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John Dashiell Stoops Papers 1890-1973
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Ethics- A Study of Conduct In Its Racial, Individual, and Institutional Aspects, 1913. Chapters 1-18

Part I: Moral Development in the Individual; The Racial, Individual and Social Aspects of Conduct Section I: The Racial Aspect of Conduct Chapter 1: The Foundation of Will Chapter 2: The Instincts and The Moral Life Chapter 3: The Emotions and Their Relation to Conduct Section II: Development of the Individual Phase of Experience Chapter 4: Habit and Moral Life Chapter 5: Reason and Instinct Chapter 6: The Will Section III: Correlation of the Racial and the Individual Phases of Conduct Chapter 7: Individual and Social Factors of the Self Chapter 8: The Moral Individual (also published separately Chapter 9: Recapitulation As Seen in the Moral Development of the Individual Section IV: The Inadequacy of Non-Psychological Theories of Conduct Chapter 10: The Inadequacy of Emotion As A Criterion of Right and Wrong Chapter 11: Pleasure as the Object of the Moral Will Chapter 12: Rationalism and Institutionalism Chapter 13: Subjective and Objective Morality Part II: The Ethics of Social Institutions Chapter 14: The Family (partially handwritten) Chapter 15: School as a Social Institution (partially handwritten) Chapter 16: Religion and Social Institutions Chapter 17: The Moral Individual and the State Chapter 18: The Ethics of Industry

Ethics, additional chapters

Part V (?) The Moral Development of the Race Chapter 19: Primitive Group Morality Old Greek Morality   Chapter 20: Greek Moral Development (handwritten)   Chapter 21: The Social Significance of the Early Christian Development Social Institutions, Individual Freedom, and the Ethical Ideal Modern Individualism The Institutional Self (partially handwritten) Reason and Instinct (different version) Habit and the Moral Life (different version) Recapitulation As Seen in the Moral Development of the Individual (different version) History as a Moral Process

Ethics, loose chapters and notes (some handwritten)

The Moral Development of the Individual The Foundation of Will Habit and the Moral Life The Moral Individual The Inadequacy of Emotion as a Criterion of Right and Wrong The Family The School as a Social Institution The Ethics of Industry Introductory Outline of Moral Development of Race The Moral and Social Significance of the Medieval Period Institutions, Freedom, and the Institutional Self Modern Individualism Moral Development of the Hebrew People

Front page of Chicago Sunday Tribune

Has illustration, The Three Musketeers, by Lieutenant Herbert Morton Stoops, a former artist [on] The Tribune staff, now serving in France. The drawing shows three soldiers from the First World War, an American, an Englishman, and a Frenchman, walking through a desolate landscape, with a vision of a knight on horseback in the clouds.

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