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Trustee Correspondence A - Heath

Robert B. Adams. 1940-1953. Also 1956 news release on his death. W. Harold Brenton. 1943-1956 Edward B. Burling. 1947-1955. Correspondence with concerned persons regarding his gifts and trust fund. Receipts for dividends from Burling's stock in United Drill and Tool Corporation. Donald H. Clark. 1945-1955 George M. Crabb, 1949-1953 J. Fred Darby, 1940-1953 Chester Davis. 1941-1951. Also six addresses given by Mr. Davis in 1942-1943. Donald Evans. 1945-1953. Rev. Judson E. Fiebiger. 1950-1955 John R. Heath. July 1942-December 1955. Also notice of recognition for excellent service as President of Board of Trustees, June 1944, and correspondence with J. E. S. Heath. John R. Heath. June 1940-June 1942

Trustee correspondence: Her - Rob

Maxwell H. Herriott. 1945-1955 Mrs. Frank P. Hixon (Alice). 1940-1954, 1959. Also synopses of reposts presented at a Conference of the University of Illinois General Advisory Committee, May 25, 1944. Mrs. Leonard Hurtz (Laura). 1951-1953 Stewart R. Kirkpatrick. 1946-1955 Stewart R. Kirkpatrick. 1940-1945 David Kruidenier, Jr. 1953, 1955 Mrs. David Druidenier, Jr. (Florence). 1940-1953 Angus C. McDonald. 1945-1953, 1955. Fred Maytag II. 1944-1955. Also answer sheets for tests given to Robert Maytag regatding intelletual abilities, vocational interests, and personality; and a summary letter from Stevens to Robert Maytag, April 22, 1946. F. Wendell Miller. 1947-1953. Gerard S. Nollen. 1940-1053, 1955 John W. Norris. 195-1953, 1955 Louis V. Phelps. 1930-1043, 1945, 1949, 1950. Includes three letters regarding the appointment of Mrs. Phelps as Acting Dean of Women, 1932, 1933. Fred M. Roberts. 1943-1955.

Trustee correspondence: Ros - W; Trustee minutes and reports

Joseph Rosenfield. 1940-1955 Albert Shaw. 1940-1944 J. Glen Shifflett. 1940-1951 Bishop Gordon B. Smith. 1950-1951 Rudolph W. Weitz. 1944-1953, 1955 Murray D. Welch. 1940-1942, 1945, 1954-1955 Donald L. Wilson. 1953, 1955, 1959 By-Laws of the Trustees. June 6, 1941. Correspondence regarding acquiring copies of Swarthmore's and Carleton's by-laws, February, 1941. Copy of the "Amended Articles of Incoproration and Reincorporation of the Trustees of Iowa College, January 28,1909.". Copy of the original articles of incorporation (February 24, 1847). Copy of an agreement made between donors and the trustees. Minutes of the Board of Trustees. 1943-1945, 1950, 1952. Also minutes of the Executive Committee, 1943-1944, 1950, 1953. Announcement to students (August 1955) regarding fees for Fall 1955-1956. Letter from R. Hawk to Dr. Stevens, March 22, 1950, regarding funds for construction of Younker Hall. Minutes of the Board of Trustees. 1940-1942. Including those of the Executive Committee. Reports of Dr. Stevens to the Board of Trustees. July 31,1940; December 14, 1940; March 20, 1941.


Burling Library. Specifications for construction, May 1958. Dormitory (Norris). Proposal, Contract, Bid bond; Revisions to specifications, September 1959, blueprints (in oversize file), addendum no 1-3; Specifications, June 24, 1959; Specifications for Furnishings, March 1960. Fine Arts: Acoustics, 1961-1962: correspondence between Skidmore, Oweings & Merrill and Grinnell College; air conditioning, August-November 1961: correspondence; Budget, September 1958: budget reports, picture of the proposed model; Building Committee, January 1960ctober 1062: information, press releases, financial status, operational policies, building committee meeting minutes; Correspondence, Miscellaneous, 1959-1964: business, financial, contracts, orders, punch lists.


Color Schedule, October 1960: listing Field Reports, November 1959-May 1061: Field Reports no. 1-15 Furnishings and Equipment, November 1961-September 1963: correspondence, purchase orders, plans Humidification, January 1963-May 1964: correspondence, humidity control, plans Ice Skating Rink, 1960-1961: correspondence, plans 9in oversize file) Index of Correspondence, 1961: Weitz, Auditorium seating, Curtains, and draperies, Sheldon-Hamilton, Theater equipment, Art equipment, music equipment, Younkers. Job memoranda, 1959-1961: Job memorandum no. 1, 3-9, 12-139. Memorial plaques, October 1961-January 1962: correspondence, specifications, sample letters, plans. Memorial Plaques, October 1961-January 1962: correspondence, specifications, sample letters, plans (in oversize file) Revisions to Specifications, October 1959 (plans in oversize file) Revisions to Specifications, October 1960 Specifications for furnishings and equipment, 1961 Sprinkler system, January-August 1962: correspondence Theater: correspondence, stage curtain, movie screen, stage, plan for coat pegs Theater sound system. August 1961-January 1962: correspondence, purchase orders.


Ford Foundation Matching Funds Program: Brochures: "The Next Big Step", "Pioneering in Quality". Correspondence, 1961-1963: Bowen, Ludwig, Ford Foundation, Ashley Bickmore, George Susens Donation/Gifts, 1961-1964: summary of actual and prospective gifts from all donors and from the Trustees Information, 1961-1964: "A Special Message from the President" (September 25, 1961), Annual Fund, Matching Funds, list of gifts by categories, report on the campaign, pledges. Proposal: Table XVI Item A.2, A.3, Addendum I-IV. Publicity, 1961-1964: press releases, "Charity and the Corporation" paper presented to the National Industrial Conference Board Management Seminar of Company Contribution, Howard Bowen (October 1961) Forum Bids, estimates, and billings, 1963-1965: correspondence, contracts, budget summary Construction in Progress, 1962-1965: plans (in oversize file), change orders, specification revisions, building permit. Correspondence, Mechanic's Lien, 1965 Correspondence, Punch List, 1964-1965 Correspondence, Sump Pump, 1965

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