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Sigma Delta Chi

Membership books, 1919-1963. 3 volumes. "History of Grinnell Sigma Delta Chi" by Tom Hess 1960, 32 p. plus correspondence and membership list. Enrollment and remittance forms (5 tablets), 1934-1977

Charter, January 4, 1919. Single sheet, filed win oversize file #1 RG-S, Series 1.4

Mortar Board Historical Files

Annual reports, 1937-75 Membership lists, 1914-75 Membership lists, Tassels, 1934-62 Minutes of meetings, 1956-63 Information booklets, 1961-76 (include history, constitution, chapter roll) Special projects: Founder's Day, 1952; History of Grinnell, 1982. 1 folder of miscellaneous material: chronological list of Grinnell milestones, background articles, short papers on such topics as Herrick Chapel, Playboy incident, the College in the 1960s and 70s, biographies of people for whom dorms are named

Mortar Board Historical Files

Petitions for membership in national society: 1924 (failed). Includes photos of campus, photos and biographical sketches of members; 1936 Initiation service Correspondence, 1937-57 Honor System, 1941 Cap and Gown: Constitution and amendments; initiation service, ca. 1939-52 Scrapbooks (3) of clippings, photos, 1937-52 Correspondence and reports, 1993-96 Notebook, 1976-1978

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1972 Cyclone Faculty/ Staff Student Life School-Related Activities Buildings Sports Cyclone Student Life School-Related Activities Sports Faculty/ Staff/ Buildings 1974 Cyclone Faculty/ Staff School-Related Activities Sports Student Life Graduation Buildings

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1996 Cyclone Commencement Old Pictures Used For Sesquicentennial Issue

KDIC Recordings

  1. Anti war rally in Des Moines, 4/72, (55 minutes).
  2. Anti war rally in Des Moines, 4/72, (55 minutes or 15 minutes).
  3. Bel Canto PGM #7.
  4. Black Women’s Panel, 11/22/70, (30 minutes). South Lounge
  5. Greg Brown, 1987. Darby Gym
  6. William Burroughs, 7/19/78, (31:00). Neunpa Institute lecturer, poet
  7. Drug Symposium, 2/4/70. Two Lectures
  8. Grinnell College Jazz Band, 11/23/75, (70 minutes).
  9. Grinnell College Folk etc. Festival, 2/7/70. Roberts Theater Track one: Saturday Night Concert Gospel, Cowboy Track two: Stringband, Maybelle Carter, Bubba
  10. Grinnell College Folk etc. Festival, 2/6,7/70, (44 minutes). Roberts Theater Track one: Cowboy, Stringband Track two: Bubba, Balfas
  11. Grinnell’s Sacred Harp Choir, 1975, (45 minutes).
  12. Donald Hall, 4/4/72, (20 minutes). Contemporary poet here for the 1972 Grinnell College Writer’s Conference.
  13. Art Knowces/ Ethno Music, 5/5/68. Lao Ngoc Phong Vietnam and our Feetore Loston the Ground
  14. The Lone Ranger. “Indian Attack and Disgraced Lieutenant”
  15. Phyllis Lyon, 4/22/75, (42 minutes). Feminism – Lesbianism lecture
  16. “Media Responsibility”, 4/8/74. South Lounge Panel Discussion of the Media Conference with Susan Hautzinger, Walter Jacobson, Stephen Johnson, and Susan Pledge
  17. Mobulu Mesekela, (42 minutes). A Zulu poet
  18. Moyer and Kagan on Vietnam.
  19. Professor Alan Nesser, Philosophy, on China, 11/9/70, (40 minutes). On Cultural Revolution in China
  20. Political Series, 9,10/74. James Leach, Dave Stanley, Ed Mevinsky, John Culver, Schaben
  21. Pseudo Liberation of Grinnell Women, 3/8/69. South Lounge
  22. Alice B. Toklas Reads from Her Cookbook.
  23. Tornado Report, 9/17/68. Doc Elliot – J. Wittem
  24. News Review of Fall of Vietnam 5 Hours Before Surrender.
  25. Dean Joseph Wall at Grinnell College Community Mtg., 5/8/70, (35 minutes). Darby Gym. Proposal for Spring Shutdown as a Result of Kent State, Cambodia, etc.
  26. Harold Willens, 9/30/71. ARH. Vietnam Election Day – “Day of Disgrace” (Willens just spent some time in Saigon)
  27. Women’s Movement Info. Meeting, 9/29/71, (23 minutes or 50 minutes).
  28. Women’s Performing Arts Festival, 4/75, (48 minutes).


04/1991 CBS Talent Show 02/29/1992 CBS Talent Show 02/26/1994 CBS Talent Show 1995 CBS Talent Show 1995 CBS Talent Show 1995 CBS Speak Easy 02/1996 CBS Talent Show 1997 CBS Talent Show

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This collection contains issues of the publication from 1987-1998 and poster advertisements for the 1997 and 1998 issues.

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