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Sports: Women's intramurals; Fencing; 1889 football teams. Campus: Chairs and shadows on Buling Library porch; Schaffer Gallery and basement work room; Library; Campus winter scenes; Grinnell House; Student Forum model; Old Union; Barber Plaza with ice skaters; Roberts Theater dedication. People and Events: Edwin S. Hewitt, former Trustee; Pianist Istvan Nadas; Lenox Quarter; Sen. Frank Church; Water safety; Walter Staley; Sigma Delta Chi and Theta Sigma Phi awards; Dr. Leggett, Grinnell College President; C-HP making gift to FFMF; Alumni career guidance (Bruce Cole, Hawthorne Argy and James Robertson); Politicians in Residence (Governors Hugh and Morrison); Art; Al "Cage" Graf; Honor G awards and activities 1960 Sports: Football squad; Cross country and Frosh cross country; Soccer; Freshman football; Paddle tennis (Sept.). Campus: Fine Arts Center model; College Church (fall); Construction (fall); Blair Hall demolition; Book store (Aug.); Norris Hall dedication (Oct. 9). People and Events; Paul Appleby visit (Oct); Registration (Sept.); Legislative seminar (Feb. 22); Mr. Bridgham and Mr. Meyers (Sept.); Practical Political Education interns (Oct.); Grinnell's Latin American Conference (Oct.); Variety show (Sept.); Little Scarlet and Black Books shots (Aug.); A Scarlet and Black faculty feature (Nov. and Jan. 1961); Mendes France visit (Nov.); Homecoming floats; GOP Action Now day (March); SDX Citation to Donald Clark (April): Science pictures (July). 1960-1961 Sports: Varsity and Freshman swimming squad; Freshman wrestling squad; Wrestling squad; Basketball. 1961 Sports: Golf squad; Freshman Football squad; Swimming; TrackPhi Beta Kappas (March); Varsity Soccer; Skiing. People and Events: Dick Cervene and George Rosboro with "Mother and Children" (March); Dr. Braun coffee hour (Feb.); Haner (March); Travel-Service Scholar for 1961; Music; George Shane (gallery tour, April); Trainwreck; Ann Eaton and Indian pottery (March); Commissioning Jerry Ekey (Jan.); Women's officers (April); Hubert Humphrey visit (October). 1961-1962 Sports: Freshman Wrestling; Wrestling squad; Basketball squad; Basketball team meets Gov. Morrison while campeting at NCAA Nationals. 1962 Sports: Tennis squad; Freshman Golf squad; Golf squad; Freshman Soccer squad; Track squad and Freshman Track squad; Freshman Cross-country squad; Frosh Basketball; Varsity Cross-country; Baseball; Swimming; Soccer; Cheerleaders; Football squad; Freshman Football squad. People and Events: Students to Washington (Sept); Psychology majors (May); Sailing; James Norman Hall research with Major Briand (Feb.); Homecoming floats; Eugene McCarthy and Barry Goldwater at Grinnell (Augl); Dr. Conant at Grinnell; AFROTC Military Ball (April); ROTC Dining In (March); Frost AThlete of the Year Denny Hanssen with Les Duke; Election Night Party, caucus room, (Nov.); PPPE; Commencement and reunions. 1962-1963 Sports: Frosh Wrestling; Swimming; Basketball; Wrestling squad. 1963 Sports: Varsity Football individuals and team; Track; Varsity Cross-country; Frosh Cross-country; Frosh Football; Varsity Baseball and Frosh Baseball; Varsity Swimming; Varsity Tennis; Frosh Tennis; Freshman Track squad; Soccer squad; Freshman Soccer squad; Golf squad. Campus: Forum construction; Gardner Lounge (temporary Union, Aug.); Students and Buildings. People and Events: African conference; Firearms display (furnished by B. Alvin Buss); Students Bob McMillan with Piranisi prints (April); Commencement; Legislative seminar (Mar); Winter Carnival; Seasongood Good-Government visitor: students with James R. Watson (Feb.); Honor G. officers; Sigma Delta Chi-Theta Sigma Phi political reporting seminar (Feb.); SGA Convention; New Student Days; Psychology experiments (March); Hans Morgantham; Dr. Toynbee at Grinnell (Feb.). 1963-1964 Sports: Freshman Basketball; Varsity Basketball, team and individual; Wrestling squad. 1964 Sports: Freshman Cross-country squad; Soccer squad; Football squad; Rod Brown, cross-country; Freshman (without Bowers) and Varsity (with Bowers) Tennis; Golf (Varsity -2-and Freshman-3); Frosh Football; Varsity Track; Track; Baseball, Varsity in front of dugout and Frosh. Campus: Forum, Science Hall Addition construction (fall); Forum, outdoors, day and night (fall); Banners in Forum (Dec.); Public Relations Office bulletin board display for Board of Overseers (April). People and Events: Standard Oil grant presentation (Dec.); Western Electric grant to John Johnson (fall); Zirkle-Cervene Art exhibit (1965 also); Luciano Berio, pictured with members of the Lenox Quartet; Visit of Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra (Oct.); Homecoming Court; Homecoming floats; Gov. and Mrs. Sarmiento of Meta, CA (fall); Tunku Mohammed, head of Malaya Civil Service (Nov.); Juan Ehrmann, Chilean columnist and critic (Oct.); Sir Denis and Lady Brogan (fall; Julie Johnson in Forum (Dec.); Marion family of Keokuk delivering son to Freshman year; New Student Days; Telephonic lecture from Argonne (Nov); Sen. Birch Bayh at Grinnell (Oct); Sen. Peter Dominick at Grinnell (Oct.); Order seminar with Dr. Iredell Jenkins (May); Sears Foundation grant - Donald Potter, student, with Zeke Sequeira and Sears rep. (March); Root-Graft research with Ben Graham and Jeff Peak; Mock political convention. 1964-1965 Sports: Varsity Swim team; Freshman Swimming squad; Basketball squad; Wrestling squad; Freshman Basketball squad; Basketball squad individual pictures; Football individual picture; Wrestling individual pictures. Campus: Burling Library, interior and exterior shots. People and Events: Miscellaneous music pictures; Leslie Brusletten; Miscellaneous theater pictures; Miscellaneous PPPE shots. 1965 Sports: Varsity Cross-country (prints); Freshman Cross-country (prints); Varsity Cross-country; Freshman Track squad; Track squad; Freshman Tennis squad; Varsity Golf squad; Freshman Golf squad; Tennis squad; Jeff Frantz, Bob Watt, Tom Hill (Football and Basketball lettermen. Dec.); Freshman Baseball squad; Baseball squad; Cheeleaders (fall); Cross-country squad; Football individual pictures; Track individual pictures; Baseball individual picture; Basketball individual picture; Golf individual pictures; Sue Schafer, freshman girl diver (Feb.); Varsity Football squad; Freshman Football squad. Campus: Forum and Burling Library; Barber Plaza in the rain (March); New Greenhouse at Hall of Science (Dec.). People and Events: Science faculty summer research; Robert Caamano, visiting professor (Feb.); Leggett, Winters, Strauss (Sept.); Russian philosophers Pavel Kopnin and Vladimir Mshvenieradze with Paul Kuntz and Burkle (Jan.); Prof. Tyler rat experiment; Men's head residents with Paul Thurston (Fall); Unicycling at Grinnell (Feb.); Paul Thurston, student leader (Nov.); Jim Young, karate; Debra Bruns and Steve Casey in Bueling Library; New Student Days, (Fall); Presentation of Gnam Flag to College by IRC (March); Chris Oetjen (Dec.); Science pictures (Sept.); Chemistry class; St. Louis area students shot for Prom Magazine (May); Honor G Banquet; /Rep. Carl Alert PPPE Lecturer (Nov.); Iowa legislative seminar (March); Dwight D. Eisenhower at Grinnell (May); Rep. Fred Schwengel at Grinnell (Dec.); Young GOP Telephonisc Lecture (March); C. A. Harrill, Seasongood, Good Gov. lecturer (Feb.); Honorary Cadet Colonel Candidates (May); Homecoming Queen candidates; Homecoming floats (fall); Jakob Amstutz, W.H. Jackson, William Roecker (Nov.); Zbigniew Brzesinski, Rosenfield Lecturer (Jan.); Former Major League pitcher Lefty Gomez with John Pfitsch, Dennis Hanssen, and Barry Anderson (Jan.); Pres. Leggett with students: Bob Zabel, Bart Dunning, Helen Holsclow; Prof. Kent's Summer Behavior Science Instutite (summer); Pop-Op Art exhibit (Nov. - Dec.); Sears grant to Donald Potter (Spring); Commencement; Summer Liberal Arts Institute; Dr. Robert Norton and family (Jan.) 1965-1966 Sports: Miscellaneous Swimming; Freshman Basketball; Basketball squad; Varsity Wrestling squad; Freshman Wrestling squad; Varsity Wrestling; Freshman Wrestling; Jeff Frantz and Ted Risser, co-captains(?) and coach John Pfitsch; Football individual pictures; Wresting individual pictures; Basketball individual pictures. Campus: Burling Library and Fine Arts Center (winter); Outdoor campus scenes (winter). People and Events: Pres. Leggett.

Photographs: D-F

Dance. 1947-1988
Dining halls. 1950-1982
Dorm life. 1985
Faculty. 1940s-90, A-K (arranged alphabetically)


1983-1984 Negatives in Envelopes: Jazz Band rehearsal and Orchestra rehearsal; Grinnell-Carleton soccer and other miscellaneous photos by Tony Margherita; Conard Environmental Research Area; Drake's arrest; Michele Wallace, author and commentator, Scholars Convocation speaker; Polish playwright Janusz Glowacki; Tony Margherita photos of campus; Miscellaneous photos by Nancy Waldrop; Dan Halsey pictures; Dan Halsey pictures of Black History Month student variety show; Miscellaneous photos by Dan Halsey. 1983 (Negatives in plastic covers) Campus: Classrooms A-N; Conard Environmental Research Aread dedication A,B; Construction, summer scenes; Chairs; Bern Terrace - athletic storage; Bern Terrace - observatory; Bern Terrace dedication; Bern Terrace construction; Burling terminal room; Observatory construction; Campus candid; Classroom; observatory; Fall scenes; Grant Gale students, Physics Museum. People and Events: Commencement 2R 1&2; Commencement AV 1-3; Commencement NW 1-5: Jack Robertson, Burling; Carrel Tower, Burling; Kathryn Kamp, Anthropology; Fall Telethon; George Drake; Sculpture class; Ceramics and telethon; Art classes; Miscellaneous, Art class, and snow; Sculpture class; Electronic music classroom; Preschool; Ken Christiansen and students. Unlabeled: 1980 by Ric McDowell; ca. 1975-1980 miscellaneous proof sheets.

Photographs: F

Faculty, 1940s-1990, L-Z (arranged alphabetically)
Faculty (groups), 1978-1990
Fine Arts Building, 1961
Folk dancers, 1970-1980
Food conference, February 1975


Folders: 1983 and 1986, Jack Robertson photos of CERA, Observatory photos; 1966 yearbook. 1969, G. Henry proof sheets. 1976, Schultz Internegatives Undated

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