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Leggett, Glenn H.

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  • 1918-2003

Leggett was a retired president of Grinnell College and former professor of English. He received his B.A. degree from Middlebury College in Vermont and his master’s and doctoral degrees from the Ohio State University. Before assuming the presidency at Grinnell, he taught English at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Ohio State University, and the University of Washington where he moved into administrative work.

Mr. Leggett was a noted author in the field of English literature and writing; his publications include Handbook for Writers and Theme and Form. After his retirement he delighted family, friends, and colleagues with occasional letters and essays that he had bound and given as gifts.

Hill, Gershom Hyde

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  • 1846-

The Hill family came to the Midwest in the years before the Civil War, living in both Iowa and Minnesota. James Jeremiah Hill was married twice: his first wife, Sarah Hyde, bore him many children, but only two survived, being Gershom Hyde Hill (born 1846) and James Langdon Hill (born 1848). Both of these sons would graduate from Iowa College in 1871. Sarah Hyde Hill died in 1852. James J. remarried a year later to Sarah Harriman, who bore James six children. The eldest, George Frederick, would graduate in the class of 1881 at Iowa College. This collection contains works of James Jeremiah, Sarah Hyde, Sarah Harriman, the two oldest boys, Gershom and James Langdon, and James Langdon’s wife.

James Jeremiah, a minister from the east coast, is well known for his contribution to begin Iowa College, putting down the first dollar to start it. His son Gershom became a doctor, and worked for many years at the State Hospital for the Insane in Independence, Iowa. Most of his works represented here are related to his work with the mentally ill.

James Langdon was the most prolific writer in the family, boasting a collection of works three volumes in size. He became a minister like his father, and many of his works concern themselves with either the history of Iowa College or morality. There is also a book that James L. was putting together of his family’s genealogy.

Both of James Jeremiah’s wives are represented in the collection, although Sarah Harriman’s “Life and Work of James J. Hill in Minnesota and Iowa, 1853-1870” is by far the more substantial of the two.

James Langdon Hill’s wife also wrote a history of sorts, entitled “Memories”, commemorating her husband’s death in 1931. In it are stories, anecdotes, and some Hill genealogy.

Salter, William

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  • 1821-1910

Salter was a member of the Iowa Band, men who travelled to the Midwest to establish churches and a college. He served as a Congregational clergyman in Burlington, Iowa for over sixty years and was an author and historiographer.

McNally, James

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James McNally, a local Grinnell grocer, collected and photographed buildings and scenes of Grinnell, Iowa.

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