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Grinnell, Josiah Bushnell

  • Person
  • 1872-1952

1821 Born in New Hampshire

1847-ca.1853 Congregational pastor

1852 Married Julia Chapin

1854 Founded Grinnell, Iowa

1856 Active in organizing Republican Party in Iowa

1856-60 State Senator. Worked to establish public schools in Iowa

1858 Admitted to the Iowa bar

1860 Delegate to Republican convention which nominated Lincoln

1863-67 Representative (Republican) to U. S. House of Representatives

1854-84 Trustee of Iowa (Grinnell) College

1891 Death

Interests included religion, education, politics, railroading, stock breeding, and sheep raising.

More details in Dictionary of American Biography, National Cyclopedia of American Biography, Who Was Who in America, Charles Payne’s Josiah Bushnell Grinnell.

Grinnell, Iowa was founded in March 1854 by Josiah Bushnell Grinnell (1821-1891) who chose a site which surveys indicated would be the junction of two railroads. Grinnell was a minister, trustee and benefactor of Iowa College (later renamed Grinnell College), helped organize the Republican party in Iowa, was a Representative to the Iowa legislature and later to the U.S. House (1863), was active in agricultural development and railroad building. He and his wife, Julia Chapin, were both descended from old New England families; their daughter, Mary Grinnell Mears, may have assembled some of these papers.

Hall, James Norman (Class of 1910)

  • Person
  • 1887-1951

April 22, 1887 Born in Colfax, Iowa

1904 Graduated from high school. Visited St. Louis Exposition

1904-06 Worked in clothing store in Colfax

1906-10 Student at Grinnell College, Grinnell, Iowa

1908 Summer school at University of Chicago

1909 Summer in Scotland

1910 Graduated from Grinnell College

1910-14 Boston. Agent for Society for Prevention to Cruelty To Children. Friendship formed with Roy M. Cushman, George C. Greener, Laurence L. Winship.

May 1914 Bicycle trip through Great Britain

Aug. 18, 1914 London. Enlisted on British Expeditionary Force as Private in 9th Battalion Royal Fusiliers (Lord Kitchener's Volunteer Army--the First Hundred Thousand)

Aug. 1914-May 1915 Army training in England. Became machine gunner.

May-Nov. 1915 Machine gunner in Normandy, France

Sept.-Oct.1915 Battle of Loos

Dec. 1, 1915 Discharged from British Expeditionary Force. Returned to U.S. Met Ellery Sedgwick, editor of Atlantic Monthly Jan.-Apr. 1916 Wrote Kitchener's Mob

Summer 1916 In London with Greener

Sept. 1916 Paris. Gathering information for articles on Lafayette Escadrille for Atlantic Monthly

Oct. 16, 1916 Paris. Enlisted in Lafayette Escadrille

Oct. 1916-June 1917 Aviation school at Buc, later at Avord.

June 14, 1917 Went to the front (near Soissans), in Squad 124

June 26, 1917 Wounded seriously in plane crash

June-Sept. 1917 American Ambulance Hospital at Neuilly

Sept. 1917 Returned to action, rank of Sergeant

Sept. 1917 Crashed on Vosges mountain, broke nose

Feb. 7, 1918 Transferred to 94th (and later to 103rd) Pursuit Squadron of the U.S. Air Service with rank of Captain

May 7, 1918 Shot down behind German lines near Pagny-sur-Moselle taken prisoner

May-July 15, 1918 In German hospital with broken ankle and nose J

uly 15-Nov. 16, 1918 In various prisons in Germany, the last being Schloss Trausnitz in Landshut, Bavaria

Nov.16, 1918 Allowed to "escape" from prison, train to Munich, Lindau, through Switzerland to Paris

Nov. 1918 Paris. Met Nordhoff. Both commissioned to write history of Lafayette Escadrille

Mar. 1919 Returned to U.S.

Summer 1919 Martha's Vineyard with Nordhoff. Wrote The Lafayette Flying Corps

Fall 1919 Lecture tour

Jan. 1920 Nordhoff and Hall sailed from California to Tahiti, arrived

Feb. 1920 1920-21 Voyages in South Seas on copra schooners. Nordhoff and Hall published Faery Lands of the South Seas

April 1922 Left Tahiti for U.S. and Iceland

Aug. 1922-Feb. 1923? Iceland Summer

1923 Returned to Tahiti

1925 Married Sarah Winchester

1926 Son, Conrad Hall, born

1929 Nordhoff and Hall began Mutiny on the Bounty

Aug. 1930 Nancy born in San Diego. Visits to U.S. about every two years, usually staying several months in Calif.

April 1947 Santa Barbara, Calif. Nancy's marriage to Nicholas Rutgers. Nordhoff's death.

June 1950 Grinnell College, 40th reunion, received honorary degree

July 6, 1951 Tahiti. Died of cardio-vascular ailment

Author of:

Kitchener's Mob: The Adventures of an American in Kitchener's Army. 1916

High Adventure: A Narrative of Air Fighting in France. 1918

The Lafayette Flying Corps (editor with Nordhoff). 1920

Faery Lands of the South Seas (with Nordhoff). 1921

On the Stream of Travel. 1926

Mid-Pacific. 1928

Falcons of France: A Tale of Youth and the Air (with Nordhoff). 1929

Flying with Chaucer. 1930

Mother Goose Land. 1930

Mutiny on the Bounty (with Nordhoff). 1932

Men Against the Sea (with Nordhoff). 1934

Pitcairn's Island (with Nordhoff). 1934

The Tale of a Shipwreck. 1934

The Hurricane (with Nordhoff). 1936

Dark River (with Nordhoff). 1938

The Friends. 1939

Oh, Millersville! (By Fern Gravel, pseud.). 1940

No More Gas (with Nordhoff). 1940

Doctor Dogbody's Leg. 1940

Botany Bay (with Nordhoff). 1941

Men Without Country (with Nordhoff). 1942

Under A Thatched Roof. 1942

Lost Island. 1944

The High Barbaree (with Nordhoff). 1945

A Word for His Sponsor: A Narrative Poem. 1949

The Far Lands. 1950

The Forgotten One and Other True Tales of the South Seas. 1952

Her Daddy's Best Ice Cream. 1952

My Island Home. 1952

Also numerous magazine pieces between 1914-52. Details of Hall's life are in his autobiography, My Island Home.

Hamlin, Harriet

  • Person

Harriet Hamlin (Harriet Proctor Underwood) was a neighbor and close personal friend to John H.T. Main in Brooklyn, New York. She attended Grinnell College for one year in 1923.

Harrell, Mary Jane Peck

  • Person

Mary Jane Harrell (Class of 1938) was an admiring bystander of the Men’s Glee Club because her father, David Peck, had been director of the club for many years.

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