm, Byron Burford; Permanent Art Collection Guggenheim, Roy Lichtenstein; Permanent Art Collection - "Ciel" by Tetsuo Araki; Permanent Art Collection - "Carnavalesque" by Rufino Tamayo; Permanent Art Collection - "Bubble Gum"; Permanent Art Collection - "Cast Concrete" sculpture; "Safari" Leonard Baskin; Permanent Art Collection - "Death Bearing Angel" - Leonard Baskin; Permanent Art Collection - "Double Eagle" - Jack Levine; Permanent Art Collection - "Fig", Salvador Dali; Permanent Art Collection - "Cirque" by Bernard Buffet; Permanent Art Collection - Flowers by Max Weber; Women's Gymnasium; Miscellaneous campus shots; Downtown Office Building; PPPE Caucus Room pictures. People and Events: James Roose-Evans, British director and author, A,B,C; Fold Dance concert A,B,C,D; Theater "Threepenny Opera" A,B; Theater "Black Is: A,B; Misc groups in rehearsal; Art Dept. shots; Lynn Fortney and Steven D. Adams; Children's Theater "Butterfly Buffet" A,B; Commencement A-H; Alumni Reunion weekend A-M; Baccalaureate A,B,C; President Leggett, Greg Vranicar, Presidents Medalist; Alumni Association Awards to Outstanding Seniors: Maerk Sableman, Steve Grow, Shelley Floyd and Robert Nichols; Ajumni Conference A,B,C; Parents; and Alumni Day A, B; Seminar: Women in Academia; Sen. Harold Hughes and Cong. candidate Ed Mezvinsky A,B, C; All Campus Fun Day A,B,C.; Jon Gray; Amy K. Paschall; Grinnell Black students A,B,C; Jon Gray, CBS, A-F; Arnold Peters A,B; Lake Nyanza sailing A, B; Anti Vietnam War march A, B; Chemistryseniors and faculty; Curt Gorrell A,B; Beth Noble, Spanish A,B; Sandy Hoth, Physical Education and Field Hockey A,B; Marilyn Monteiro; Ray Boyd teaching tennis; Edd Bowers, Physical Education, Eugene Tredway, Golf instructor; Ray Obermiller, coaching track; Pirkko Roecker teaching Folk Dance A,B; Beth Noble; Phillip L. Kintner, History; Roger Koester, Admissions; Waldo Walker; Virginius Thornton, American Studies and History; Nick Ryan, Admissions; Steve Carroll, Admissions; Mario Bognanno; Glenn Leggett, President A,B; James L. Hamilton, Associate Dean of the College; David Jordan, Political Science A,B; Robert Anderson, Treasurer; Mario Bognanno, Admissions; Glenn Leggett A,B; Richard Cervene, Art; William Trotter, Art, A,B; Grafton L. Boehner, Art, printmaking studeo A,B; Laura Wieman, Art; Glenn Zirkle; New Student Days A-P; John Pfitsch drawing; John Pfitsch, Physical Educations and Christine Kirmaier; Maurice Hunt, Admission Counselor A,B; John Pfitsch, Physical Eduction and Christine Kirmaier and Mitchell Erickson, Squash instruction; Second semester registration A,B; Summer science research, Doug Watts; Anti Vietnam War Fast in Herrick Chapel; John Bierman and Rich Bierman, College Fund Drive Chairmen in Grinnell; Reter Hackes, NBC News; Herbie Hancock, Music seminar A,B; Herbie Hancok, Honorary degree presentation; Emil Fackenheim, Gates lecturer; Fred Schwengal U.S. Congressman, PPPE speaker; Nikki Giovanni, Black Culture Weekend; Dr. Lucy Edwards; Emil Fackenheim, Gates Lecturer A,B; Representative Thomas F. Ralisback; Peter Hackes, NBC News; Neil Sheehan, NY Times Reporter A,B; College Fund Drive Team; Donald M. Stewart, Grinnell Trustee; Gary Cooper pictures re-photographed; W. G. Greenwald A,B; Mary G. Jones and Edith Appleby; Jewish Culture Program - Judah Graubart; Jewish Culture Program - Prof. Andre Lacocque; poet Gwendolyn Brooks, Black Martyrs Program A,B; Women in Pollitics symposium; Sigma Delta Chi - Theta Sigma Phi dinner; Writers conference A,B; Adam Yarmolinsky, Rosenfield lecturer A,B; Decorating of College Book Store Christmas Tree by pre-school youngsters A,B; Pre-school children decorating the Book Store Christmas Tree; Grant O. Gale Physics Syposium; David Gaines; Grinnell Day Care Center, Louise Morris, Susan Reid with children.


1973 Sports: Gold team, Midwest Conference Champions; Intermural Basketball team; Football coaching staff; Indoor Track Grinnell Invitational V; Football - Tom Kamhorn. Campus: Norris Hall plaque; Outdoor campus shot; Razing of Old Swimming Pool A,B; Telescopes in south entrance of Hall of Science; Permanent Art Collection - Lewis - "Anchored Freighter"; Permanent Art Collection - Barbara Kwasniewska - "Verticle Rouge"; Permanent Art Collection - Harry Bertoia -- Untitles work in printer's ink and felt pen; Permanent Art Collection - Kideo Hagiwara - "Fantasy in Green"; Permanent Art Collection - Barbara Kwasniewska - "Vertical Beige"; Permanent Art Collection - Hagiwara - "Affectation"; Permanent Art Collection - Mauricio Lasansky "The Cardinal"; Permanent Art Collection -Braque - "Sur 4 Murs/ Galerie Maeght"; Permanent Art Collection - Kawanishi "Living Room of Ainu"; Permanent Art Collection - Kinoshita "Three Masks"; Permanent Art Collection - Leger "Accordion"; Permanent Art Collection - Coen - "Near the Park"; Permanent Art Collection - Durer "St. Anthony the Hermit"; Permanent Art Collection; Hall of Science; James Wyly, Mary Gae Portyer Wyly House exteriors. People and Events: Theatre production "Broadway Revue" A,B (video); Theatre and Dance group in rehearsal; Writers conference with Christopher Middleton, Donald Justice; Christopher Middleton A,B; Jim Bakkum, Master of Props at Tyrone Guthrie Theatre; J. Saunders Redding, Cornell University A, B; Second semester registration; John McCormally, editor and publisher of Burlington Hawk-Eye; Isma'il R. A. al Faruqi, professor of Islamics at Temple University, Gates lecturer, A,B,C,D.; Joseph R. Washington, Jr., Prof of Religious Studies and director of the Afro-American Studies program at the University of Virginia; Sir Herbert Marchant, British diplomat, Senior Woodrow Wilson Fellow at Grinnell College A,B,C,D; Rear Admiral Gene R. La Rocque U.S.N. (Retired); Master class with cellist Stephen Kates; Russell McGregor, SGA President; Cheistry seniors and faculty; Shifteh Karimi A,B,C; Local music group rehearsing for performance; David Gaines B,C; Scott Weil, newly elected SGA President A,B; Duane Taylor in ceramics studio; Deborah Conard; Grinnell College Institutional Citation to Miracle Equipment Co.; Grinnell College Corporate Citizenship Citation to E.A. McCardell; Grinnell fundraising campaign; Crafts --pottery, weaing, silkscree, candlemaking, leather, A,B,C; Robert A Ruhl A,B; I Virtuosi di Grinnell (Musical group) A,B; Kenneth Bruan; Grinnell Relays (Fun Day) A,B; Deborah Van Horn A,B; David Matlack, Honorary member of Class of 1973 with certificate; Iowa Academy of Science; Commencement A-J;Alumni Association Awards to Outstanding Senior Man and Woman; Alumni Reunion Weekend A=I; William C. Oelke Chenistry Alumnbi Synposium; Grinnell Open chess tournament; President's Medalist Carolyn Ashbaugh with Pres. Leggett; Second semester registration; Fred Hechinger, NY Times A,B,C,D; Ben Bagdikian, Columbia Journalism Review A,B; Donald Keene of Columbia university, Rosenfield Lecturer; Dr. Risieri Frondizi, former President of U. Buenos Aires, A,B; Frederick Star, Princeton University; Donald Kaul, Des Moines Register columnist, Nollen Lecturer; Composer Karel Husa A,B,C; Iowa Student of Admissions Ad, A,B,C,D; Kathleen A. Snyder; Jeld-Wen, WENCO Scholarship; AMOCO grant to Grinnell College; Mary Gae Wyly (Library), David Westron, Jr.; Bill Oelke, Chemistry; Beryl Wellborn, Education; Shelley Floyd; Mary Gae Porter Wylw (Library); Prof. Frank L. Almy rephotographed; James Wylw (Music) and Mary Gae Porter Wyly (Library) A,B; Carolyn Van Dyke Friedlander, English faculty; Alumni Office personnel; Walso S. Walker, Executive Vice-President and Dean of the College; James S. Tedermanm Dean of Student Affairs; Alumni Volunteer Leadership Conference A-F; Conference "The Liberal Arts: Liberating or Confining" a-I; New Student DAys A-T; Poweshiek Association for Conservation and Ecology, Environmental Education Workshop; Law sumposium; Symposium of Humanistic Studies A,B; Conference on Radical Economics; Water Show, Parent's and Alumni Day; Freshman Year Simulation Game; Second semester registration; Wenco Scholarship to Dale Lamb. 1974 Sports: Indoor Track, Grinnell, Central, Monmouth; William Penn; Kenneth Ellenson with first place trophy at Coe Kohawk Invitational Bowling Tournament; Swimming ,Grinnell vs. Luther A,B; Basketball, Grinnell vs. Beloit A,B; Indoor Track, Grinnell, Coe, Cornell, and Wartburg; Swimming, Grinnell, Buena Vista, and Wayne State A,B; Wrestling, Grinnell vs. Central A-D; Championship trophy from U. of Chicago Holiday Basketball Tournament; Bowling instruction, Anna Mae Wack, Physical Education; Ronald Mitchell, Basketball coach. Campus: Zirkle sculpture mockup; Picture purchased at KDIC auction for use in magazine; Admissions Office door; Outdoor campus scenes; Gardening at 1205 Park St. Coop, M, Katherine Herndon; Outdoor campus scene; Quadrangle Dining Room remodeling A,B; Refinished Herrick Chapel doors; "Alcohol display in Hall of Science; Campus "Happiness Friday" A,B; Campus Frisbee tournament; Video tape studio A,B; Stadiums Unlimited bench behind Herrick Chapel; Outdoor campus scenes; Permanent Art Collectionsw - Fritz Scholder - "Self-Portrait". People and Events: Glenn Leggett A,B; Admissions recruiting material; Chartering of Grinnell College chapter of Kiwanis-Key Club; "Once Upon a Matress" A-E; Padriac M. Kennedy 0 Woodrow Wilson Senior Fellow A,B; Ellen Conroy Kennedy, specialist in French LIterature A,B; Official Russian Youth Delegation A,B; John Shy, University of Michigan; Poet Denise Levertov, Writers Conference A,C; Gloria Emerson, Rosenfield Lecturer, A-D; Jewish Cultural Week, Samuel Schnitzer;Carleton S. Coon, Jr., U.S. Foreign Service officer; Dr. James Campbell, President of Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke's Medical Center in Chicago;H. L. Mitchell, co-founder of Southern Tenant Farmers Union and Agrarian labor organizer; William Gannon, Democratic candidate for Governor; Ruth Desmond, consumer lobbyist and President of Federation of Homemakers, A,B; Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar; Susan Steinwall; Georgette E. "Gigi" Walsh, A,B,C; Celestial Sacred Harp Singers; First three juniors selected for college's new medical science program; Edd Bowers; David Wright, Archibald Proze for Highest Scholarship; Jack Doppelt and Ellen Yacknin, Alumni Association Awards to Outstanding Senior Man and Woman; Ernest Renaud, Campus mail clerk receiving "Doctor of Letters" certificate fron President Leggett; Top Senior Awards; Melvin Barnes A,B,C; Raymond J. Obermiller, Director of Academic Advising and Guidance Testing; Betty Miller; Randall Magee, Russian Faculty A,B; Paul Lewis, Admission counselor; Irving Y. Fishman, Biology faculty and students including Janice K. Sharp and Robert D. Sheeler, A,B,C; Mary Damsgaard, Admissions counselor; Gwendolyn Carter, Admission counselor; James C. McDonald, Computer Services A,B; Dick Jenkins; Alumni Admission Coordinators meeting, A,B; Deborah Van Horn, President's Medalist; Grinnell Open Chess Tournament; Iowa impeachment forum; Carolyn Ashbaugh, lecture; Erwin D. Canham, Editor Emeritus, The Christian Science Monitor; John Culver, Uss.S. Representative fro Iowa and candidate for the U. S. Senate; T. Vincent Learson, Woodrow Wilson Senior Fellow; Mary Daly, Associate Prof of Theology, Boston College, Gates Lecturer, A,B; Grinnell-Rush Medical Studies Investitute, A,B; Mary Eysenback, Dean of Curriculum A, B; New STudent Days, A-R; New Student Days registration one - Registration five; Social Work Careers Conference - Holly Sexson and Jim Simmons; Careers series on Social Work, Jon Royal and Anne Bradley Gronbach; Social Work Careers Conference, Margaret Bryan and Stephanie Grattan; Faculty Slow-Pitch Softball Team in action; Progressive Dinner; La Rocque, Brown; Burning of the Shoe Ceremony; Prof. Edward A. Steiner; A. Richard Turner, 9th President of the College; Glenn and Russelle Leggett with Zirkle sculpture they received from faculty-staff as farewell gift. A,B; Gift presentation to President Leggett at Christmas Dinner; Chris (Mrs. Nick) Ryan; Dennis Haas A,B; Lincoln Marshall, A,B; Cindy Jackson, A,B; A. Richard Turner, 9th President of the College; College Administrators mowing during Strike, A,B; Student Affairs personnel; Gordon Brown shots for Magazine Cover; Communications Conference A-F; Alumni Reunion Weekend A-S; Commencement A-M; Senior Convocation - Commencement; Elbert Morse Smith, retired prof. of French and Music.


Negatives in Envelopes Sports: Women's Tennis, Grinnell vs. William Penn, 1982. Campus: Living History Farm pictures A,B, 1982; Conard Environmental Research Area, 1983; Placing Dome on Grant O. Gale Observatory A-D, 1983; President Drake making conference call on new telephone system, 1982. People and Events: New Student Days, Bookstore exteriors, 1983; New Student Days, Bookstore, 1983; Dan Halsey negatives, A-E, 1982; Nancy Waldrop photos, A-C, 1983. 1983 (Negatives in plastic covers) Sports: Football; Women's Volleyball; Men's Track; Women;s Soccer; Rugby; Women's Softball team, practice; Women's Swim team; Campus: Burling Library; Outside, snow, people; Bookstore mailer A-G; Dorms; Classroom lab, giant snowball; Chemistry lab; Prints for catalog; Bern Terrace/Observatory; Press Box; Observatory Dome A, B; Weight room, faculty/student; Conard Environmental Research Area (1-3); Student life; Theater - makeup; Spring, student life; Student life; Dorm; Dorm, computer center; Jewelry class; Spring snow, art teacher with student; Electron microscope - Ms. Durkee; Costume shop; Student life, library, chemistry lab; Campus life; Winter on campus; Campus scenes, Football by dorms; Admissions - Poise system, computer. People and Events: Robert Kraft; Chemistry and Physics; Internships: Mirecourt Trio; Chuck Jepson; Paul Warnke, Town and Gown; Awards volunteers; Ian McLean, OutCry; Elderhostel; Alumni Weekend picnic 1-4; New Student Days; New Student Days, moving in; Joe Wall reception: Socialism conference; Black Conference-Burling Art Gallery; Prof. Minelli, General Chemistry; National Minority Affairs, Dr. Donald Smith; Eric Weston: Bob Grey's class, language lab, campus; Young Gifted and Black choir; Volpone; Modern Dance Troupe; New Student Days; Graduation 1-10;Commencement A-F; Honor G luncheon; Baccalaureate; Alumni Reunion A-D; Forum Birthday Party; Pre-school; Simon; Rosenfield Program - Thomas Friedman; Good Morning America t.v.; Chemistry class, Prof. Minelli; "Crimes of the Heart" theater production; Computer camp, Elderhostel; Computer camp; Alumni visit Mears; Registration - Ice cream social; New Student Days 1-3; T and G - Shakespeare; Shakespeare workshop, harpsichord; S. African protest; Chinese studies; "Pirates of Penzance" 1 and 2; English class, Peter Connolly; Dorm break with Drake, campus; Skip Day; Babener, class/office 1-6; Shirley Williams 1, 2; Telethon, Black students - Being Black in the 80s; First Black President; Day school, Thursday morning group; Czeslaw Milosz, Scholars Convocation; John Hurwitz; Political Science; Neil Harl, Professor of Economics, Scholars Convocation; Darby Gym, winter registration; Winter registration. 18 unlabeled negatives Folders: Lists of names by roll number; Miscellaneous proofs 1 & 2.

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