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Luebben, Ralph A.

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  • 1921-2009

Ralph A. Luebben, appointed in 1957, was the first Grinnell College faculty member with a doctorate in anthropology. Originally hired by the Sociology Department to creat an anthropology curriculum within its discipline, Luebben later facilitated the formation of a separate Anthropology Department and a summer archaeological field school. Luebben was the first tenured anthropologist and served as the department chair for several years during his forty years at Grinnell College.


Past Professional Memberships

Fellow, American Anthropological Association

Fellow, Society for American Archeology

Society for Applied Anthropology


Some Miscellaneous Academic Activities

1965-66 - Director, Vienna Foreign Study Program, Colorado Woman's College (3 semesters)

1967-80 - Chairman, Department of Anthropology, Grinnell College

1968-72, 1977-82 - Faculty representative for Grinnell College to the Midwest Collegiate Athletic Conference

1969-72 - Grinnell College Visiting Lecturer

1979-80 - American Anthropological Association Visiting Lecturer

McKee, Christopher

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  • 1935-

Christopher Fulton McKee was born in Brooklyn, New York on June 14, 1935. In 1957, Mckee graduated from the University of St. Thomas in Houston and in 1960 he completed his Masters of Library Science at the University of Michigan. Since then, McKee has worked at various institutions of higher learning as a librarian, historian, and educator. These institutions include Washington and Lee University (1958-1962), Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville (1962-1972), and Grinnell College (1972-2006). McKee also held the Secretary of the Navy Research Chair in Naval History at the Naval History Center (1990-1991) and was a NEH fellow at Newberry Library (1978-79). He has been recognized nationally for his contributions to the study of naval history. Awards include the U.S. Naval History prize (1985), John Lyman Book award, and the Samuel Eliot Morison Distinguished Service award.

McKee's major naval history publications include Edward Preble: A Naval Biography, 1761-1807 (1972),A Gentlemanly and Honorable Profession: The Creation of the U. S. Naval Officer Corps, 1794-1815(1991), Sober Men and True: Sailor Lives in the Royal Navy, 1900-1945 (2002).

Palmer, Dorothy S.

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Dorothy S. Palmer attended Grinnell College, earned a BA in 1962. She went on to earn a Master of Arts in Education from the University of Iowa. She later worked for Grinnell College as Alumni Secretary and then Associate Director of Admission.

Waldo Walker

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  • 1931-

Waldo Sylvester Walker was born in Fayette, Iowa in 1931.  He received his B.S. from Upper Iowa Univesity and his M.S. and Ph.D. in Botany from the University of Iowa.  His career at Grinnell College began in 1958 when he was hired as an Instructor in the Biology Department.  By 1973 he had assumed the administrative position of Dean and Executive Vice-President of the College and served the College until his retirement in various administrative positions including acting President, Provost, Treasurer, Vice President for College Services and Director of Facilities Management.  During his time as Dean he was instrumental in the development of such curricular innovations as the first-year tutorial, faculty writing workshops, and the Writing and Reading Labs.

As Dean of Administration, Mr. Walker's duties included preparation of the annual budget, control of expenditures within that budget, oversight of admissions, and general oversight of the administrative operations of the College (from a letter dated Octover, 1971)

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