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RG-O: College Organizations 1958- Box
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Mediterranean Democracies. Nov. 1981 Symposium on Higher Education. March 1982 (poster in Oversize Drawer) Symposium on U.S. - Soviet Agricultural Relations. Sept. 1982. Includes texts of talks Symposium: Vietnam: Unfinished War. Nov. 1982 Dick Clark Mini-course: U.S. - African Relations. April 1982 [Arbatov, Georgi. April 1983: for texts of speeches, photos, see RG-A/Drake/Ser. 4.1] Laura X. Sept. 1983 Barber, Benjamin George Kennan Lectures, Jan. - Feb. 1984 Sumposium: Women in Public Life. Feb. 1984 Sumposium: Russian Revolutions 1917. Feb. - Mar. 1984. Includes text of talk by Diane Koenker, "Moscow in 1917: The View from Below" and "Where 1917 Meets Sovietology." Symposium on Brazilian Economy. 1984-1985. Includes text of talk by Jose Pastore, "Brazil in the Eighties: Three Years of Deep Recession..." Sumposium on Eleanor Roosevelt Centennial. 1984-1985 Symposium on Integration. 1984-1985 World Without War Council. 1984-1985 Bruce Pauley. 1984-1985 Central American Conference. Apr. 21-25, 1985 Benjamin Barber, 1984 Developed Socialism in the 1980s. Oct. 2-3, 1985 American Pictures (Jacob Holt), 1984-1985 Desmond Tutu. Sept. 1985. (correspondence only; no lecture given) Donald Duvick. Sept. 25, 1985 Greg Thielmann. Oct. 31 - Nov. 1, 1985 Robert NcNamara. Nov. 6-7, 1985. Texts of lectures: "Reducing the risk of nuclear War: Perceptions & misperceptions of military role of nuclear weapons" and "Reducing the risk of nuclear War: Geneva can be a giant step toward more secure 21st century" Richard Pipes. Nov. 13, 1985 Political Crises & Iowa Civil Liberties Over Four Decards. Lauren Soth, Joseph Wall, Margaret Anderson. Jan. 30, 1986 Human Rights in the Global Community. Feb. 6, 1986 Miscellaneous programs, 1982-1985

Office Files: A-E

Asilomar Shereen Ali - Minority Hist Belize trip Budget California trip Chenette composition Chicago alumni Berghoff, March 1995 Chicago alum event, Nov. 20, 1993 China events China trip Clinton visit Correspondence Cyclone/yearbook Davenport Denver, Feb. 9, 1996 Des Moines E-mail messages Events -- Alumni


Stationery samples Planning document, Sept. 1993 The Grinnell College blue book, 1995 -- source materials Programs of Sesquicentennial events Letter from mayor of Odess, 1996 Time line Final report SQC 150 (newsletter) Public Relations articles by Brett Fechheimer Published materials: Kissane, James, Mild outbursts: occasional wirings 1956-1995; 150 years of Grinnell College (appointment calendar); Deminoff, William. Campus & community: a tour guide to Grinnell College and Grinnell, Iowa; The Grinnell College blue book

Committee Files

Art Acquisitions, 1969/70 - 1972/73 (5 folders) Permanent Collection, 1973/74 (1 folders, includes negatives of past Grinnell presidents) Art Acquisitions Committee, 1974/75-1977/78 (4 folders) Art Acquisitions Meeting notes, 1976 Art Acquisitions Committee 1978/79 (2 folders)

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