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Wyly, Mary Gae

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Mary Wyly '62 served as a librarian at the College from 1968 to 1976.  This collection includes documents from her desk files.

Wilson, J. Courtney

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Lenabel B. Courtney was probably born about 1883 and died in 1979. She grew up on a farm near Iowa Falls and moved with her family to Henrietta, Texas, when she was about 16. She and her sister, Nellie, received certificates from Iowa College Academy in 1900, having attended the Academy for only one year. Mrs. Courtney's grandson, J. Courtney Wilson, who conducted the interview, is an attorney in New Orleans and is the brother of Grinnell graduate Robert S. Wilson, ’70.

Mattison, Lillian

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Lillian Mattison graduated from Grinnell College in 1915

McIlrath, Sara A.

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Sara McIlrath [Maurer] moved to Grinnell from Gilman, Iowa. She graduated from Iowa College in 1912. Her husband Harland J. Maurer also attended Iowa College for one year.

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