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RG-R: College Relations Box
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Photographs: A

Alumni Reunion Weekend. 1974-mid 1980s
American West conference. Feb. 1975
Art classes. 1956-1985
Art exhibits.1950-1970
Audio Visual Center (in ARH). 1970s

Photographs: F

Faculty, 1940s-1990, L-Z (arranged alphabetically)
Faculty (groups), 1978-1990
Fine Arts Building, 1961
Folk dancers, 1970-1980
Food conference, February 1975

Photographs: F-H

Forum: interiors, exteriors. 1964-1965
Forum: students. 1984
Grinnell in London. 1970-1984
Grinnell Outdoor Recreation Program (GORP). 1976, 1984
Hancock, Herbie. Nov. 1972
Heating plant. 1967-1968
Homecoming-Parents' Day. 1946-1968. [Note: The photo of the seven potential homecoming queens, dated 11-1-1963, with a published article pasted to the back was donated to Special Collections along with a number of other photos, the bulk of which are in the pamphlet collection.]

Photographs: M

Minorities, early 1970s, some 1960s
Minorities, 1970s
Minority and International Students, 1980s
Mime Troupe, 1974
Miscellaneous, 1948-1968
Miscellaneous, 1970s
Military Ball Candidates, 1965 [Note: This photo was donated to Special Collections along with a number of other photos, the bulk of which are in the pamphlet collection.]

Photographs: N-P

Nineteenth century photos (most are copies) Norris Hall. 1960
North Campus. 1946-1982
Off-campus studies. 1966
Peace walk. 1972 (See also Protests)
People. 1960s-80s (Administrators, Ladies Education Society, etc.)
Physical Education Complex (PEC). 1970-
Physical plant/service building. 1968
Position paper conferences. 1976

Photographs: P - R

PPPE: Visiting lecturers. 1960s; (see also Truman and Eisenhower visits, 1963, 1965: RG-F Ser. 5.2 Box 2)
Preschool. Early 1970s
Protests. 1960s-1970s (see also Peace walk)
Publications. 1950s
Radio: KGRW. 1947-1953
Relays. 1982-84
Renaissance feast. 1979-1980

Photographs: S

Science. 1950-1980
Science building. 1953-1979
Science laboratories, equipment, etc. 1969-1975
Silver dollar. 1946
Skip day. 1975-1980

Photographs: S

Sport: women's field hockey, football, Honor G banquet, 1964, people, soccer, swimming, tennis, track, wrestling, misc., most from 1970s.
Spring day. 1940-1960

Photographs: M

Minority and International Students
Mirecourt Trio
Miscellaneous 1980
Miscellaneous 1983-1985
Miscellaneous 1985 unlabeled,
undated Miscellaneous 1983-1988
Music Music Performers

Photographs: P-S

Rosenfield Program 1981-1983
Rosenfield Program
Scholars Convocations 1979-1985
Scholars Convocation
Science 1976-1986
Science 1978-1988
Science, Hall of

Negative and Proof Sheets

Negative and proof sheets- 1980’s Photo Index in the box (26 February 1997) The following boxes of photographs, slides, and negatives were transferred to the Archives in 1998. They include a variety of materials from the late 1970’s to the present, including 1997 Commencement photos. Many are black and white; some are in color. There are also contact sheets and negatives accompanying the photos in some cases. Folder labels are those assigned by the Public Relations Office.

Negatives and Proof sheets: A-G

Alumni Reunion Weekend, 1979
Annual Fund Brochure Photos and Negatives, 1982
Art Objects/ Scholarships, 1985
Art Show (Women’s), 1987
Artwork- Cervene
Artwork Negatives – NEA Proposal, 1985
Athletics Basketball Teams (Men’s and Women’s, 1987
Biology and Chemistry
Bookstore Brochure Photos, 1982
Burling Library
Burling Library- Construction and Renovation, 1982
Campus Shots, 1983
Campus Winter Scenes, 1986
College Preschool- Carol Nielsen
Commencement, 1981
Commencement, 1982
Commencement, 1997
Dulcimer Photos, 1986
Estate Planning, 1983
Grinnell House, 1984

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