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John Crossett Papers 1962-1970 dsc
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Folder 1: Crossett’s personal correspondence May 10, 1947-May 20, 1965. Folder 2: Crossett’s contract and correspondence regarding employment at Parsons, April/May 1962 Folder 3: Crossett’s correspondence with parsons Administration, September 29. 1962-April 18, 1966 Folder 4: Correspondence to and from “Dissident” group members (including Crossett) to outsiders after the “conditions” statement was released. One letter dated December 7 was not sent. December 7, 1962-June 18, 1968. Folder 5: Crossett’s post-resignation employment search, November 28, 1962 – February 6, 1963. Folder 6: Crossett's letters of recommendation - and some return mail - for resigning Parsons faculty (dissident group), January 22, 1963-March 18, 1963 Folder 7: Personal correspondence from dissidents to Grossett, February 1963 - April 18, 1966. Folder 8: Crossett’s correspondence and circulars to “Dissidents,” October 1963-November 25, 1964. All concerning conditions at Parsons Folder 9: Parsons College Faculty Constitution and By Laws (written after April 24, 1963) and Crossett’s correspondence regarding the new By Laws. Folder 10: Letters to and from Crossett, also from dissidents concerning parsons’ non-payment of TIAA-CREF annuities November 13, 1963 – December 19. 1963. Folder 11: Signe West Affair Correspondence December 1963 – March 1966. Possibly hired to spy on dissidents by Millard G. Roberts. Folder 12: Student protest letter to Newsweek. Undated Folder 13: Crossett’s correspondence with Grinnell Administration, November 22, 1965 – May 26, 1970.

Crossett’s papers, Parsons documentation, Grinnell Classics and Humanities division material

Folder 1: Crossett’s “Some Suggestions for Administering a College Designed to Teach Below Average Students” draft, unfinished. Folder 2: Crossett’s, write up on Associate program at Parsons College Folder 3: Writing on Ovid: typed copy of Giovanni Pansa’s Ovidio…; unsigned, unfinished typescript of a paper entitled “The earliest printed commentary on Ovid’s Amores”; unsigned, unfinished typescript of a paper entitled “The Exile of Ovid”’ typed copy of “a paper read before the Classical Association at Sheffield, January 3, 1913: ‘Ovid the Artist' " a few miscellaneous papers. Folder 3a: Crossett’s and McKibben’s translation of the prefaces to Liber Decem Missarum and Contrapunctus with letter from David Sutherland. Folder 3b: Studies on Greek Drama, script for dramatic presentation of Lysis by Nada Mangialetti (Grinnell ‘72) Folder 4: Miscellaneous undated memos, facetiae, etc. by Crossett Folder 4a: Crossett’s statement for Iowa Republicans, November 1965. Folder 5: Crossett’s advisees (Parsons) Folder 6: Newspaper clippings regarding Parsons 1962-1975 Folder 7: More clippings regarding Parsons. Folder 8: Crossett’s notes about conditions at Parsons. Folder 9: Crossett’s requests for Low Grade percentages and Responses to those requests, Crossett’s grade sheets, two class record book (all from Parsons) Folder 10: Material on colleges designed on the Parsons model. Folder 11: Papers from Humanities Division Education policy Division Grinnell College 1967-1969 Folder 12: Grinnell Classics Majors 1965-1968 Folder 13: Grinnell Classics Majors - comprehensive exam, reading syllabus.

Evaluations of Parsons College

Folder 1: “Conditions at Parsons College under the Administration of President Millard G. Roberts.” A statement prepared by John C. Moore, Robert M. Stern, John M. Crossett, Walter M. Hewitson, Elmer R. Rusco, Ernest C. Thompson (all members of the Faculty at Parsons College at the time the report was made). Prepared March 1, 1963. Also referred to as “The Dissidents’ Report” Folder 2: Duplicate of “Conditions” report Folder 3: Letters, statements, memos, etc. to faculty and organization, and committees about the “conditions” report. (Outside of folder) “A Preliminary Report” prepared for the Personnel and Education Committee of the Parsons College Board of Trustees, March 22, 1963. And “Appendices to the Preliminary Report” prepared for the Personnel and Education Committee of the Parsons College Board of Trustees, march 22, 1963. These are the College’s official rebuttal to the “conditions” report Folder 4: Crossett’s notes from “A Preliminary Report,’ and correspondence concerning it. Folder 5: Follow up notes to “conditions” and a close look at Parsons’ post “conditions” catalog. (Outside of folder) The North Central Association Quarterly vol. 37, no. 1, Summer 1962 Folder 6: Excerpt from the report of the Board of College Visitors to the Iowa Synod, United Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A., June 24-27, 1963. Folder 7: NCA Report, February 23, 24, 1967.

Official Parsons Material

The Eighty-Fifth Commencement, June 6, 1964, program. Parsons College Student List Fall Trimester 1962. Parsons College Student List Summer Trimester 1962. “Scholars Who Teach: a profile of the Parsons College Faculty 1966-67.” Photographs and biographical information about the professors, preceptors, and tutors. The Parsons College Bulletin, Vol. 51, no. 1, July 1962 a journalistic supplement to the College Catalogue. Parsons College Bulletin, Vol. 51, no. 1, 1962-63.

Versions of "The Parsons Story"

(Preceeding folders) “The Parsons Story” reprinted from the Des Moines Sunday Register May 15 and May 22, 1966. Hall, John O.  Parsons College:  the Years of Change, 1965.  Mimeographed.  Folder 1:  The notes, correspondence, and manuscripts for Eugene K. Garber’s article, “The Rise and Fall of Parsons College."  Intended to be published in the Atlantic Monthly.  Also correspondence with G. Michael Curtis, editor at the Atlantic Monthly.  Folder 2:  Garber, cont.  Folder 3: Millard G. Roberts’ speech before the National Conference of State Legislative Leaders, November 11, 1965.


Folder 1: Parson’s low grade, Dean’s list, conditional student list, enrollment reports, adds and drops. Summer and fall 1962. Folder 2: Student Reports (demographics, etc.) Folder 3: Materials distributed to all faculty members by Parsons College. 1962-63 (memos, fliers, lists, grading instructions, etc.) Folder 4: Materials for public distribution from Parsons College (calendars, advertising) Folder 4a: Vol. 1, no. 2 of the student newspaper The Portfolio.


Folder 5: News releases from Parsons College, December 1, 1962 – February 6, 1963 (some undated). Folder 6: Minutes from Humanities Division, June 20, 1962-Septenber 21, 1962. Folder 7: Minutes of the Meeting of the Faculty Senate, May 21, 1962-october 15, 1962 Folder 8: Minutes of the Council of Deans, June 16, 1962 – January 15, 1963 Folder 9: AAUP minutes, reports, constitution, bylaws, 1962-63 Folder 10: Fairfield news clippings 1966-1967 Folder 11: Better Education for Less Money, transcript of speech given by President Millard Roberts, May 15, 1963 Folder 12: “Institutional Climate at Parsons College,” January 20, 1967. Office of Institutional Research, Parsons College. Folder 13: “Tutorial Assistance in College Core Courses, “, by E. Martin Etters, Director of Institutional Research, Parsons College. Handwritten note states that it is to be published in Journal for Educational Research. Folder 14: “Instructional and Low Grade Comparison,” Occasional Report #2. Office of Institutional Research, Parsons College, August 25, 1965. Folder 15: “Attrition at Parsons College 1950-1965 (Preliminary Data),” Office of Institutional Research, Parsons College, April 12, 1966. Folder 16: “Profile of Parsons Graduates February 1965-February 1966 (Preliminary Data),” Office of Institutional Research, April 11, 1966. Folder 17: “Enrollment Trends During the Trimester period 1960-1965,” Occasional Report #5. Office of Institutional Research, Parsons College, January 5, 1966. Folder 18: “Bivariate tables, Parsons profile Fall 1964-Fall 1965 (June 24, 1966) Folder 19: Office of the President. “The Planning Phase/Reorganization/Results of the Reorganization.” Probably compiled in 1958 or 1958. Folder 20: Parsons College annual report for 1958