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Hays, Clay Blaine, Jr.

  • Persoon
  • d. 1964

Clay Blaine Hays Jr was from Corydon, Indiana. He attended Grinnell College from 1935-1939, and studied political science. He was the Editorial Director of the Scarlet and Black. His sister Isabel Hays also attended Grinnell as part of the class of 1941.

After Grinnell, Hays graduated from Indiana University Law School before joining the Army in December 1941. He died in 1964.

Hassed, Judith Anne Helfrich

  • Persoon
  • 1930-2016

Hassed was born on October 25, 1930. She attended Grinnell College, and graduated in 1952 with a major in English and minor in Classics. She died on January 10, 2016.

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