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Buffet, Warren

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  • (1930 - )

Buck, David

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Braley, Scott

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Sanderson Family

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The Sanderson family lived in Grinnell in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Catherine primarily stayed in Grinnell while her husband Ben and daughter Sadie traveled along the East Coast working and visiting family. When Sadie grew older, she married D.A. Brooks and moved to Minnesota. Her daughter Mabel grew up with aspirations to become a dancer, and spent time in New York and L.A. The letters also include correspondence from Elias and Vince (?) (Ben's brothers), Sarah (Catherine's sister), Edna (Sadie's cousin), Orison (Sadie's cousin and Elias's son), James (Sadie's brother), and unidentified individuals named Roger, Jas, Ella, and Etta.

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