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Offsite Storage RG-D: Dean's Office Records 1969-1996 Box
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Campus Buildings

Campus buildings: College Planning Committee; Task Force on the Future of the College. 1988-1990. Minutes of meetings, Oct. 1988-Oct. 1990 Fine Arts buidling planning. 1988-1990. Reports and memos; needs statements; CPMI reports; Brown Healey Bock reports and plans; Brown Healey Bock floor plans, 1989, shelved in RG-D, Ser. 1.4 oversize file; Music facilities report, Nov. 1988; Rosenfield Museum; Art Dept. mission statement. CPMI (Cost, Planning and Management Internationsl, Inc.) Cost management report, Center for Theatre Studios. June 1989. 1990 Campus Planning Studies. Andres and Arnold. Report on a visit to the Art Dept. March 1990 CPMI. June - Dec. 1992. Minutes of meetings, studies, plans. Dealing with Fine Arts, Science Building, Goodnow Hall (Sociology and Anthropology Depts.)

Faculty Conference Presentations

Arranged by academic year then alphabetically by faculty name. Prior to 1994 these papers were not retained. 1994-1995 Abstracts or full texts of presentations by: Adelberg, Arnold; Affron, Matthew (2papers); Armstrong, Todd; Bateman, Bradley (2 papers); Caulkins, Douglas (2 papers); Chasson, Timothy; Connelly, Peter; Ellis, Ann; Ferguson, William (2 papers); Games, Alison (2 papers); Gardner, Jared (2 papers); Hsieh, Andrew; Hunter, Chris (2 papers); Ireland, Susan (2 papers); Ketter, Jean; Lalonde, Gerald; Michaels, Jennifer (2 papers); Nowak, Barbara; Powell, Irene; Schrift, Alan (2 papers); Silk, Jonathan (2 papers); Simawe, Saadi; Sinnett, Laure (3 papers); Strauber, Ira. 1995-1996 Abstracts, full texts, or program listings of presentations by: Adelberg, Arnold; Andelson, Jonathan (2 papers); Armstrong, Todd (2 papers); Azoulay, Katya; Bateman, Bradley; Bentley-Condit, Vicki; Broe, Mary Lynn; Caulkins, Doug; Cook, Scott; Ellis, Ann; Ferguson, Susan (2 papers); Gardner, Jared (2 papers); Goldberg, Sanford (4 papers); Hewitt, Gary; Ireland, Susan (3 papers); McClelland, Kent; Meehan, Johanna (4 papers); Michaels, Jennifer; Moffett, Sandy; Nathenson, Cary; Rosenthal, Michael; Schrift, Alan (2 papers); Stuhr-Rommereim, Rebecca; Willis, Eliza

Faculty writings, sabbatical project reports.

Armstrong, Todd; Vishevsky, Anatoly (Proposal to Bridging Project, 1996); Gordon, P. (course syllabi 1994-1996); Lindgren, Clark (8 articles, book essays, manuscripts, 1986-1994); Pillado-Miller, Margarita (4 articles and manuscripts, ca. 1990s); Rose, Ferrel (5 articles and several chapters from her book on von Ebner-Eschenbach, undated, ca. 1990s); Sinnett, Laura (1 article, 1 manuscript, undated, ca. 1990s) Sabbatical project reports: Uhlenhopp, Elliott; Wellborn, Beryl

Memos and Reports distributed to Campus

Budget, 1969-1970 Policy statement on release of official student records, Dec. 1974 and July 1975; deceased alumni, Oct. 1975 State of the College, 1974 Student evaluation of the faculty, 1974 Report on Freshman tutorial program, April 1976 Guidelines for independent study, Aug, Oct, 1976 Interdisciplinary programs, Feb. 1977 Student Educational Policy Committee, April 1977 Affirmative Action, April 1977 Status of women and minority emplyees at Grinnell College, 1976-1977, April 1977 Procedures and guidelines for granting research/study funds to faculty, Sept. 2977 Copyright policy, 1977, 1978 Computer Center personnel shake-up, Nov. 1981

North Central Association Review

Review by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.  Includes Grinnell institutional data (3 vols), correspondence with NCA and accrediting criteria, report of a visit to Grinnell College, Feb. 28-Mar. 1, 1968

Office Files

Memos, 1987- Department chairs, annual packet. 1995-1996 Surveys and statistics, comparative data from various colleges and universities. 1987-1988 Welker, Waldo, Executive Vice-President: 1987-1999 projected college budget, Feb. 1987; outline of process for development of the budget, 1987. Associate Dean Memos. 1993- Associate Dean, Minority programs: Minority Scholars-in-Resident (MSIR); President's Committee for a Stronger Minority Presence (PCSMP); Consortium for a Stronger Minority Presence (CSMP) 1993- Hewlett Overseas Community Involvement Program, second annual report, 1991 Correspondence with Faculty, 1993-

Office Files: Conferences

Most files include correspondence, background papers, notes on proceedings, memos. Summer Liberal Arts Seminars, 1979-1982. Participants: Drake University, Central, Grinnell, and Simpson. Seminars for faculty. Funded by Northwest Area Foundation. 8 seminars per year for 3 years. Papers include memos, letter of intent, grant agreement (copy), program evaluations, syllabi, reports. Summer Institute on Teaching and Leaning, 1978-1981. Participants: faculty and students. Curriculum Conference, Aug. 25, 1981. Terrace Inn, Newton, IA. Participants: Grinnell College faculty. Correspondence, memos, papers: Moberg, Thomas, "Some Factors Related to the Creation of a Successful Academic computing Program in a Small College," 1981. "Human Development and the Education of the Whole Person at Grinnell College", Nov. 1976 College Board, Project Equality. April 1982. Participants: Faculty from Iowa high schools and colleges. Trends in High Schools & Colleges, conference, march 1981. Participants: High school teachers from 15 states, Grinnell College faculty.

Office Files: Departmental Self-studies

Arranged alphabetically by department.  Confidential reports are interfiled with other materials.  Studies of 17 departments may include brief history of the department, course syllabi, faculty vitae, statistical data, evaluators' reports.

Office Files: Ford - Reports

Ford Foundation proposal (includes data on college nd faculty) (3 vols.) 1967 Foundation grants (includes Carnegie and Hill Family foundations expenditures), 1963 Avison, Jim. New directions for fund-raising programs (8 p.), 1971 Stauss, James H. Endowment as a source of increased revenue (46 p.) 1969 Salary studies (Grinnell and other colleges), 1972 Bowen, Howard. Efficiency in liberal education (preliminary version of a study on sinstruction costs; 174 p.) 1970 Reports on financing higher education in the U. S. (3 reports), ca. 1969, 1969

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